August Hits and Misses from my Makeup Collection


I can’t believe it’s September already, not sure where August went but it’s time for another of these posts without a proper official name yet. To help me sort through my collection, rather than just doing declutters (though I did do a bit of one this month anyway) I’m putting makeup that I hardly use in my dresser so that I decide whether I actually want to keep it. I’ve got so much stuff that I’ve kept just in case or because I liked it when I got it that I thought this was the easiest way to see if I would actually use it or still like it rather than just thinking I do because I used to.

Basically I can only use these older products when it comes to the product types, so things like my staples aren’t included as otherwise it’d be the same each month. This month I’ve gone through more of my old eyeshadow palettes, these are what makes up more than half of my collection so I’ve got five or six at a time out each month and can only use them. I also got out an old foundation, which was probably beyond when I should have used it anyway, the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk which I’ve barely used since I first got it, and a colour correction powder from Shiro Cosmetics.

I’ve written reviews of quite a few of these products so if I have I’ll link to the old post. I always find it interesting to see what people think of products when they’ve had them for a while compared to when they first get them so you can see whether I still feel the same after using them for a while.



I’m only keeping one of these general makeup products, the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. I do still love it, it’s not my go to eyeshadow base but I like having the option and it does really work well with brighter colours. The Shiro Cosmetics Finishing Powder in Always Angry is part of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes collection and I just can’t get it to work for me. It’s almost a khaki green and maybe it’s just colour correction in general that isn’t me, but it just ends up making my skin look dirty or not having any effect, I just can’t get it to work for me.

The Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation in Porcelain is just old and started to oxidise on my face. It’s one that I’ll probably repurchase but I’ll have a look in stores next time I go somewhere to try some and see if there’s one I like better. This one lasts really well for me and was a perfect colour match when I got it so I’ll probably get this one too as it’s not exactly expensive and lasts for ages.


I feel I should maybe start with the palettes I’m keeping as the big declutter is a palette I made myself with old Urban Decay eyeshadows and it will have more of an explanation. The first two were never going to go anywhere as I’ve only just got them. It’s the NYX Lid Lingerie Matte Eyeshadow Palette and the Sleek Makeup Goodnight Sweetheart palette. I’ve done reviews of them this month and they’re two I’ve loved using so these are staying.

Top: IDC Color Natural palette, Bottom: Urban Decay Naked 3 palette


The plan when I first chose to have the Naked 3 from Urban Decay and the Natural Eyeshadow palette from IDC Color was to compare them and choose which I preferred. It may seem obvious to choose the UD one but I actually really like and kind of prefer some of the colours in the IDC one so there was a reason for it. However, I spent so much time trying out the Urban Decay mix palette I made these didn’t get a proper try so they’re both staying for now. I think in the future the Naked 3 will stay and the other will go, mainly just because of the price as much of anything, but I might change my mind.


And finally onto the big messy palette full of colours from three different Urban Decay palettes that are probably at least 7 years old and their old formulas. It’s one of those things where when I got these I loved them, they seemed amazing and they were the first higher end makeup products I actually bought. However, using them now I don’t see how I could love some of the colours as much as I did.

The majority of these colours are from the Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV, they’re the bigger pans, and this was a very hit and miss palette. Any of the ones with the large glitter are gone, I tried them and ended up looking like I belonged in the Twilight universe despite spending 15 minutes clearing the sparkles off me when I first applied it. I have to say that I can’t identify them in order from the photo but I can name the ones I’m keeping and which are going, at least I think I can.

The smaller pans come from the Mariposa palette, which I spent so long trying to find at the time, or what UI thought was the old Ammo palette, but it seems to be listed as Beauty with an Edge now so I’m not so sure. Anyway they both have three in here and that’s after a declutter earlier in the year when I got rid of most of the colours in the palettes. From Mariposa there is Rockstar (dark purple shimmer), Haight (turquoise shimmer) and Mushroom (taupe shimmer). What I thought was the Ammo palette has Last Call (cranberry purple shimmer), Mildew (olive green shimmer) and Shattered (light blue shimmer with yellow duochrome shift).


