Review: Pets at Home Christmas Pets Parcel for Hamsters

This is something a bit different for my blog, I haven’t really done much on my pets and definitely not on products, but I recently got a Pets at Home Christmas Pet Parcel for Hamsters and it’s one of those where you get a surprise. It’s £10 and has £14.99 worth of products in it (I checked).

As these are all exactly the same during the Christmas release I’m not going to put spoilers in this first bit in case you want to get one and want a surprise yourself. It does contain a mix of chews, treats and bedding and they are all definitely Christmas themed. If you want to see exactly what’s in it then keep reading.

I have a gerbil rather than a hamster, so there’s more chewing going to happen and I know not everything for hamsters is good for gerbils and there’s one in here that will definitely be supervised play, at least to start with. One thing that does make me smile though is that even the chew things say to remove them if there’s any evidence of damage, so basically when they’re chewed. I know they’re covering themselves but it always feels odd when it’s on something specifically called a chew.

The first thing I saw is the Christmas Tree 2 Wooden Chew set, which costs £2 so one of the cheaper Christmas products for small animals. On the website there are four colours and you get two so it may be a case of different colour mixes randomly put together rather than always being red and green. These are bright and look nice but they’ll disappear quite quickly, Wood is always popular though so I think he’ll like them.

The second decoration is the Fir Cone Garland for £5. I’m not sure about the string section of this for gerbils in case they chew and swallow it, it seems to be one of those subjects where people are split. I didn’t know cones were good for small animals, now I do I’ll be making something like this of my own with some wire and cones as we have a load in the garden. I actually like the look of this and the fact the hooks are wood mean they’ll be chewed and no need to worry about chipped teeth on any of the pieces. We’ll have to see what he thinks of cones but I think this is another that could be destroyed quickly, though the wood is thicker so it’s harder to get their mouth around.

I think the treats will be the most popular, they’re the Berries Nibblots from VetIQ, which cost £1.99. They have a biscuit outside and a soft fruity middle and they smell good enough to eat. So far these have been popular but if he had the three a day he’s allowed these wouldn’t last long as there aren’t that many in the pack. I also like how the pack is resealable, very few gerbil treats are and it makes it so much easier to keep them.

The final product, and the biggest in price and actual size, is the Penguin Hooded Bed at £6. This is a pretty large bed for one animal and could easily be stuffed with bedding to make it even cosier. If you’re getting it for a group of small animals then I can see three gerbils fitting in it to sleep so similarly sized animals could work. It’s lined and the outside almost feels slightly velvety. I really like the bright colours under his flippers and the little bow tie. This is definitely going to be supervised as I’m never that happy to give something made of material to a gerbil in their tank on their own.

Overall I like the mix, however at the moment a lot of the £5+ priced products are in a 3 for 2 so two of these are in that offer, the garland and the penguin, so you could get a third product in that free. Otherwise I think this is a nice selection, could be a good little gift for a small pet for Christmas and to get their enclosure in the Christmas spirit. I have a feeling I’ll be getting a couple of other Christmas themed decorations for him to enjoy as these may not last long and they have a Christmas tree that I’m very tempted by.

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