Review: Ciate London Wonderwand Gel Kohl Eyeliner


I got this Ciate Wonderwand Gel Kohl Eyeliner (£15 full size) in their Twelve Days of Christmas calendar last year and it’s been sat in my drawer all year so I thought it was time to give it a proper try. This pencil is 0.08g but the full size is 1.1g so there isn’t much difference size wise between them and the overall design is the same with the angled smudger brush on the end.

At one time I remember a lot of eyeliners had a smudger on the other end but this is the first pencil liner I’ve seen that has an angled brush on the end to make it a more precise blending if you want to use it. I wasn’t sure how I’d get on with it but I actually liked this change and found myself using the brush quite a bit.


I like the look of this pencil, the black and silver design stands out with the stars design that just makes it look a bit different than a plain black eyeliner. Both of the lids stay on really well, even though they just slide on, and it keeps both the brush and the pencil end protected if you want to throw it in your bag.

ciate-wonderwand-black-kohl-gel-eyeliner-pencil-2Using the brush as well works better for blending it out rather than using it for any precision work. It looks like a fine line brush with the angle but it’s thicker than I’d want to use for applying a fine line. It is a nice brush though and I have found it more useful than the sponge smudgers that used to be on a lot.

It’s a standard pencil without a sharpener in it but over the years I’ve had more than enough eyeliner sharpeners so it’s not really an issue. ciate-wonderwand-black-kohl-gel-eyeliner-pencil-3It is a pretty soft pencil that does wear down quite quickly but it also means that it’s soft and glides on the skin without pulling on it at all. It does have that gel liner look and feel with the pigmentation and the kind of black that it is. It does feel like a true black and has pretty good pigmentation, better than a lot of pencil liners but not as much as liquid, so it is in the standard gel range. I did find that the softer formula does make it harder to get a very fine line, it works better for a smokier look or a less fine line.

Top to bottom: The finest line I could get isn’t that black, using the pencil normally, smudged out with the brush

It doesn’t claim to be waterproof but I did find that it was water resistant and didn’t really run when there was a lot of water, more of a fade. It also had good staying power on general on the lash line and when it stayed dry, even in hotter weather, it lasted for seven hours without obvious fading.

I think that if you want a highly pigmented black pencil liner and this is within your budget it’s worth checking out. It’s definitely got a nice finish and a nicely opaque black without having to go over it repeatedly. It has good staying power and the soft formula means no drag so it does seem worth the £15. It is a higher price than others I’ve tried but it feels worth it to me.

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