Pokémon Pins from Petty Bones Club



I’ve loved enamel pins for as long as I can remember, I used to collect charity ones when I was little, so I love the fact that they’re in fashion at the moment and seem to be everywhere. I’ve also loved Pokémon for years, like a lot of people I grew up playing it and still do, so when I saw the enamel pins from Petty Bones Club I had to get some.

At the moment Petty Bones Club also has a Kickstarter campaign going with some cute Sailor Moon and Pokémon pins. It’s been fully funded so far but there are more pins to unlock so you should check it out if you’re looking for something like that. I’ve got my eye on a few but I could probably have got a few more if it was in my budget!


The first ones that caught my eye, and the reason I went to the Etsy page in the first place, were the messenger Pokémon series. these are all hard enamel pin badges and come with two rubber backs that keep the pins in place well.petty-bones-club-pokemon-enamel-pins-6 I like the colour combinations she’s used, with the rubber being a different colour for each of the characters and matching them. The metal is also a different finish for each; silver for Squirtle, gold for Dragonite and rose gold for Charmander. I love these, they’re cute and feel well made as they’re quite heavy. I’m definitely looking forward to wearing these, I may already be planning on getting some scarves to match for the winter, is that bad?

Sorry about the odd lighting, the English weather has decided it’s Autumn and the sun has gone

I do love those cute Pokémon pins but this Disney and Pokémon mashup Pumba Tauros is my favourite, it just fits together so well. There was also a Gyarados Beast crossover that I wanted but missed out on. I didn’t even know I wanted Pokémon and Disney to mix but it just works well. It doesn’t hurt that Lion King is one of my favourite Disney movies and I’ve always loved Tauros, and you don’t see that many cute Tauros things around as they don’t seem to be a standard favourite from the first gen. This is a soft enamel pin and, although it’s the same size, it looks a bit smaller than the other three to me. It’s got finer details and the black line really stands out.

The final two things I got free. At the moment there’s an offer where if you spend £30 without postage then you get a free official Disney pin. I didn’t quite make that (I think I was at £28 when I used the 10% discount code from There Might Be Coffee’s blog, you can see more pin photos there too) so I’m not sure whether these are a standard thing or not.

Anyway, these are both from another mashup series, the Rick and Morty and Pokémon series. I have to admit I’ve never seen Rick and Morty (I keep meaning to I just never do) but I did recognise Morty and even without watching it I think this Zubat is so cute. For some reason I see loads of these worried looking Zubats hiding in caves and getting disturbed when you wander through in the games and now that’s how they are to me. The pin is a soft enamel pin with the same style as the Pumba one. It’s smaller and only has one rubber back and I love the detail in this.

I do love these cuties and I’m keeping an eye on their Etsy for new releases. This mini haul may have woken up my love of pins again and now I keep seeing more I want. Do any of you know good small brands for cute or different pins in the UK? I’ve bought a few from Punky Pins and have an eye on a few of theirs in the sale so there may be another pin post soon, but other than that I don’t really know of any. I keep finding American or Australian ones and I think the postage would more than double the cost most of the time.

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4 thoughts on “Pokémon Pins from Petty Bones Club

  1. Awww I love all the goodies that you picked up from Petty Bones Club! 😀 Their pins are adorable aren’t they?! It’s a shame you couldn’t get the Bulbasaur mail pin badge, BUT keep your eyes peeled on the the Instagram page for him, as well as the store! 😀

    Ooo do you plan to pick up one of the pins from the new Kickstarter? 😀 I’ve already backed the new one and I’ll be picking Growlithe! 😀

    Again, I’m so happy to see that you got yourself some cute pins 😀


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for bulbasuar. I may want most of the Kickstarter pins, they’re all so cute, but I’m thinking of getting three, if I can pick them. Definitely the fluffy haunter I’ve just realised I may have to add a pins section to my monthly budget now! 😆

      Liked by 1 person

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