Review: IDC Color BomBon Eye Eyeshadow Palette


I’m not really a fan of companies that do obvious copies of others, it may be odd saying that with what I’m reviewing in this post but I had a moment of weakness and saw this IDC Color Bombon Eyes eyeshadow palette on the TK Maxx site a while ago and wanted to try it. I do love their Natural eyeshadow palette, it’s a dupe for the Naked 3 but I still kind of love it anyway, and seeing the RRP of £42.99 down to £7.99 I just wanted to give this one a go too.

To be honest that RRP is stretching it a bit, I have only seen them on TK Maxx or in the Beauty Outlet stores for the same price. I’ve taken so long to do a review because I couldn’t find it anywhere and I’d rather post about products that are still available but I saw it in the Beauty Outlet store in Bridgend so if you can find one near you, I think they’re mainly in McArthur Glenn outlet shopping centres, then there are a load of palettes by them in there.


Anyway, onto the review, the palette itself is a tin and has a magnetic closure on it. It’s not the strongest magnet, when I pick it up by the lid it opens so I wouldn’t rely on that to keep it closed in a bag. The look of the palette isn’t too bad, I definitely prefer the chocolate bar style of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette it’s probably ‘inspired’ by, or even the Makeup Revolution version, but it doesn’t look too bad. I just wish TK Maxx stickers were easier to remove. I got rid of one and you can still see the residue so I left the other on there.


Inside the palette looks quite nice, the mirror is a pretty good quality mirror, no warping or marks, but I do know that my Natural eyes palette mirror has fallen out so I’m hoping the added card frame will hold this one in better in the long term. The lid does rattle a bit when you open it so it does feel cheap but then again it is so I’m not really complaining. It also doesn’t hold itself in position so you have to hold it yourself or lean it against something.

idc-color-chocolate-bar-bombon-eye-eyeshadow-palette-1I do like the layout of these palettes, all of the Chocolate Bar dupes are laid out like the original and the larger pans for the pale colours do look good as well as being functional as they’re probably the colours I’d use the most with my fair skin to blend others out. One thing I have noticed with this palette that I haven’t with others is that they really aren’t filled all that evenly, some eyeshadows have quite a bit more product in the pans than others.

I’ve swatched all of the colours in the three rows, I was going to review each but I will mainly just mention stand out ones for good or bad reasons. I’m sticking with the three rows because, not only is it an easy way of showing them, but it’s almost as if there are three different formulas in there. All swatches have been done with half on top of my Models Own Matte Eye Base and half just on skin.


The first row is definitely the stand out row of the three, even the matte off white is super pigmented and blends out easily. The matte definitely does feel powdery but it’s easy to use and no fallout plus it’s a great match for my skin for a matte under brow highlight or to blend out other colours. The three darkest shimmers are so pretty, creamy and pigmented and easy to use with or without primer. The middle shade is still nice to use but slightly less pigmented and creamy, it still works really well and can be great for a subtle sheen if you apply it lightly.


The middle row reminds me of budget eyeshadow ten or fifteen years ago, maybe even going back to eyeshadow in the nineties, when it comes to pigmentation and formula. There is no pigmentation without primer and even with it the pink and purple pretty much disappear, which is disappointing as they’re two shades that stand out to me in the pan. There isn’t much to say about this row, except that the light shimmer on the left is actually pretty creamy and does give a nice shimmery wash if you want that, it works as a good inner corner highlight but is a bit too sheer to use to get a look with this colour.


The bottom row is somewhere in the middle of the two, it’s decent enough for a budget eyeshadow palette but not as good as the top row. Three of the colour; the far left, middle and large pan on the right, all feel really creamy and have that formula that creates powder when you use a brush in the pan but works well on the eyes. The gold is ok but not much different to the one on the top row except a bit paler without the shimmer, but the red colour is so pretty. It’s a pity that it needs building up for a pigmented look but it does build up well and blends so well with all the brands I’ve tried.

As far as lasting power goes for all the eyeshadows it’s pretty much the same. As long as there’s primer on there it’s going to stay for a while, mine lasted eight to ten hours looking like it did when I applied it, so it does last well if you can get the pigmentation to begin with. They’re all fairly easy to work with, though the middle lot pretty much disappear without primer or when it comes to blending out so if you do get them to look good blend other colours into them.


If you want a close dupe to the Chocolate Bar palette I think that both this and the Makeup Revolution one have their strengths. You can find my review of that here to compare the pigmentation if you want but both of them are weak in the middle row. I can’t say which is the closest as I don’t have the original but I think the Makeup Revolution one may be closer with the colour matches when looking at swatches of the Too Faced one, but this one has colours that I prefer. To me I think the quality of the top row means this one just beats the Makeup Revolution Chocolate Bar palette as neither does well with the pink or purple but the red shades in this one stand out, even if the other is closer to the glitter in the original. This one doesn’t actually have any colours I’d say have a glitter finish which is actually a good thing for me




I don’t know if I can recommend this IDC Color palette or not. I wouldn’t say it’s one to buy as a gift for someone as it is so inconsistent when it comes to the colour payoff, but if you’re looking for a budget eyeshadow palette and not necessarily the colours in the middle row then it’s ok for the price. You do get ten eyeshadows, two of them being large pans, and an ok looking palette out of it. I would say that the Natural Eyes palette is definitely better than this quality wise, most of them are like the top row of this one, but I’m not sure about the rest of their palettes.

I guess it also partly comes down to how similar this is to the Chocolate Bar palette. It’s the reason I got rid of the Makeup Revolution chocolate one I had and, to be honest, this one will probably follow, or most of it will anyway. I can see myself depotting some of these colours into my magnetic palette but other than that I’m not sure I’ll be keeping the whole thing.

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3 thoughts on “Review: IDC Color BomBon Eye Eyeshadow Palette

    1. I haven’t tried it yet. I have been so tempted by the original and semi sweet one but I have all the colours already in various palettes and it seemed so expensive. I may break this winter though and get it as a treat. They just seem to bring out so many and I like the look of the gingerbread one so other palettes keep going in front of the chocolate ones to get.

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