Review: The Body Shop Festive Sack of Berry Bon Bon Delights Christmas Gift


I’m always a fan of berry scents, I’m not sure why but there’s something comforting about them to me, so when I saw the Festive Sack of Berry Bon Bon Delights on the Body Shop website as early release online I had to try it. I tend to either miss out on limited edition Christmas scents from them because I don’t try them in time to know I like them or I order full sized and then they don’t agree with me for whatever reason. This sack of minis seems a bit expensive at £18 but if you bought these mini sizes separately they’d come to , so it’s actually a bit of a discount if you want to just see if you like them. Also it’s a cute sack and would be a great present for someone.

This set comes with four small sized products, they’re each the smallest size you can buy individually. It has a 50ml Body Butter, 50ml Sugar Body Scrub, 60ml Shower Gel and 30ml Hand Cream. As with everything from the Body Shop it’s all cruelty free. I think that’s a pretty nice range of products and the scent does actually change a bit depending on the base for the product.

I wish I could think of a way to reuse the sack itself, I just love the style and design on it but I don’t know what I’d use it for. It’s a pretty thick material and nicely made, though it’s a selling point as a reusable sack they aren’t always this well made for gift sets. It’s got the look of a nicely made hessian sack and I like the red and white sweets design on it. There’s even a label inside with washing instructions and it says it’s 55% linen, 30% cotton and 15% polyester which does make it feel more expensive, I just can’t think of many ways you could reuse it because of the size. Maybe storing more beauty products in or as a gift bag, maybe even storing some Christmas decorations in. How would you use it? I’m hoping to find something as it feels too nice to throw away.

This is one of those scents where it reminds me of something growing up. To me when I opened this sack it smelled exactly like some boiled travel sweets we used to get when I was little, the ones in the tins. It’s not a standard mixed berry scent, there’s some redcurrant in there too to make it a bit sharper and I think that’s what made me think of the sweets. They aren’t particularly Christmassy to me but sweets in general are a popular Christmas theme so I can see why they’d go with it.


The sugar body scrub is so nice to use. It feels like an odd consistency, the best way I can describe it is like the jam in a Jammy Dodger. It feels all sticky and stretchy and gooey without the water but when I use it and the water is added it just turns into a really nice sugar scrub that’s so moisturising and not overly scrubby but enough to exfoliate. The only down side I have found to this, and it’s a minor one, is that it doesn’t seem to lather at all. Scent wise this is one where the red currant scent comes through and there’s something in it that reminds me a lot of rhubarb scented products, a bit tart but still that berry scent.the-body-shop-festive-sack-berry-bon-bon-5

I’ve always been a fan of their shower gels, I used to be obsessed with the dewberry and white must ones growing up. They don’t seem like they’re overly moisturising but at the same time they don’t dry out my already dry skin and leave me reaching for moisturisers as soon as I’m out of the shower. It can work as a bubble bath but it’s not the best, it does lather really well with a shower puff. This scent is like mixed berry squash, it’s not overly sweet but you get the raspberries and forest fruits kind of smell in there.


The Body Shop body butters have been some of the products from them that have been consistently good and included in so many award and go to product lists. This is like them, it’s a very thick formula, you have to dip your fingers in it rather than dragging them on the surface to get the product up. It’s so moisturising and sinks in pretty quickly, though does leave a bit of a greasy feeling on the skin for maybe half an hour afterwards. Scent wise there’s something in it that reminds me of a forest fruits yoghurt, slightly more creamy than the others and without that sharp kick to it.

the-body-shop-festive-sack-berry-bon-bon-3I have tried a few of the Body Shop hand creams and most of them are rich and the kind that can sit on your skin for a while before become very moisturising. This one has the consistency somewhere between a hand cream and a more gel based product, it reminds me a bit of body sorbet products. It sinks in very quickly, within minutes I could easily do things without worrying about leaving fingerprints. The scent for this one leans more towards raspberry and blueberry, a very sweet scent but with an undertone of tartness.

So far I’m loving these products and the scent, I think the scrub is my favourite though, it’s definitely one I’ll be thinking about putting on my Christmas list in the full size, or checking out in the sales after Christmas. It’s got a nice mix of sweet with a hint of sharpness that doesn’t make it sickly and I think it’s one of those scents that most people would like, or at least not many who would actually dislike it so it could be a good gift for a fan of these kinds of products.

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