Makeup I’ve used in July



I’m not really sure what to call this, everything I come up with either seems too long or doesn’t fit. It’s sort of a mix of favourites, decluttering and a bit of a look into parts of my collection even I don’t look at very often. After my last declutter, I think it was around March, I decided to start getting out makeup at the beginning of each month and putting it in my dresser to see which products I would actually use rather than thinking I will or things I keep that have seen better days.

This month I haven’t really gone much beyond my standard makeup so it’s just eyeshadow palettes but I’m hoping in the future there will be a bigger range. In this heat trying new things and older products isn’t very fair as everything just melts off my face anyway!


I always pick six eyeshadow palettes; two big, two medium (pretty much always Sleek as I have too many of them if that’s possible!) and two small palettes or quads/trios. Six seems a good number, it’s not too many that things get missed just because of the sheer number but there’s enough variation that I’m not stuck on one palette that isn’t inspiring. Also, they look good in my organiser and they’re easy to fit and see so there’s that too. If I’ve reviewed any of these products I will link them so you can see a proper review and swatches as this is just my quick thoughts on them from using them for a month.

L-R: Makeup Geek Travel Vault, Too Faced Romantic Eyes Palette

Starting off with the large palettes and there’s a very old Too Faced Romantic Eyes Palette (so old it’s the card design and I don’t think it even transferred to the tins) and my Makeup Geek Travel Vault full of bits and bobs.

This Makeup Geek Travel Vault is amazing and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a compact, well made travel palette with a big mirror. Most of the products inside it however, not so much. I have three old Soap and Glory eyeshadows from a Christmas set a few years ago, a face powder from them with shimmer in it, an eyeshadow with a bee in it that I’m not sure of the brand and the Makeup Geek Duochrome Single Shadow in Havok. Only one of these products is staying and it’s definitely the Makeup Geek one. The S&G eyeshadows are ok, I just have dupes of them in palettes and I don’t need another off white despite how much I’ve actually used this one. The powder just isn’t me, too shimmery, and the bee eyeshadow is nice but I probably have ten more eyeshadows the same and in palettes I like so this one is now nearly empty.

The Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette is one that I loved, I used it so much (even if it was mainly the top and bottom rows) and it was my first higher end makeup purchase even if it was second hand. I think it’s just time I let it go, though I do still like I Do and Honeymoon so I’m tempted to depot them into the now nearly empty MUG palette. Everything else I have in other palettes and in better quality.

Bottom left: Oh So Special, Top Right: Nordic Skies

The two Sleek Makeup I-Divine Palettes are Oh So Special (I should thank Stashy for reminding me about this one as it’s been in the back of my collection unloved for ages), and the Nordic Skies palette. Oh So Special has some really pretty colours in it and it’s a great palette for an everyday, fairly natural look without being all browns and neutral colours. Nordic Skies has some amazing colours in it, I don’t think I’ve seen these colours before or at least not combined, but I didn’t get a review up before they took it off their site. I’m not sure if anyone would be interested in seeing it now, you can find it on eBay so I guess it'[s not gone forever, so if you’d like to see more on this let me know. I didn’t get to use this palette as much as I thought but then I have to feel like using pastels so it really depends on my mood but these are both definitely staying.

L-R: Holika Holika Gudetama in Tiramisu, TheBalm Autobalm in California

I’ve loved the TheBalm Autobalm mini palettes for ages but not used them for a while so thought I’d throw one of them in here and it happened to be the California palette. I still love these and they’re great for having in your bag for touch ups or even as a single palette for travel if you’re travelling light or for a night or two away. You can’t get many looks from it but it covers a range of products and it’s so small and easy to carry.

The final palette is actually a quad but I forgot how pigmented the Holika Holika Gudetama Eyeshadow Palette in 02 Tiramisu is. I tend to pick others first as I think of this as just a cute collab but the shadows themselves are well pigmented and it works really well as a small quad to throw in for travel with a brighter palette to cover the basics without needing a whole other palette to take.

I think that this is the first month I’ve actually ended up getting rid of anything since starting this. I definitely feel a bit ruthless getting rid of the Too Faced one but I’ve not used it in years and I have other palettes I like more so it should go and not take up the room in my drawer. I was actually expecting to get rid of the Gudetama quad, even though I loved it when I first got it, as I have so many neutral palettes but having a small quad you can have in your makeup bag is actually quite useful. I’ve tended to go for full palettes (apart from a couple of collabs that were too cute to not get) so this has actually made me consider looking into smaller eyeshadow products, not what this was meant to do!

Do you find there’s some products in your collection you never use, or do you just use everything? I tended to find that before I did this I reached for certain products and the rest sat in there as I either couldn’t be bothered to search through or just forgot the colours in the palettes. Is this kind of post actually interesting to read? I’m going to keep doing this with my collection but I’m not sure if you guys wold want to read about it. It’s definitely a good way to help declutter without it being some big event, even though they do sometimes feel good afterwards. I also don’t feel too ruthless about getting rid of things by giving them a second chance.

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