Review: Some of the Makeup Revolution Halloween Collection

I do have a bit of a weakness for Halloween themed things and when I made an order from the Makeup Revolution website I had to get some of their Halloween limited edition range. They have multiple liquid highlighters in skull shaped glass bottles, two eyeshadow palettes, a powder highlight and five lipsticks. There are other things like six makeup and two eyeshadow palettes from the sister brand Obsession. Also, at the moment it’s three for two on all things Halloween on the site.

I was planning on doing this post earlier but wanted to give them a proper try and the liquid highlighters aren’t in stock any more online, though it may be back. Also the other colours seem to have been taken off the website so I’m guessing they won’t be available online, which is a pity as I was considering getting a couple of others even if it was just for display, because they just look so cool.

One thing I’ve always wanted is a black lipstick so when I saw Captivating Curse I had to get it, and Corpse Bride reminded me of NYX Embellishment for some reason and is the kind of colour I love. I’ve never bought any Re loutish lipsticks before so didn’t know what the formula was like, but for £4 I wanted to give these a go and I love the way they feel. They have a creamy feeling, almost like they have some kind of moisturiser in them, and are so comfortable to wear.

Captivating Curse is black and has a bit of a sheen to it on the lips. It swatches really well on my hand but it is a bit sheerer when you apply it and takes a few coats to be black. Even then I’m not sure I’d say it was pure black, but does look like it from a distance. This is one of those lipsticks that seems to transfer onto everything for quite a while, maybe twenty to thirty minutes after application I was still leaving black lipstick marks on glasses, but after half an hour it settles down so it’s almost one you want to put on and do absolutely nothing with. Unfortunately this can include rubbing your lips together too much as it does rub off the inner part of my lip easily, but other than that I like it. Even with the transfer you can build it up so if you’re not against reapplying it throughout the night it does build up to being pretty black after a couple of applications.

The only thing I don’t like is how much it emphasises any line on your lips when it’s wearing off. However, if this is just a Halloween lipstick or one for dressing up then it’s fine and a nice budget black. If you’re on the lookout for a long wearing black lipstick for regular use this probably isn’t it.

Corpse Bride is one of those colours that I will be wearing throughout the year. It’s a mauve colour that’s a bit like a cooler, slightly deeper colour than my natural lip colour and I just love it. It does wear off a bit but fades gradually and I found very little transfer after the first couple of drinks. After two hours it still looked good, it has come off a bit as it filled in any lines on my lips less but the colour was still there and looked great to me.

I think the highlighters are the show stealer for me in this collection. The skull design of the glass bottles is so pretty and I would love to see more in them even if they aren’t the most practical. I really wish I’d bought the other colours, even the red one, as I just love the look of these. The Haunted Lights stands out as well, it’s such an unusual colour and the skull embossed design fits the collection so well.

The Liquid Highlight in Paranormal (£5) doesn’t have the most practical bottle, I’ll be using a brush to scoop out any product when it gets beyond the dropper, but I love it anyway. The dropper doesn’t get the most product up in it but you get more than enough on the outside to highlight anyway. The Paranormal colour is pure icy white and very shimmery so not one I’d use as an everyday highlighter but gorgeous for nights out and I can see it being really nice for icy winter themed looks too. It applies really easily and blends out evenly, though not the best on powder or mousse foundations but that’s expected with a liquid highlight. This stuff lasts really well even without a setting spray and has the perfect silvery glow for a ghostly look.

It was the colour of Haunted Lights (£4) that drew me in, I just love the green duochrome in there that’s so unusual, though I can’t get it to photograph how it actually looks. It’s a really soft powder and a little goes a very long way. I found that the amount you get on an eyeshadow brush gives you a pretty green glow at certain angles, it’s definitely a case of tapping a lot of excess off a brush as it’s so soft all my brushes picked a lot of it up. Lasts well but it does sort of get everywhere if you’re not careful. This is definitely a more subtle shimmer than the liquid highlighter, though the colour makes it stand out more.

I love the bits I got from the Halloween collection. One thing I really like is the attention to detail on the products themselves as well as the packaging. I like that they have the little skulls on the lipstick itself and the powder highlight and I really like the look of the lipstick packaging even if it’s just the pattern printed on it. It’s Halloween but not so much that it would look out of place the rest of the year to me as well.

The eyeshadow palettes didn’t really appeal to me, and I have way more of those than I need already, and I never do sfx stuff but I’ve heard they’re good for the price and easy to get. The other lipsticks sound nice but I don’t need a pink or blood red and these two colours were so different, I’m half tempted to get another Corpse Bride but I know stashing extras never ends well for me! Have any of you tried the Revolution Halloween collection? Did you get any of the other highlighters and are they worth searching for?

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4 thoughts on “Review: Some of the Makeup Revolution Halloween Collection

    1. I love the Corpse Bride colour, I’m not sure I’m brave enough to go out with black lipstick! 😆 I did almost get the others, I’d probably still be tempted if they were in stock, but I wasn’t sure I’d ever use them. This is definitely more sparkly than I’d normally go for but I think I’ll use it around Christmas. I definitely got drawn in by the packaging but now I have it I’ll use it. I always get tempted by pretty highlighting products and hardly use them, though I am getting better!

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