The Body Shop Haul: Some New Products and Christmas Gift Sets



It feels so early but a lot of stores are releasing their Christmas products. As I was planning on trying a few of the Body Shop’s new products I saw these two sets and wanted to give the new Christmas scents a try. This year they’re releasing a range of products in Berry Bon Bon (mixed berry sweets), Peppermint Candy Cane (sweet mint) and Vanilla Marshmallow (sweet vanilla, which didn’t appeal to me) and these sacks looked like they’d give a nice range of product types to try as well as meaning I now have some great travel sized products. I was quite good and resisted the advent calendars, for now anyway. I really want the £45 one but I would probably end up with too many advent calendars and no money if I got all the ones I want this year!

Some of the other products I chose are ones I’ve either wanted to try for a while or have just found out about and couldn’t resist. I’ve sort of fallen in and out of love with the Body Shop products over the years as they can be a bit of a single note scent and them being owned by L’Oreal, but their ginger shampoo is amazing and I’m always drawn in by the Christmas scents so I wanted to try them early this year rather than leaving it to the sales and missing out because I don’t know what they smell like.


After seeing the Body Shop have started to do small bath bombs and their own version of a solid bubble bar on a few blogs I had to give them a go. I do love a good bath and it’s getting more into bath season for me so I wanted to see how theirs would compare. These are very small but for £1.50 they’re a good pocket money price or could be a great little gift for someone as well as for yourself. They definitely have a strong scent, both the Mango Bath Bomb and the Pink Grapefruit Bath Bubble scents can be smelled through the packaging when sealed so I’m hoping they deliver when in the bath too.

The Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter (£10 for the 90ml tin) is one I’ve had my eye on for a while, I’ve really wanted to try the whole range actually since they released them, but I finally decided to get it. I haven’t seen this in a store near me to give it a proper look so I held back on ordering one of everything and wanted to see if this balm would work as well for me as it seems to for a lot of people who’s reviews I’ve read. I’ve not have the best luck with cleansing balms but as it says it’s good for sensitive skin and my skin seems to like camomile I thought I’d give this last one a try.


The Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo is an old favourite of mine so I got the big 400ml bottle (£8.50). I always used to get this but then my scalp got used to it so I changed to another shampoo. It’s been a few years so I wanted to try it again, plus the smell is amazing, it’s just like ginger beer. They recently released a Ginger Scalp Care Conditioner (£8.50 for 400ml) and I wanted to give this a go to see if the shampoo worked better with a conditioner it was designed to work with. It seems like a nice thick conditioner and has the same ginger beer smell so I’m looking forward to trying this one out.


The Festive Sack of Peppermint Candy Cane Delights and The Festive Sack of Berry Bon Bon Delights (both £18) are basically the same with the two different scents. The each have four products in; 60ml shower gel, 50ml body butter, 50ml body scrub and 30ml hand cream. These are the smallest sizes you can buy individually in the Body Shop store but it does give you a nice range to try and they are a great travel size or good for stocking fillers if you wanted to split them up.

The Berry Bon Bons scent is just like opening a tin of mixed berry travel sweets we used to get when I was growing up; sweet but you can pick out different berries and currants and different ones seem to stand out more in each of the products. The Peppermint Candy Cane is probably what you’d expect, though again some are more buttery or stronger mint than others. I’ll definitely be doing a proper review of each of the products next week, probably a post for each gift set, if you’re interested.


These bags do seem to have less inside size wise than I expected but I did go through the same product types in other scents and add up what these individual items would cost and they came to £19 so it is technically good value compared to buying the minis individually. Compared to buying the larger sizes then it isn’t when you look at £ per gram but then you have to spend a lot more to get four separate products.

I’m very happy with everything, at least as far as first impressions go. I really like both of these Christmas scents and I can’t wait to try the bath products to see how well they work. Have any of you bought any of the new Christmas range? Since I did this order I’ve noticed the autumn pumpkin scent, which isn’t great for me as I seem to be allergic to pumpkin but does sound interesting. Have any of you smelled it? I’d be half tempted to try it but not sure it’s worth the risk!

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2 thoughts on “The Body Shop Haul: Some New Products and Christmas Gift Sets

    1. Thanks, yeah the bubble bath one was really good, not tried the bath bomb yet. I went for the minis to see if I liked the scents as much as anything. I don’t get to places with a body shop in them often since my local moved and I either miss out on Christmas scents I’d like or I get full size and they aren’t what I expect and never get used. The mini sets always seem like they’re a bit over priced but then they sell their smaller bottles of things as more expensive than the bigger ones if that makes sense. I normally just wait for the sales but I got impatient and do love berries and peppermint! 😆

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