Candy Coat Haul and First Impressions



I’ve had my eye on some of the products from Candy Coat, a company who make gel nail varnishes and accessories and have just launched a beauty line, for a while. They have such a range of colours and finishes and the pastel colours in particular really caught my eye. They do kits which save money with the amount of nail varnishes in them and they include a base and top coat so you have everything (even the lamp if you pick that option) to start out and try the company. They also claim to last from three to ten weeks so I’m hoping these will last well and won’t peel off like some of the others I’ve tried.

As I got a bit overwhelmed with the different colours, there are so many to choose from, I decided to go for one of the kits. The Beginner Kit costs £60 for ten nail varnishes including the base and top coats and is a great value box to get started. I also picked one of the Hard Candy Builder Gels, these cost £15 so they’re more expensive but they can be used to extend your nails or build up your nails for added depth and nail art. I’ve always wanted to try one and as I was doing an order anyway I decided to get one to try.

I love the way they package it all together. The box is small enough it’ll fit through the letterbox and there’s enough padding in there I don’t see it being an issue in the post at all. I do like the pink and the little pompoms and glittery hearts, though they do get everywhere! I got a couple of extra things that I’m not sure where they’d go so I’ll talk about them here. I wasn’t expecting it but they sent a towel, it’s too big to call a cloth really. It’s neon yellow and feels pretty nice, with the Candy Coat logo on it. I also got a sticker, which is a cute design and I’m trying to think of what I’ll put it on.


Hard Candy:

The Hard Candy that I chose is B005, it’s a fairly natural and neutral colour. I haven’t given it a try but it’s a thick formula and I can see it being a great base for nail art and the kind of colour that any of the gel nail varnishes will work on top of without it affecting them. I’m looking forward to trying this and learning how to work with it best.


Beginner Candy Kit:

I went for the Beginner Candy Kit as the Rainbow Kit that I originally wanted was sold out. The Beginner Candy Kit has some extras along with the base coat, top coat and eight nail varnishes. It doesn’t give the exact colours so it’s almost like a mystery box with the actual shades you’ll end up with. It covers pretty much everything you’d need to get started with gel nails. I also felt like it made sense to buy the base and top coat to give the company a proper try. I’m going to give some of these a go mixed with my Red Carpet Manicure products to see how well they last.


The Accessories:

I really like all the added extras in this set, they really do make it up to be a great beginner set as they cover pretty much everything, including organising your colours. The nail wheel means you can keep a record of every individual colour and it shows exactly what the colour looks like, some of them are pretty different to the finish on the bottle.

The buffer, Clean. Prep. Wipe solution (which is bubblegum scented) and the pink pads of material are for both prepping the nails and for removal so these are useful for beginners. The site says you either get the prep and wipe solution or remover so I’m glad I got that one as I have enough nail varnish removers already. The pink stick cuticle pusher and the cuticle cutter are both for prepping your nails and I’ve never had a cuticle cutter before. I don’t do anything to my cuticles as they’re small, but apparently they’re good for hang nails which I always get so I’m definitely going to try it out on them.


The Basics (and some glitter):

The Base Coat and Top Coat you need for gel nails varnishes is included in the set which I think is great as it means you don’t have to spend more on those. There’s also the cuticle oil treatment Cuticle Glaze, which is supposed to help your cuticles stay healthy and therefore your nails grow healthy too. The final mini bottle is loose glitter, it’s iridescent and fairly fine. I do love loose glitter with nail varnish so look forward to trying this and probably getting it everywhere!

L-R: 1336, 652, 025, 259, 155, 069, 460, 315

The Colours:

I was slightly disappointed with the range of colours in the box when I first opened it, they’re all yellows, oranges and a red and definitely not what I’d call all pastels, but having tried them on the wheel they’re all colours I’ll use. I do kind of still wish there was more variation in the colours and it was more like the photo on the website, it looks like a pastel rainbow on there, but it doesn’t say which colours you’re getting so great if you want to start a gel collection or want to try it out but not so good if you’re looking for particular colours.

The colours I got are:

1336: A mid tone pink, a bit like a light barbie pink, with a cream finish and not as bright as the bottle makes it look

652: Pale pink cream finish

025: Light peach cream finish with silver sparkles in (one of my favourites)

259: Rusty orange slightly clear base with copper and holographic glitter (I think this will be amazing in autumn)

155: Creamy peach that leans towards yellow with a cream finish

069: Warm gold or champagne shimmer

460: Mustard with a high shine finish (another favourite)

315: Classic red with a high shine finish, leans more towards blue than a bright red though

One thing I do like about this idea of getting a sort of mystery box is you might end up with colours you wouldn’t buy yourself but you end up loving them. I think 025, 259 and 460 all fall into that category for me and it means my gel nail varnish collection is growing rather than sticking to the same basic palette all the time.

259 and 460 look so different to the outside of the bottle. Also it was thunder fly day by us today so I ended up with one stuck in 155 when it was curing.

Overall Impression:

I have to say that, despite not being a fan of the red and being a bit disappointed with the colour range, they have grown on me and I really like the quality. I love that there’s a range of finishes in the set and that each of them is pretty much opaque in two coats. I think the Beginner’s Set, or any of their Candy Kits actually, are worth checking out if you’re thinking of trying the brand as it does work out at cheaper per bottle than buying them separately. If you want to get specific colours then go for the ones that name the exact ones included in the box, like the Rainbow Box, but if you’re not that bothered about specific colours or you like the idea of a surprise then the Beginners Box is definitely worth checking out.

I have a feeling this is going to be a new company that I’ll be spending money on. They have so many different colours and finishes, I have my eye on the colour change ones as they look amazing, I think there’s probably something for anyone in their range. I’ll have to see how well it lasts but I’m loving what I’ve seen so far.

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