Review: Lush Holey Night Bath Bomb

With the cooler weather and a bit of a busier week last week I’ve been so achy and tired and there’s nothing better for that than a bath. I thought I’d try the Lush Holey Night Bath Bomb from the Christmas collection as it’s new and I wanted something calm and relaxing this evening, plus I do love that name. This is one of those that doesn’t really have all that much scent when it’s dry so I was interested to see how it smelled when it hit the water.

I haven’t really read reviews of the new products and I didn’t expect the colours that came out of the bath bomb. I normally have multiple baths from one bath bomb but I felt like a treat so used it whole and I’m kind of glad I did. This is one that could do two or three baths and if you sprinkle the dust around you could get some amazing patterns but it was nice to have that surprise of the colours swirling round.

As far as size goes this is a pretty standard size for Lush bath bombs at the moment and it costs £4.25 so it’s in their normal range there too. I really like the look of this one, it kind of reminds me of the Moon on a Stick Bath Bomb a forum member invented ages ago and does have a sort of moon look to it, though a bit brighter. I do like the little bits of yellow peeping through on the holes. One thing to know though is it’s a pretty crumbly one on the outside and I’d store this in something like some kitchen roll or a small bag as it might stain whatever you’re keeping it in, I have some blue marks in my hat box from storing it.

As I said, this isn’t the most scented bath bomb when it’s dry, one of the reasons I picked this as one to use whole. When it hits the water it’s still a very subtle, powdery sort of scent. It’s slightly sweet, I’m guessing that’s the rose absolute, but there’s no specific floral scent that I can pick out. It seems like sandalwood is the main scent some people get and I guess it’s in there, it’s just hidden in the mix of other scents so maybe it’s one that varies a lot from batch to batch. It’s a very nice relaxing smell, one that’s great for an evening bath but probably not a middle of the day scent. Although the smell is subtle before it’s wet, and it isn’t overpowering in the bath, it lingers and spreads well. This one even smelled downstairs, which doesn’t happen often, and the scent has hung around on my skin a bit, also unusual for me.

This isn’t one of those slow fizzers, I put it in the water and within five minutes it was all gone, but it’s definitely a very pretty one. There are layers of colour that come out and mix as it fizzes around and there’s a hint of bubbles, though these don’t last. The overall colour at the end is a deep turquoise blue, which my camera couldn’t pick up for some reason, and it’s one where the colour seems so dense it’s harder to see your hand at the bottom of the bath, if that makes sense. However, it doesn’t stain the bath at all, which did worry me when I saw how dark it was.

I think that this is one where it is worth the money to me, though not all on one bath all the time, as it’s actually a more unusual scent and one that I don’t think I’ve smelled before. Having read yet more citrus in the product description I was expecting something else and this was a nice surprise, though not a Christmassy scent to me in any traditional way that I can think of. Unless you maybe count things like ‘fresh fallen snow’ type scents a lot of candle companies come out with, then maybe it could go into one of those categories.

I have to say that this is one that pleasantly surprised me and will be going on the list of products I will look for in the sale. It’s not overly Christmassy so would be a good year round product if it holds its scent well when kept. If they all smell like this batch does then it’s one of those scents that I don’t think would offend anyone, though it’s definitely a more feminine smell than I expected reading sandalwood and lemon in the description. I don’t get lemon at all in this so if your expecting something with a bit of a refreshing scent this isn’t going to give you that.

I have a few more of the Christmas bath products and I’m planning on crushing a couple of the larger ones into bath bomb dust in the next couple of days, it’s so satisfying and makes it so much easier to use them in multiple baths. Have you guys got any of this year’s new products or any returning favourites you’ll be stocking up on? I always say I won’t buy Lush but get pulled back in by the Christmas range.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Lush Holey Night Bath Bomb

    1. It’s like an exaggerated moon on a stick and I kind of love the look of it. I think they’ve actually done quite well this year at not having as many scents that are too in your face and overwhelming like they seem to have had in the past.

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      1. I gave it a sniff at the Oxford Street store and it was quite nice! 😀 I bought a few bits but not a whole lot. I found most of their Christmas stuff was blah. I regret not picking up Perle De Sel but I can always grab it anywhere. 🙂


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