Review: NYX Lid Lingerie Matte Eyeshadow Palette


I haven’t seen much on the NYX Lid Lingerie eyeshadow palette, though it’d been out for a while, and I love the colours in it so I really wanted to try it. It has six matte neutral colours and the middle top shade really reminds me of my all time favourite Lip Lingerie; Embellishment. I’m not sure if they’re meant to match some of the Lip Lingerie shades but I can see some that would compare to most of them. I’ve been on the look out for a nice neutral matte eyeshadow palette, I’d given up but I was so intrigued by the Embellishment type colour I wanted to try it.

This palette costs £9 for the six eyeshadows with just over 1g on each of them. This means they’re bigger than most of the eyeshadow palettes I own so it makes up for the extra price. I hadn’t tried any NYX eyeshadows before and this seems to be one of those palettes that has quite good reviews so I was interested to see what it was like.


I like how this palette matches the look of the Lip Lingerie look with the same font and the clear top that shows all the colours. It is slightly thicker and bulkier feeling than a lot of my palettes that have fewer colours in but it’s got a nice lid that clicks shut and holds well and you can clearly see all of the colours in it. It doesn’t have a mirror, which may be a negative if you were planning on taking it as an only palette when travelling but I don’t see this as a palette I’d take on its own so it’s not a big thing for me. It’s also not got any applicator or brush or a space to put your own in (which I do sometimes do) but it’s not a great loss as I never use the brushes or applicators anyway.


All six of the colours have the same feel and, I think, the same formula, though a couple of them are less pigmented, especially when you don’t use a primer under them. It’s the lighter colours that don’t have the pigmentation, unfortunately the top left one is pretty much a match to my skin tone so it’s even more invisible in the swatch. However, they do work really well for blending out at the edges and the light is a great brow highlight if you don’t like a shimmer. The other four are very pigmented and easy to use.


The formula does create a bit of powder when using the brush in the palette so it looks dry. It doesn’t actually feel like that when I’m using it and I found that there’s no fallout, even with the darker colours. They blend well with each other and with other colours and the edges of blending are so smooth.

As far as lasting power these do very well when used with a primer, they tend to disappear on me if I don’t use one though. They’ve stayed in place for a whole day, around twelve hours, without any obvious fading and no moving or creasing. The paler colours also work well for setting other products too if they match your skin tone, they increase the time my under eye concealer sticks too.


Overall I really like this palette, I love the formula and how easy it is to blend and it works so well with all of the other brands I’ve tried it with. I would say that this is what I’d think of as a companion palette. It doesn’t really do everything I want but it adds all the extra colours missing from a lot of other palettes for blending out and making a more subtle look.

I haven’t tried any NYX eyeshadows before and I haven’t heard the best reviews of their others so I was a bit unsure what to expect but I’m pleasantly surprised. Are there any others from NYX any of you have tried and would recommend? Or any to avoid?

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