Review: Tony Moly Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm Primer


I’ve had the Tony Moly Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm in my drawer for a while, I’ve had a few primers to go through and try and it somehow ended up falling down the queue. Like a lot of Tony Moly products it has cute packaging, though it’s a lot bulkier than it needs to be it’s the kind of product that looks really nice sat out on the side. I got it for £9.99 in TK Maxx but I can’t find it there any more so it’d probably be eBay if I wanted to replace it.

This primer is supposed to contains egg, though I can’t see it in the ingredients specifically. It’s aimed at reducing pores and is that silky kind of primer that fills in pores and fine lines to leave a flatter surface for your foundation. It claims to help your makeup stay matte for longer, and as I prefer the matte look but have dry skin something that gives me that finish without adding to the dryness is always something I’d like to try.


The outer box is fairly plain, it has one side which includes the ingredients and some basic instructions in English, with two sides being in Korean. One side is the same as the English but the other has some information on their Green Philosophy which I think is mainly about using natural ingredients and not testing on animals (though they do sell in China which kind of takes them out of the cruelty free group for a lot of people).


I do love the look of Tony Moly packaging, it just feels nice to use as well as they’re normally a great size to hold and fit well into your hands. The designs like this do tend to be a lot bulkier than they need to be, this only holds product in the bottom half and even then there’s some excess packaging around the sides. You are kind of paying for the look but I do tend to find that Tony Moly skin products work really well with my skin.


This may not look the most practical packaging, and it’s definitely big, but it does fit in your hand well and it closes and opens with a bit of a click at the end of twisting it closed so you know it’s staying there. It also seems to work well with slippery hands, I tried it with the primer on my fingers and it still gripped well, and it wipes clean very easily so it won’t be a fingerprint magnet. I do like the little touch of the yellow lid inside, like the yolk, and it has the double use of protecting the product and I think adding an addition seal as it does sort of pop on and off.


The primer itself is the most solid primer I have ever seen. You do have to get it out with your finger, or a spatula works well too, and it comes out looking slightly crumbly so it can take some getting used to so you don’t drop bits everywhere like I did to start with. I found it helps to warm it up a bit on your fingers before applying it to your face or it can go on too thick and then you end up with it creating little balls as you try to rub it in and you pretty much have to start from the beginning. You don’t need as much as you’d expect (the amount on my finger in the picture was enough for half of my face) and it does start to spread really evenly and smoothly once it’s warmed up.

One thing I’ve found with a lot of Korean beauty products is they tend to have a distinct smell compared to Western beauty products. They often have a more floral and powdery scent to them unless they’re supposed to smell of something specifically. This primer has a powdery floral scent with a hint of lemon in there, it’s almost like a slightly floral lemon meringue pie to me, though the scent doesn’t linger and it’s not unpleasant it’s not one I’d pick for skin products personally.


You do definitely get that pore filled, incredibly silky smooth feeling you often get with these kinds of primers. It does leave my skin feeling matte and silky without being drying or sticking to any drier skin patches I have and accentuating them and it does do quite a good job as a foundation base. I didn’t find it worked well with powder foundation, but the mousse texture one I have and the liquid both stuck well with it. It does help to make the same amount of foundation go further as well as giving that matte finish it says about.

Overall I’m happy with this primer. I think if it was cheaper and easier to get in the UK I’d consider buying it again. It did what I wanted it to and after using it as the only primer for quite a while there’s still quite a bit left so my worries about it not lasting have gone. I tend to think with some of these cutely packaged products that you’re paying for the look rather than the product itself but it feels like Tony Moly have got the products themselves right as well. tony-moly-egg-pore-silky-smooth-balm-primer-6

Have any of you guys tried this? I’ve tried a few Tony Moly face products and so far I’ve been impressed with all of them, maybe not so much the sheet masks but the rest of the products have made more of a difference than I expected. If you’re in the UK and want to try some of their products then it’s worth searching in TK Maxx as they seem to be popping up quite regularly. They may not be as cheap as buying them on eBay but they’re definitely genuine so no need to worry about fakes.

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