I’ve swatched the ones that are staying and the ones that are going as well as photos of them in the pan, though probably not in any order. I think it’s fairly obvious why the right half of the getting rid of swatches are going, they’re almost invisible some of them even being darker colours, and the others either have the dreaded glitter, applied patchy or just weren’t special enough to keep.

The ones that are going are:

·        Mushroom, Rockstar and Haight from the Mariposa palette

·        Last Call from the Ammo palette

·        Blue Bus (so dry and hard to work with), Gunmetal, Cobra, Bender, Gravity, Midnight Cowgirl, Sin, Midnight Rodeo and Crystal from the Book of Shadows IV


The keepers were ones that really impressed me still. I think they’re all either satin or shimmer finishes and include one of my all time favourite Urban decay colours, or maybe even eyeshadows of all time, in Baked. It’s just so creamy and soft and I just love the Half Baked and Twice Baked ones too.

The ones I’m keeping (and are now in my Makeup Geek Travel Vault Palette) are:

·        Mildew and Shattered from the Ammo palette

·        Hijack, Baked, Zephyr, Skimp, Missionary, Bust and Lost from the Book of Shadows IV

I have to say I did plan on getting rid of all of these but I realised how much I loved some of them so decided to give them another go. They may not have had the best formulas for some colours back then but the ones I’ve kept are so creamy and pigmented in one swipe that I was so impressed and had to keep them. It does mean that I now have an empty Z palette which I’ll be keeping for now. I might find that I’ll end up keeping one or two colours here and there, but I plan on getting rid of it in the future and seeing if I can keep my singles in the smaller Z palette and the Makeup Geek one. Plus it annoys me that it doesn’t have a mirror so I may just get one off Etsy that does. Do you guys have any recommendations for that?


I think I did ok with this month, especially given how much I got rid of earlier in the month when I looked through my older products, if you haven’t read that post you can find it here. I’ve already got my palettes and makeup for this month out, it’s so much easier to do it this way for me. Though it does mean I’ve ended up finding a load of older products I love again rather than just getting rid of stuff.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I love reading about the products other people actually use or what they think of them when they’ve had them a while so I hope this was fun to read. Do any of you still have any of the old Urban Decay palettes? I have the Vegan one that I’m using this month and already remembered why I loved it so much so I don’t think that’ll be going at the end of the month!

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2 thoughts on “August Hits and Misses from my Makeup Collection

  1. That NYX Lid Lingerie Matte Eyeshadow Palette looks like the perfect companion palette for other palettes that are usually full of shimmer shades.

    I wore the UD shade in Mushroom a couple of weeks ago after neglecting it for ages and I received compliments on my eye makeup. I was almost going to get rid of it because it looked so silvery on me but I guess I’ll keep it now. 😉 Until only recently, I’d never owned any UD pre-made palettes – I only bought their singles and made my own palettes. But in March I bought the Kaleidoscope Dream Kristen Leanne Eyeshadow Palette when it went on sale for 50% off. It’s totally out of my comfort zone but it’s been a fun addition to my collection. I’m been thinking of depotting it though – how did you find depotting your UD palettes?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The NYX palette is pretty much the perfect companion for shimmer palettes for me. I think the UD palette depotting would depend if they’re card or plastic. The pans themselves are magnetic so great for magnetic plaettes but I did have some issues with some (you can probably see on the square ones some cracking and breaks) as the pan itself is a bit too flexible to get the knife under as a lever. Other than that they were fairly easy, just took a lot of wiggling it back and forth! The Naked 3 palette I have is pretty much depotting itself! The glue is going and four of them fall out all the time so no idea if I even have them in the right places! 😁 I haven’t tried to actually depot a plastic one though. Mushroom is one I almost kept but I have similar ones I never use and the formula is so streaky for me and I had a load of fallout when I tried to use it.

      Liked by 1 person

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