Paperchase Christmas Haul


It feels too early to be buying anything Christmassy really but I know that the Paperchase Christmas decorations I’ve wanted have sold out in the past so when these decorations appeared on their website I had to get them early. I’ve also been doing some organising with my nail varnishes and needed a larger box. It came in a large box, though I did manage to keep my basket fairly empty as I tend to go a bit over the top with the stationery section of Paperchase.

I originally made this order and it got here last week, but one was missing part of it and another things arrived broken. The odd thing is that the plastic Santa that can survive the post was wrapped in plastic but the two glass decorations were loose in the box. Although the original packing wasn’t the best the customer service was great, they’ve always replaced broken items quickly, but I wish they’d just package them well in the first place. Anyway, on with the actual haul.


As I said I’ve been organising my nail varnishes a bit more and, after multiple spills and having the current box too full so they have to lean on each other, I decided to get the Zen Storage Box Set (£13). There was a discount for getting them both together and I like the way they look stacked on top of each other. It turns out the bigger one is larger than I thought so it won’t go where I planned on putting it but I can always use a nice box so I’m keeping it and maybe I’ll finally have a more organised space in my wardrobe. These feel really sturdy and a lot better than my nail varnish boxes now so I won’t be so worried about getting it out and I can keep my gel light in there too, so it’s perfect for what I want.

I feel like I should start this by saying I may go slightly overboard when it comes to Christmas decorations. I love the mini bauble sets that Paperchase do and already have two (or maybe three) of them from the past years and have a couple of the old dancing Santas from the past too. I don’t really have a theme or style, except maybe colourful on the fake tree I have and an icy sort of mix on the white branch I have up all year round but my room is definitely a bitpaperchase-christmas-haul-6 of an explosion of Christmas. Though you’ll probably guess that from the mix I’ve bought this time.

At the end of last year I was planning on getting a small Christmas tree for my window and totally forgot so thought I’d have a look this year. I found this Berry 2ft Tree on the website, though it seems like it was probably prices wrong when I did. I got it for £4.50, which now I look on there seems to be the price of the 1ft trees, but the actual price is £12. It’s nice and has a well balanced base, plus I love the colour. It’ll definitely be going up on my windowsill with some little lights and the mini baubles I also got so it looks nice and festive from outside too.


The mini bauble set I got this year is shatterproof so it’s plastic, I normally go for glass but the colours were so pretty I had to get these. I’ve seen other companies bringing out more of the mini baubles recently but I just love the colour mixes Paperchase does. These are the pack of 25 Black Forest Shatterproof Baubles (£4) and come in golds, green, deep purple and a pearly finish and will just look so good with the tree. I’d have got them even without the Berry Tree but it’s definitely going to look well coordinated with these. I really love the fact that they have little gold strings in there this year, it’ll make it so much easier than cutting thread and doing them like in the past.

These mini baubles were one of the things that came incomplete, there were 24 rather than 25 in there, but they survived shipping well and there will be the odd mistake like that when you’re packing so many.


paperchase-christmas-haul-5A lot of the Paperchase individual decorations are in a three for two offer, which is why my basket was originally a lot fuller and I had about nine more decorations in there. The three I did get in the end were the Glass Hammerhead Shark Decoration (£8), Glass Glitter Narwhal Decoration (£8) and Silver Disco Santa Decoration (£7).

I always get these dancing Santa decorations when they do them. My parents got a gold one as their first decoration years ago from Woolworths and, although he’s looking a bit worse for wear, for some reason it isn’t Christmas without him on a tree which kind of turned into me buying more of them. This one is definitely bigger than the other two I have, I’ll have to post a photo on Instagram when I unpack my decorations this year, but he’s got the wreath and tree and the good old vintage looking face. He may not be the best painted ever but I like him, though he’s a bit big for my fake tree so he might have to sit on a shelf or something.paperchase-christmas-haul-4

The two glass ones are so pretty, I love the fact that the sequins are embedded in what feels like an extra layer of glass or resin so they’re no just glued on. I like the colours and the shapes and they’ll definitely be hanging on the white branch so maybe it’ll be more under the sea themed (they have a blue octopus with fairy lights I really want too).

I really like everything I got, though a couple of things had to be replaced it was quick and easy and I’ve always found their customer service good so it’s not as much of a problem, but it would be better if they got here in one piece in the first place. I think my favourites in this haul were the Hammerhead Shark decoration and the Black Forest baubles, I just love the colours in there and the design of the shark bauble is so pretty to me.

I really like how they have some unusual baubles, some of them seem very odd but then they’d work for someone or as a bit of a fun gift. I think my favourites from their range are normally in the glass decorations as they’re always well made and they have some nice looking vintage style decorations too. There are some decorations that seem to come out for a few years, I’m sure that little glass balloon animal dog was there before, but they also do some slightly different so you can almost collect them, like me and the Santas.

Basically they have nice decorations and they’re worth checking out. But if you do want something then look soon as they do sometimes sell out fast, one year I was looking in early November and some of the ones I wanted were gone already.

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