Review: She’s in Fashion Leighton Denny Nail Varnish


I got the She’s in Fashion nail varnish from Leighton Denny in the recent Marks and Spencer’s summer beauty box. It’s a full sized version and in the standard square bottle with the silver and clear lid that makes it stand out as a Leighton Denny nail varnish to me. Unfortunately this isn’t available in any stores I can find but there are plenty on eBay here in the uk if you’re looking for one so I thought it’s still worth doing a review while it’s still online somewhere.

This is pretty much the perfect summer colour for me; somewhere around a magenta with a cooler base to it and not neon. Or that’s the colour it looks in the bottle, it’s one of those that is a slightly different colour when you actually apply it. It turns into more of a bright magenta pink, which is slightly disappointing to me but still a nice bright summer colour anyway.

It feels a bit weird saying this but one of my favourite things about the Leighton Denny nail varnishes is the bottle. I like square bottles; they’re easy to store, show the colour well and you can actually see the colour of the product when looking from above as the shoulders stick out from the round lid. I like the lid too, it makes it more distinctive and it’s easy to hold, it’s probably the combination that makes these products just look so good to me.


The brush is on the thin side, but it does work well and for smaller nails it’s manoeuvrable because of the shape and size of the handle. It’s also helped by the formula as it’s so thin, though you do need to make sure you use the edges of the bottle to remove the excess or it can get a bit messy as it runs down the brush quite quickly.

I really like how well the formula glides on, it just seems to stick and even out and I somehow manage to do my nails without a load of overlap around the edges, which is unusual for me. It is a thinner formula so it does need a minimum of three coats for me, but it does dry quite quickly so you don’t have to sit around being careful with your nails for hours.


It’s a pity that, for me anyway, the Leighton Denny formula just does not work for my nails. I’ve had a few now and the only one that lasted at all well was a holographic looking glitter and I think that was purely because glitter is so hard to budge at all. This one, like previous ones did chip within a day for me, definitely not what you want. Even with a top coat it just doesn’t want to stick for me and I don’t know why.

I wish I could recommend this one, I love everything about it except the staying power. I know that this isn’t a problem for other people though so if you get on with Leighton Denny nail varnishes this may be worth looking up on eBay if you’re on the lookout for a bright pink. I do wish that the colour stayed the same as it looks like when you see it in the bottle, I definitely prefer it to the bright pink it turns out, but if you’re aware of this before buying it shouldn’t be too bad.

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