Happy Place Cosmetics July Box

I’ve been a bit quiet recently, I’ve had an unplanned busy last few weeks and I was too drained to do anything last week and had to take a week off to recover. I’m back now, I’ll probably do a proper update on what I’ve been up to later in the week, and I had to do a first impressions type post on the Happy Place Cosmetics July Box that got here last week.

I realised recently I haven’t bought anything from Happy Place Cosmetics for a while, I love their bath products but since they’ve become more popular I always seem to miss out on the restocks and everything I want is gone! I don’t know if it’s a recent thing but they do a monthly box, either sold individually or in a set of three, and I managed to get a July box before they sold out. These boxes come with full size or sample sizes and the products inside can be already on the site or exclusives to the boxes so you never really know what you’ll get.

In my box I got four full sized products, or I think they’re full sized but I’m not sure on the bath bomb, and each of them added up comes to more than the £30 price tag of the box. The July box has a face scrub a bath and shower whip (though I’m pretty sure it’s a sugar scrub I got), a lip balm and a bath bomb so there’s a good range of different products in there and it’d be a great way to try the company out.


They arrived in a cardboard box with some packaging inside and even the bath bomb arrived whole, which doesn’t always happen with Royal Mail. Of the four products I got three come in their own jars or tubes so didn’t need any extra bags or wrapping and the bath bomb came in a clear bag that would have caught anything that could have broken off anyway.

Their packaging for each of the products is simple but I like it, they’re the kind of tubs that have a reliable screw top lid and are great to reuse for things. I also love the holographic stickers they use for the products types and the ingredients underneath. They look pretty, wipe clean easily if things get a bit messy, and they also peel off pretty easily if you want a plain tub or to keep the labels for future reference.


I’m not normally a fan of artificial banana scents but the Bananas, No Pyjamas Face Scrub smells pretty good. It’s somewhere between the scent of those banana foam sweets that used to be in pick n mix and a fresh smooshed banana so it’s not overly sugary. As far as consistency goes it feels a lot like the Lush cleanser Angles on Bare Skin or the Christmas Buche de Noel. It doesn’t feel overly scrubby so I’m hoping it’s nice and gentle for my skin. It does also feel like it might be quite moisturising, it’s quite dens and almost feels like plastic foam when I press down on it, as in there’s some resistance there. I’ll definitely be reviewing this, though I can’t find this exact one on their store they have others and this tub would cost £10.99.


The massive tub in the box is R U Ok Hun Sugar Scrub (though it says it’s a Bath and Shower Whip) and this whole tub would be £8.50 in other scents on their site. I’m going to do this first impressions as a sugar scrub because it’s sugary and scrubby rather than a more foamy whip texture. It feels like it’ll be a good scrub, I tend to find sugar ones are more gentle and dissolve well for my legs, and are great for the summer. It feels like it’ll be nice and moisturising as well, you can tell there are oils in there when you touch it. The scent is pretty much honeycomb, it’s like you’ve broken a Crunchy bar in half and sniffed it. I think fans of the honey range in Lush will like this.


The Rainbow Lip Balm smells like a big mix of sweets. It’s not overly sugary but I think there’s some watermelon, generic fruit smell and maybe something citrus like orange in there that lightens it. The balm itself is the kind that melts on contact with your lips. It’s so easy and smooth to use and sinks in pretty fast so you don’t end up with the balmy feeling or like there’s a coating. It’s pretty moisturising, the kind that it’d be good to use half an hour or so before using a matte lip as the feeling does last quite a while. When these are in rock they do a range of flavours to match their other products and they’re £4.99 each.

How pretty is this? I love the gold on top

The Kintsukuroi Bath Bomb is the only product of the four that doesn’t have a foodie smell. It’s definitely floral and fairly perfumery but not too heavy. It reminds me of a spring or summer themed dried flower mix of something, almost like a light potpourri. I can’t find it on their website so I can’t say exactly what flowers are meant to be in it but i can’t smell much besides floral to me. It’s definitely a solid bath bomb, it’ll be interesting to see how it dissolves and how strong the scent is when it gets wet. I’m not sure how much this would cost but their bath bombs seem to range between £6 and £8.

This box has definitely reminded me why I loved Happy Place Cosmetics before and I’ll be keeping more of an eye on their Instagram account in the future. I think their Instagram is the best place to follow them, though the algorithm at the moment seems to mean I get the notification a day late when they do announcements. At the moment they’re closed until mid August but when they reopen I’d recommend checking them out if you’re in the UK as they do some great scents and different products, their solid brush cleanser and bath bomb dust are some of my favourites.

Have any of you tried their products? Anything in their range you’d recommend? I haven’t strayed much outside their bath products range but these scrubs have made me think more about checking out their face and body products.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Place Cosmetics July Box

    1. I’ve wanted to try some of their other bits so the box seemed like the best way of doing it, especially as everything I would have picked otherwise was out of stock, but you can end up with a load of bits you don’t want. They’re definitely worth looking at, I just keep missing out on the restocks! The bath bomb dusts are so good and last for ages, I’m keeping my eye out for when their bubble bars are in stock as I’d love to see how they compare to the Lush ones.

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