Review: Obsession Makeup London Concealing Wand in Light


My under eye concealer has been getting low and I wanted to try something new. After seeing good reviews of some of the Makeup Revolution concealers I got one of them and this Obsession Concealing Wand in Light was on their website too. There’s a fair amount of product in this with 4.5ml and it costs £6 but I can see it lasting a long time as you don’t need much for this to give decent coverage.

It’s a wand with a sponge tip and a twist up end that pushes the product through so no need for any extra brushes. It’s available in various colour correcting and concealer colours and this light concealer is for light neutral skin tones. It’s also both cruelty free and suitable for vegans.


I like the look of this packaging, the rose gold doesn’t actually attract fingerprints and stays pretty nice looking even when thrown into a bag. The lid clicks in place and holds well and the twist end twists fairly easily but still clicks and holds in place. I also really like that you can actually see the product inside it towards the end and see it as it goes towards the applicator end so you’ll know when it’s running low. The size of the whole pen is thicker than quite a lot of under eye concealers with the brush end but it’s still thin enough to hold comfortably and use it like a pencil or pen.


As with all of the twist and click style products it does take quite a few twists to get it going, I lost count at twenty, but when it’s done it makes it easy to control how much you apply and a couple of clicks is enough for each application. The sponge is nice and soft so it’s comfortable to use and it spreads the product evenly under the eyes. It can actually get in close the the eyes or in the corner towards the nose so does mean you get control and coverage wherever you need it.


The formula for this is thinner than I expected but it does build up very nicely and means it blends out well. I’ve used it with a couple of different foundations and I’d say it definitely works best underneath them with something to sort of set on top of it, whether it’s liquid or powder, as on its own I did find it moved more.


Under a foundation it works really well to cover pigmentation under my eyes and actually creates a better base to keep my foundation looking even under my eyes than others. It does look like it’s too light to work for that as it’s a neutral colour but I found it tends to turn warmer on my skin. However, as a general concealer I found it does not work on any areas with dry patches as it sort of gathers round the edges and settles there making it even more obvious. As far as the normal parts of my skin go it worked well as a concealer, just needs that product on top to set so not one to use on top of a foundation for me as it doesn’t blend as well then. I did also find that if you try to build it up too much it can end up settling in any fine lines but this was only really an issue if I used three layers of it.

As far as staying power goes I was more impressed with it under my eyes, it worked really well there for seven or eight hours and the pigmentation that sometimes shows through was still hidden. When it came to removing it there was still most of it on there. On other areas it was a bit hot and miss. It stuck better on drier areas and normal lasted pretty well too, at seven hours there was enough left to tell a difference when I removed it. It did not work at all well when my skin got oilier so I’d say this isn’t one for people with oilier skin types.


Overall I’d say this is a decent concealer. It’s easy to apply and the colour is nice and light, for some reason I’m still surprised to find concealers that aren’t too orange for me after years of failing, so finding a more budget friendly one that works for pale skin all over the face is always nice. It is a nice neutral colour but can turn warmer at times. I didn’t notice this so much on the rest of my face but it seemed to have those warm tones that neutralise blue under my eyes so they may come out more on some people, I know products change colour on me differently than they do on my mum or sister so it may change more for you.

If you’re looking for a budget concealer with medium coverage in a light neutral colour this could be worth checking out. It is designed for anywhere but I did find that under my eyes worked best and I think it’d be best for people with normal skin types as it clings to dry skin and doesn’t stick so well on oilier patches for me.

This was the first product I’ve tried from Obsession before and I’m definitely going to consider them in the future. I’ve bought things from Revolution to try and this is the same company, I’m not sure what the difference is supposed to be but they are two different brands. Have any of you tried something from Obsession? Anything that’s stood out as great and worth looking at?

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