Boots Summer Haul



I didn’t realise until this week that hot weather can mess with the internet too! Ours has been playing up so this post was meant to go out on Wednesday but wouldn’t upload in over five hours! I’m crossing my fingers the cooler weather means it’ll work now.

Anyway, I think I’ve been pretty good when it comes to buying makeup recently, I haven’t bought too much and I’ve actually got rid of quite a few things. Next month’s things I used in August is going to have so many things I’ve decluttered in it. I may have ended up getting a bit more than I originally planned in this Boots haul but there’s quite a few essentials in there so I don’t feel too bad. Of course when I get more sun cream the sun disappears, though I think I forgot to photograph it it’s still sitting unopened from the beginning of the week.


The biggest thing I bought is the Soap and Glory Foam and Away gift set, which was in the weekly deal at £20 instead of £40 (and still is when this goes up) which seemed like a great price for what’s inside. You get: Clean On Me shower gel (mini), Flake Away Body Polish (mini), Righteous Butter body wash, Righteous Butter tinted body lotion, Sexy Mother Pucker lipstick in Nude Edition Satin and The Righteous Butter Body Butter. I love their body butter and body wash and the minis in Flake Away and Clean on Me are great for travel, and the containers work well after the products have been finished. I’ve never tried the tinted lotion so I’m interested in what that’s like and so far I really like the formula of the lipstick so will have to give that more of a go to see how well it lasts.


I did end up giving in and getting a Sleek palette, though I resisted a second despite the buy one get one half price. A while ago they’re released the Goodnight Sweetheart I-Divine palette (£8.99) and I loved the look of it but I was being good and not buying makeup and by the time I went to get it it had disappeared. They’ve changed the packaging so I’m not sure if it’ll be back at some time in the future as a more permanent one but their own website has had a big cut down of their eyeshadow palettes so I think it’s only available in Boots at the moment. I love these colours and they have some different finishes, though the photos online looked more like there were duochromes, I’ll have to have a play around and see what they’re like.

boots-makeup-beauty-hair-care-haul-summer-2I have had my eye out for a nice neutral coloured matte eyeshadow palette and had pretty much given up. Then I saw the Nyx Lid Lingerie palette, I’m not sure how I missed it before, and the colour on the top row in the middle reminded me so much of my favourite Lip Lingerie Embellishment I had to get it. I did do a bit of research on it and it sounds good, I just haven’t seen much on this around. They’re larger pans than I expected and at £9 it seems like it’s not too expensive if they’re as pigmented as they look on YouTube.

As I mentioned I did repurchase Embellishment Nyx Lip Lingerie (£7), I found my old one had separated earlier this year and wouldn’t mix or shake back together so I gave up and got a new one. As I got these two Nyx products I got a mini Lip Suede Creme in a bright orange, I’m guessing maybe the shade Orange County but I can’t see a name on it. I didn’t get on with the formula in another colour but I might give this a go. I have a feeling it’ll be one I pass on, if anyone wants the bright orange colour, but I’d like to see how different it is to the other I tried and it’s free so I don’t feel so bad if it doesn’t get used.


The final three things are all practical really. My hair seems to have got used to the scalp soothing shampoo and conditioner I love and have been using for years, as it’s stopped helping with my psoriasis, so I had a little search around and these Yes to Carrots Shampoo and Conditioner (£5.99 each) seemed to get good reviews. I’ve tried them a couple of times so I’ll see how they get on but so far no complaints.

And Last is the Cuticura Moisture hand sanitizer (£2) with avocado pearls in it. I haven’t bought one in ages as I mainly used my Fortune Cookie Soap mini ones but as my supply from my soap boxes is gone now I had to actually buy some. This smells nice enough, a bit like cucumber, and I’m hoping it’s less drying than some others.

This wasn’t the most exciting haul but I’m looking forward to trying everything and I was surprised I haven’t seen much on the Lid Lingerie palette. Especially as it seems to have been out early last year and I was definitively looking into Nyx products then. Have you guys heard much about it? Or have you even tried it? It looks good so it’s in my eyeshadow palettes to use this month and see how I get on with it.

I may have a trip to Primark planned for Monday so there will hopefully be a bit of a homeware haul post from there next week. I don’t know if I’ve ever been to the Peterborough Primark so no idea what their homeware range is like there. I have a feeling I’ll be coming away with more Friends and Harry Potter things than I need, but everything looks so pretty!

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