Review: Lush Halloween Eyeball Bath Bomb

After the Lush haul post on Wednesday I couldn’t wait to try something Halloween, it is the perfect season for baths after all. So I gave the Eyeball Bath Bomb (£4.95) a go and I think I may have to stock up on a couple of these before they disappear even though I promised myself October was a no buy month.

This is definitely suitably spooky looking for a Halloween product, especially when it’s floating around staring up at you in the tub, and I was interested to see how this one smelled when it hit the water. In my last post I sad it smelled like a combination of citrus, snow fairy and dream cream but I have a feeling that may have been because of what else was in the box with it as I didn’t get that at all in the water.

I really like the Eyeball look for this bath bomb, it’s pretty much the perfect design for the shape during this season, and it does really stand out. I think it would actually look good as a display somewhere with a bowl of eyeballs. It’s one of those that’s a bit of a slow fizzer, it makes some pretty patterns in the water while it’s going and it gives it a bright orange look when it’s done.

Scent wise it’s still a hard one to describe but it really reminds me of the Ghost range of products they’ve sold in the past with the Lily Savon scent, though the Eyeball is sweeter. It’s a light and powdery smell, quite sweet but has a creamy floral hint to it too. As Ghost is one of my all time favourite Lush scents I love this. It’s a great scent for a bath product as it’s quite relaxing and comforting, to me anyway.

I also found that it lingered a surprisingly long amount of time considering I couldn’t pick up what it actually smelled of before. The next day it was still scented upstairs and I had an early afternoon bath so it lasted nearly 24 hours. It’s not a strong scent but it’s the kind of scent that you’re aware it’s there, if that makes sense. Not overpowering but a nice background scent.

One thing I noticed with this, it’s hard not to, is the amount of foam that came out of it to start with. And it’s not like normal bath bomb fizz but like proper thick, dense bubbles. It seems to sort of spread out on the water but it did end up leaving about half the bath with a thin layer of soft bubbles on it. I say soft, which always sounds odd when describing bubbles, but it’s the kind of bubble you get in a bubble bath that isn’t fragile and feels nice and foamy rather than the type you get from a clear shower gel that looks like washing up bubbles.

I really like the bath bomb, it’s nice and bright and I like the eyeball look. Also it doesn’t stain the bath at all, which is nice and something I’m always worried about with these brightly coloured Lush bath bombs after a few that made clean up less relaxing. I’m not sure it did anything beneficial for my skin in the longer term but it didn’t dry my skin out like a lot of bath products do so it may have helped a bit if you compare it with just clear water.

Although this is expensive for one bath at £4.95 I can definitely see it lasting for two or three if you don’t mind missing out on the fizzing patterns. A lot of Lush bath bombs I break up with a hammer or rolling pin and use over a few baths. You used to be able to split them down the seam where the two halves meet which was useful but you can’t do that now so it’s powder in a jar for me.

I think this is one that will go on my possibly stash list and see how much of my bath stash is gone before they disappear as they’re limited edition for Halloween. They do sometimes hang around afterwards, I remember one year after Christmas they still had some Halloween stock in my local, but they tend to sell out around Halloween so worth getting early if you want to try one.

Have any of you tried any of the Halloween collection this year? Or any old favourites you wish they’d bring back? Next time Ghost shower gel or jelly appears anywhere I’m getting a few!

Totally unrelated but my computer has stopped working, properly can’t even get to the windows loading screen stopped, so this is back to my iPad. Sorry if the picture quality isn’t the best but it’s hopefully temporary and they’ll fix it quickly. Why do these things always happen when I’ve finally got better organised and scheduling things? I was ahead with photos and now I’ll have to redo them again! I had actually found a template for a nice new header and graphics for the blog as well.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Lush Halloween Eyeball Bath Bomb

    1. The monsters ball this year lasts quite well, I’ve had a bath from it and only used about a quarter of it. I’m glad I got the eyeball, though I wish it was a bit stronger before you put it in the water, I’d love to have my room smell of this!

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