Review: The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Bath Bubble Solid Bubble Bath


It’s getting cooler so it’s getting to be bath time of year again for me. The Body Shop has recently released a few of their own solid bubble baths with these small Bath Bubbles in Pink Grapefruit, Coconut and Moringa so I decided to give the Pink grapefruit a go as it used to be one of my favourite scents from them and I do love a good citrus scented bath.

These are small, they weigh 28g, but at £1.50 they’re what I’d call good pocket money products. They’re the kind of bath products that younger teens might be able to buy themselves if they wanted to try something new or they’re great as a small treat for yourself or a gift for someone else.


I do like the packaging for these, it’s very simple and brightly coloured and does remind me of a sweet wrapper. I like the bright colours and thing that a handful of these in a bowl would be nice out on the side in the bathroom, plus the sealed plastic means there’s no worries about the humidity getting in and spoiling the bubble bath itself. The scent seems strong when you first get it as you can actually smell it through the packaging. I’m not sure if it’s the same for some of the other scents as Pink Grapefruit can be a stronger one anyway, but my mango bath bomb was the same.


The Bath Bubble itself is a small, hard heart that’s very compact and takes ages to dissolve, I’m actually tempted to try and save it when I stop running the bath next time and see if it works for a second go. It doesn’t work the same as softer Lush style bubble bars where you crumble it, instead you can either hold it under the running water or drop it into the bath. If you drop it into the bath it sinks to the bottom and you can see it start to dissolve and spread in the water so when it gets to the bit where the tap is running into the bath the bubbles start to show. This one does have the added bonus of a pretty pink bath, it’s not very bright but it’s pink and creamy looking so it does show up against the shite bath tub.

One thing for me is that this does take ages to dissolve. As I said, this may be a great way to get two baths out of it, as it was only half done when the bath had filled up. I actually left it longer than I wanted to see if it would dissolve and it didn’t. After the bath water stops running it doesn’t add any bubbles so it’s a bit pointless leaving it in there as I didn’t feel it added anything. Even when I tried holding it under the running water as it was filling it still didn’t dissolve any quicker so this may even be a two bath bubble bath despite its small size.


The scent for this is nice, it’s the standard refreshing pink grapefruit that The Body Shop does, but I didn’t find it to be that strong. It may be the fact I chose this particular scent as I know citrus often don’t linger as well as others, but it was one of those products where it smelled stronger in the packet than it did when the water hit it.

If you’re expecting long lasting bubbles this isn’t the bubble bath for you. There was a decent amount of bubbles but they were the same kind of bubbles you get when you use a standard shower gel in the bath and they disappeared very quickly, fifteen minutes in and there were a handful left. I know some people like a bubble bath that stays bubbly for a long time but it doesn’t really bother me that much.


Overall they seem nice enough. Price per gram they aren’t that different to Lush, Lush bubble bars vary from 3.5p (the comforter) to 6p (new reusable bubble bars) per gram with the Body Shop one coming in at 5p per gram in the UK and I know that there are going to be the inevitable comparisons considering they’re the ones everyone knows for solid bubble baths. I think Lush have patents on the bubble bar formula so they can’t be the same anyway but these do have a different feel to them. If you’re expecting a Lush clone then you may be disappointed but these are good in their own way. I’d be interested to see how well these keep as I know that’s a big problem I’ve had with recent Lush bubble bars, they lose their scent worse than ones I’ve had for years.

the-body-shop-bath-bubble-solid-bubble-bath-pink-grapefruit-4Anyway, I’ll get away from the Lush comparison and say that I think these are decent enough versions of a solid bubble bath. They are very similar to the old Fortune Cookie Soap ones I used to like but smaller, more manageable and you don’t need a hammer to break them up as they’re a usable size on their own. They’d be perfect if you want to take a bubble bath with you travelling for a hotel stay or something but I don’t find them all that different to just squirting some shower gel in there.

I do hope they bring them out in other scents, maybe their more perfumed and complex scents, as they’d stand out more for me but these are worth a try if you’re looking for something cheaper for a bubble bath and like the idea of a solid bath product that gives you a nice scent, colour and bubbles all in one. Plus the packaging is pretty cute for the style they use and it really makes me think of a bowl of sweets so could work really well in a themed gift or as a stocking filler at Christmas.

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