Review: Sleek Makeup Goodnight Sweetheart Eyeshadow Palette



A while ago Sleek Makeup released the Goodnight Sweetheart i-Divine eyeshadow palette. Then it disappeared for a while before I managed to get it, but it popped back up in the Boots online store so I had to get it. It has twelve eyeshadows in a mix of finishes, with six shimmers, two mattes, three duochrome and one that’s somewhere between a matte, satin and duochrome. As with all i-Divine palettes it costs £8.99, though I’m not sure how long this one will be around so maybe check it out as soon as possible if you think you’re interested.

The colours are inspired by vintage fashion and makeup looks, mainly smoky colours and muted purples. Goodnight Sweetheart was a song in the UK in 1931, which is what I thought of when I saw the name, along with a TV show in the nineties that had some parts in the 1940s and used that as the theme song, so it makes me think of the 30s or 40s looks.


The outer packaging for this, the card sleeve, has the same design as the permanent line so this may become part of their standard line. I’m not sure how much I like the style they use at the moment with the circles, this time they’re all lighter than the eyeshadows themselves. It does include the information on the ingredients and works really well at keeping the palettes themselves looking clean.

The plastic palette inside is a matte finish with a shiny finish logo. These palettes always look more expensive to me than they are, I have a weakness for the matte black finish, but they do attract fingerprints. The hinge on these is great, it keeps the lid and the mirror up at any angle and stays like that for a long time. I’ve had some for years and they still work great for travel, and the mirror itself is a good quality and a great size as it fills the lid and there’s no warping even over time.


With the three different finishes of eyeshadow there are three main different formulas, and the fourth is a bit of an odd one that I can’t quite put my finger on. I’d say it’s a matte satin with a hint of duochrome. This is one of the few palettes that I own where I think all of the colours are strong, each of the finishes is very pigmented and lasts well but definitely gets a boost from using a primer base. I’ve swatched each of them on top of a primer and without. They haven’t named them, they’re using numbers now, but I’ve done the swatches by the two rows so 1-6 in the first picture and 7-12 in the second.


From left to right the colours are: 1 – Dark silver with silver shimmer, 2 – Maroon shimmer, 3 – Matte maroon, 4 – Light peach with a slight gold duochrome, 5 – Silvery purple shimmer, and 6 – Mid bluey pink with sliver shimmer.

In the first row 1, 2, 5 and 6 are all the shimmer formula, though 1 is definitely slightly creamier and 6 is slightly less pigmented than the others. These all apply very evenly and are the most pigmented colours. They don’t need primer for colour but it does help with staying power. They blend out well and don’t move or transfer. Number 1 does have slightly larger shimmer particles than the others but there’s no real fallout from it

Eyeshadow number 3 is the matte in the row and a deep maroon that definitely feels slightly powdery. It needs the primer to give it the best pigment but it does end up being one you have to put in place and leave if you use a base as it leaves a mark where it was first placed. It does blend well on top of other colours though or having others blend into it. The mattes last for ages with a base and work well as eyeliner too.

I think 4 is the least impressive, but that’s partly because of how close it is colour match wise to my skin. It’s a light peach shimmery base which can build up to be pigmented and blends out really well but does tend to lose the duochrome a bit if you do. The duochrome is definitely subtle in this one and I’m not really sure if they mean it to be, it just does change colour depending on the angle and has a more golden shine from the side.


The colours on the bottom row from left to right are: 7 – Light maroon shimmer, 8 – Matte taupe, 9 – Purple taupe with silver shimmer, 10 – Deep purple grey shimmer with blue duochrome, 11 – Brown shimmer with petrol colours duochrome, and 12 – Greeny grey satin matte with a light green duochrome (really unusual, I don’t know which group this one fits into).

The only two shimmers on the bottom row are 7 and 9, and 9 is the same formula as 1 so slightly creamier and does seem slightly more crumbly but super pigmented and easy to use. 7 is decent and has nice pigmentation but has a similar formula to 6, just slightly darker.

I do like the matte taupe, number 8, it’s on the purple or blue end of taupe and blends really well. It does look slightly sheer without a primer but blends better like that. With a primer it does tend to stick in one place and leave a line but blends well when used with other colours rather than trying to blend it out itself.

The two duochromes are very different pigmentation and impact wise. 10 is definitely a more subtle duochrome with a fairly standard purple and blue shift with some silver shimmer in there. It doesn’t want to pick up the blue on the camera but it’s there in sort of a subtle shimmer way. Number 11 is so pretty, it’s like an oil slick with the colour combination and reminds me a lot of nail varnishes that were out a few years ago. Straight on it’s warm red brown but the duochrome is petrol blue and looks amazing. It does benefit from building up to get the full impact though, the duochrome doesn’t shine so well with just one layer.

That leaves the oddball colour, which I actually really like. It’s so hard to describe it as it’s got the matte look and feel but has a slight satin sheen (is there something in between matte and satin?) and there’s a minty green duochrome shimmer in there, at least I think I see it. It’s definitely a subtle duochrome but I don’t think it’s just standard shimmer as you can’t see it in some angles. This isn’t the most pigmented colour without primer but soft and creamy and applies evenly. It does work a bit like a matte in that with a primer it can stick in places but blends well with other colours and has great staying power.


I really like this palette. I don’t think the mattes are the strongest they’ve done, but saying that they stand up against some more expensive ones I own and I don’t think there’s a truly bad colour in here. The light duochrome is probably the weakest for me, just because of personal preference though. It’s the kind of colour I’ll only use in my inner corner as it’s so close to my skin shade, but too shimmery and glowy for me to use to blend out colours or use as a brow bone highlight.

If you like smoky eyes and darker colours with a hint of purple then this is a great palette as you have multiple finishes and varying shades of colour. One thing I will say is that I wish there was another pale colour in there, or just replace the duochrome with a different one. I think that, for it to be a palette that you can use for multiple looks and only use this one palette, it would benefit from another light colour. I’ve had to use it alongside another palette to get the colour combinations that I’d want, otherwise I’d have left parts of my eyelid with just primer so it’s not all purple.

I think this would make a great introduction to Sleek if you know these are the kinds of colours you go for. It has some highly pigmented colours in there and different finishes. Plus it’s fairly budget friendly and not too intimidating for a beginner if you want to see if this is a colour range that you’d like to try more of. In general I do love their palettes, though they do often have the odd shadow that doesn’t perform as well, but I’d say this is a good one for this colour range.

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