Review: Pur Fully Charged Mascara


I got this mini tube of Pur Fully Charged Mascara from the Marks and Spencer’s Summer Beauty Box. I do like having these mini sizes when it comes to mascara as I don’t think I’ve ever actually got to the end of a mascara before it’s dried up and these are great to throw in your bag for touch ups. This is a 4g tube but the12g costs £17.50 on the Marks and Spencer website (if it gets back in stock) and the Look Fantastic website and the general design and wand seem to be the same, just a shorter version in this one.

It claims to be magnetically charged, which seems to come from the charges in the particles that react with each other and attracts the mascara to the eyelashes. I wasn’t sure how much I believed in this so was definitely interested to see if there was any way to see this in action and if it would be any different to a standard mascara. Pur cosmetics are cruelty free and vegan friendly.


The tube itself is pretty plain, a standard straight tube in black with the product name in a sort of satin silver. It’s definitely a fingerprint magnet but that seems to be the case with most mascara tubes I own. The wand itself is also fairly standard. I tend to prefer the ones that have the plastic bristles at the end, they just seem to work better for me at separating the lashes, but this one has the fibre bristles. It does a decent job at keeping the lashes separate but I have found that, maybe because the bristles are close together, it does seem to pick up blobs of the mascara and this can mean a bit too much product actually ends up on my lashes in clumps if I’m not careful to wipe it on the edges of the tube as I remove it.


The formula itself is supposed to be black, but I found it’s not quite a true black black. It’s probably a more natural colour and I really like that it looks a bit more natural. I wasn’t sure how to show this but I mainly noticed it when I was getting the product out and taking photos as it’s not as black as the wand and handle, I hope it shows up in the photos.


It’s a fairly thick formula, it does seem to blob together a bit if you’re not careful, but it applies evenly and well on the lashes if you’ve managed to remove the excess off the brush. I did find that the first coat does give pretty good coverage, it definitely adds length and volume to individual lashes and doesn’t clump them together too much.


The second coat does make them sort of stick together more than I’d want, but I did also seem to notice that if I looked carefully I could see my lashes lengthening, I may have ended up going a bit over the top when I was playing around a couple of times looking at this in the mirror. I’m not sure if that’s to go with the charging of the particles and the science behind it, and maybe it’s purely psychological, but I thought I saw it more obviously than other mascaras.

This mascara doesn’t claim to be waterproof, at least nowhere I can find, but I always give it a go with these anyway. I did end up unintentionally trying this out as I ended up crying quite a bit last week and it survived that really well. I wish I’d taken a photo of it as there was only minor flaking off the bottom lashes and the top looked completely fine. I did give it a go with splashing my face with cold water and it did no survive this, not that I really expected it to but I like to try it anyway. I was surprised that my lashes did still have the blacker look to them afterwards though, mine are normally a mid brown sort of colour so the mascara stuck at least a bit and enough to leave them tinted.


Overall I am pretty impressed with this mascara. I’m not sure about the science behind it and how much it does grab onto the lashes or each coat any more than other mascaras but it had a nice finish and lasted as well as I’d want. It did also survive in the heat wave we’ve recently been having which my previous mascara didn’t so well so if you’re planning a trip to somewhere hot I think this will survive without melting. It is definitely more expensive than the mascaras I normally buy but I think it might be worth it. If I ever run out of mascaras, I have quite a few left and they always seem to come free in gifts with purchase, this is definitely going on my possible buys list.

Have you guys tried this before? I though I’d tried this mascara but I can’t seem to find it anywhere and I don’t remember it being this good so maybe it was another Pur mascara. I haven’t really bought anything from Pur as the price tag is slightly higher than I’d often choose but is there anything from them that I’m missing out on? Anything you’d recommend I give a try?

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