Review: Alpha-H Liquid Gold (and Limited Edition Rose Version)


I was planning on doing this review of both of the versions of the Liquid Gold I have from Alpha-H and then realised that the Limited Edition Rose version isn’t available in many places. I’ll leave it in because I did find it still available online (£37 for a 100ml bottle here) and it might be available ion various online stores in other countries so might be worth knowing if it’s worth searching for over the original version.

Liquid Gold is an exfoliated, or I find it works as one, with glycolic acid. It’s quite strong and works in the same way as products like the Pixi Glow Tonic where it uses chemicals to exfoliate and remove dead skin rather than a physical scrub. The original version is available in a lot of places and the price various from £30-£40 for a 100ml bottle, though £33.50 seems to be the most common price. As it’s stronger than a lot of other similar products it’s recommended you use it once in the evening every two days, rather than twice a day as the Glow Tonic recommends. I’ve had the original for a while and I got the Rose version in an advent calendar but I haven’t got round to giving them a proper try so was interested to see how they’d work compared to other similar products I’ve tried.

I’m going to start out but reviewing the things that are the same with the two and then just do a paragraph at the end on any differences I’ve found in how well they worked for me or which I’d choose. As they’re so close and do the same job it seems like it might be more useful than doing the whole review twice. Both of them come with the warning of making sure you wear SPF 15 as a minimum while using them and for at least two weeks after due to the glycolic acid, though I’d recommend this anyway it’s definitely worth doing if you try these out. Also Alpha-H is cruelty free as a brand so neither of these are tested on animals.


The bottle for these is a nice plastic, I actually like the feel as it’s got a sort of soft, velvety feel to it. It feels odd saying that about a plastic bottle but something makes it feel nice to use and it’s soft enough that you can control how much product comes out easily. I do prefer the look of the Rose one as I’m just not a fan of the olive green type colour the original has and anything white and rose gold will always come out on top for me. I also like how both of them have instructions on how to use the product printed on there and it’s easy to read, though the Rose one does have more information as it includes how it’s different to the original.

There’s a difference in the scent of the two, the Rose one is definitely pure rose water to me, and fairly strong as well, though it does go away after a few minutes on my skin I can definitely see it putting some people off. The original has a slightly alcoholic scent and it really reminds me of sloe gin, if you added a bit of something herbal in there. I’m not sure what ingredient it would be but it’s quite a distinctive scent. It does also go after a few minutes and as soon as the product is dry I stopped noticing it. It’s more the scent I’d expect from a skin care product that has a more clinical feel to it like a lot of acid based exfoliators.


I’ve tried both for a while and they do work very well. I’m a huge fan of Pixi’s Glow Tonic and could always tell when I stopped using it for a few days as the dry patches of skin on my face would come back. I used this instead and I found that the dry patches went away and I had no bad reaction to it at all. I will say, however, that my skin does seem to love these acid based exfoliators so if you’ve had problems with others I’d steer clear of this one as it is a stronger concentration. I will also say that if you have any broken skin at all, scabs as well, then don’t use it. I know they often any not to use on broken skin but with acne prone skin I sometimes ignore it after a bit of a break out and it often doesn’t do anything but this stuff stings and it doesn’t stop stinging for ages! I didn’t even realise I had any broken skin until I used it.

It took a couple of uses but I did find that my skin felt more hydrated than with the Pixi one. I always have to moisturise after with that or my skin can feel tight but I didn’t have that problem. I did still moisturise as I didn’t want the full on effects of it without diluting it with a moisturiser but I felt like I could have gone without as far as dryness goes. I did try it on its own a few times and it was a bit strong for my skin and left it feeling overly exfoliated with the original. You know the slightly tingly feeling when you’ve scrubbed too much, it felt like that, but nothing extreme and just not what I was going for. Maybe it’s just me but I found that the Rose one almost felt like it was milder. Maybe it’s the extra ingredients but I got less of that overly exfoliated feeling when I tried it without a moisturiser afterwards.


As far as ingredients go the top five ingredients are the same, and in the same order; aqua, alcohol denat, glycolic acid, glycerin and hydrolysed silk (though I’m not sure what that is). So the base of the two products are the same, and I think these are the main ingredients that have the exfoliating effect on your skin.

Overall I’d say I really enjoyed both of these. I would pick the rose over the original if was readily available, simply because it felt like it may have been slightly more moisturising and slightly gentler on my skin. I think if you have more sensitive skin and can find the Rose one anywhere it may be worth hunting for but, other than that, the original works well and I can see it working for all skin types. It didn’t have any negative effects on my skin when I used moisturiser with it and left my skin feeling soft and smooth and flake free so I’d definitely recommend it if it’s within your budget and you have flaky skin.

Although it seems expensive you need very little and using it once every other day rather than twice a day does mean it last four times as long as others and actually comes up cheaper per use, despite the higher price tag. I have to say I’m not sure if I’ll buy this again, I’ll see when these bottles have been finished and I go back to my Pixi one but this may be the exfoliator I go for in the future.

I haven’t tried any of their other products but these have definitely got me interested. Have any of you tried anything else from them? I know the Liquid Gold seems to be the cult beauty product from them so I haven’t heard much about anything else by them so don’t know which are the best to try next.

3 thoughts on “Review: Alpha-H Liquid Gold (and Limited Edition Rose Version)

  1. This is such a cult product, I’ve been curious about it but I feel like there are cheaper AHA options nowadays. I’m partial to the Paula’s Choice Weekly Resurfacing Treatment with 10% AHA, which is quite strong and only once a week use. I’m currently using the Pixi Glow Tonic – I only use it every third day since I find it a bit drying. I also have a bottle of the CosRx AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid waiting to be opened. I’ll possible try The Ordinary one in the future!

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    1. Yeah, I think there’s a greater range than when this first came out but it’s still great and I wish the Rose one was permanent. I have to admit I haven’t done that much research on different similar products and tended to only try the ones I’ve got as minis in advent calendars or beauty box type things and when I found the Pixi one I kind of stuck with it. It is making me want to look into what else there is out there though as my skin obviously likes this type of product.


  2. Sarah Cornwall says:

    I have the olive green bottle that I received in my M&S advent calendar 4 years ago. Only opened the bottle a few weeks ago. I have had trouble with awful headless spots around my nose and chin for 3 years on and off… due to (I think) stopping the combined pill and having a coil fitted. I never had acne or spots before that. Doctor prescribed an antibiotic that I could take pretty much all the time (I know this isn’t ideal but it was so painful and upsetting having these headless boils on my face). I’ve searched for anything to help and tried everything…
    The alpha h is the only other thing that has kept them at bay… I dab the lotion on the skin where I can feel them coming or where they actually are 3 times a day until they’re gone. I don’t follow with moisturiser unless it looks dry, which isn’t often.
    Sorry if this is long winded but I am so happy something works and want to help others in my predicament.
    Happy dabbing. Xx


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