My Favourite High SPF Lip Balms


I always seem to have dry lips, it doesn’t matter what the weather I need some kind of lip balm to stop them from getting worse, though in a recent declutter I realised I was down to my last one. With the recent weather I’ve been using a lot of products with higher SPF in them, including lip balms. As I got two in the recent Marks and Spencer’s Summer Beauty Box it seemed like a good time to post about my three favourite high SPF lip balms. When I say high I’m going by the categories on the lip balms and all of these have an SPF of 30.

I’ve always tried to use lip products with SPF in them in the summer, it seems to make sense if you’re covering your body with SPF to do it to your lips too, but a lot of them with the higher coverage seemed to fall flat when it comes to being a lip balm. I’ve tried so many that didn’t help with the moisturising and left me feeling like I had to reapply it every ten minutes or that left my slips feeling oily or tacky, but these three stand out to me as good at what I want them to do.

I started this post thinking I was doing a budget, a mid price and a high end one, but then realised that actually the two more expensive ones have a 50p difference so I think I’ll go with saying they’re all either very or fairly budget friendly.

One thing I can’t really comment on is the effectiveness of the SPF in these, I have no scientific way of measuring it, though I will say that my lips haven’t felt like they’ve caught the sun at all with any of the three and I definitely think they’ve helped protect my lips agains the sun and helped keep them in good condition during the summer.


Soltan Moisturising Suncare Stick

The first is one I’ve been using for years, I think nearly ten now, in some form or another and it’s the Soltan SPF 30 lip balm from Boots. The exact version I have seems to have been discontinued, which makes me realise I should really buy a new one as SPF does have a useful life limit, but the current Sport one that costs £3.50 seems to be exactly the same to me so I think it’s a repackaging or rebranding of the old product. The Boots Soltan range is not tested on animals, s this is a cruelty free product.

You can tell that this is the cheapest; the look fits with the sun protection range, it doesn’t feel the sturdiest when it comes to twisting it up and down and it’s the one that leaves that cheap lip balm feeling. It doesn’t feel like it should moisturise your lips but it actually does, especially if you apply it regularly, and the waxy feeling goes fairly quickly as your lips absorb it.

What I love about this is that it just works so well for me when it comes to moisturising and, unlike the other two in this post, the moisturising feeling gets absorbed quite quickly so it’s a good base for lip colour products. It’s also the hardest of the three, which may not sound like a positive but these things last for ages. I have never finished one before the recommended time for the SPF to run out and, at £3.50, I don’t mind buying a new one each year. Something else that may be worth noting for some propel is this has no smell at all, so if perfumed products are an issue for you this shouldn’t be a problem.


Ultrasun Ultralip Balm

This one does seem to be available in a range of places, and I’ve found prices that vary between £5 and £6, so you can choose where you get it from. This is another cruelty free product as Ultrasun do not test on animals.

Another I’ve used for a year or two, though this one is a lot softer than the Soltan one and does need to be repurchased as I’ve found I tend to go through it quite a bit, especially if my lips are chapped and uneven as it makes grooves into the end of the lip balm itself. This one has a sturdier feeling tube, it has more resistance when it comes to twisting it up and down, and the black and white packaging looks less obviously like a sun product and I prefer it, but that’s just personal taste really.

It’s soft enough that it does feel like it melts onto your lips and leaves an oilier, richer feeling layer behind. This does feel like it lasts longer, it has that lip balm feeling for a half hour or so, and it does feel like it might penetrate deeper into my lips as I do notice I feel like I need to apply it less often. However, as I use it for SPF as much as the lip balm side of things it does sometimes feel like maybe I’m using it too much when I reapply it for the protection.

What I love about this one is the formula of the balm, it does feel more nourishing and it doesn’t feel too sticky or oily when I use it. It has a slight hint of a sun cream smell but nothing major and it goes away quickly.


EOS Active Pink Grapefruit Balm

The newest of lip balms to me and it definitely stands out. It seems to be around £6.50 everywhere I’ve looked and it is available in other flavours too. I’d call them scents but this one does actually taste like pink grapefruit as well as smelling like it.

As the other two are cruelty free I feel like I should say before I start that, although EOS do not test on animals they do sell in China which means their products have to be animal tested before they can be sold there. I don’t know why but I always thought they were cruelty free and this has really put me off buying anything from them. As I already own this lip balm, I got it in the M&S beauty box, I will keep using it and loving it but I won’t buy it again. Now that’s been said I’ll get onto the proper review!

I’ve always loved the look of EOS lip balms, they’re just so different and there’s something oddly satisfying about twisting the cap off and using the semi sphere (is that a word?) of lip balm rather than a stick or a pot. It just feels nice to use, and the balm itself falls somewhere between the other two with softness. It doesn’t feel like it melts and gets rubbed away with your lips like the Ultrasun but it’s definitely softer than the Soltan one. You do end up with a lip balm feeling for a long time with this, about an hour later and I still feel like there’s the coating if I haven’t eaten or drunk much. This can be a bad or good thing, good because it feels like it’s helping your lips and you can feel a physical barrier or product there, and possibly bad because I’d rather not have my lips feeling like I’ve just applied lip balm for too long. I tend to go for ones that leave my lips feeling soft over balmy.

The stand out thing for this that has put this in my love list rather than just liking it is the scent or flavour. I love grapefruit and this not only smells like grapefruit but does taste like it for a bit after applying it. The scent might be a bit strong for some but for me it’s nice and refreshing. I also love how it leaves my lips feeling afterwards, they definitely feel nice and moisturised and soft.

One final comparison, which I found interesting anyway, is the amount of product you get in each. The Soltan at £3.50 has a stick of 5g, the Ultrasun at £5 – £6 contains 4.8g of products, but the one with the most is the EOS with the 7g of product for £6.50. In this way I guess the Ultrasun is the most expensive per gram, though I’d not consider it a high price, and the Soltan is still the cheapest.

I’d recommend any of these products if they fit what your looking for budget wise, especially the Soltan one which I haven’t actually seen much about online.I’ll be getting a new Soltan one and we’ll see if they actually are the same, maybe I’ll do a comparison with them. I really hope they are as it’s annoying when a favourite product gets discontinued. Do you guys have a favourite SPF lip balm or is it just me who loves these things? Any you’d recommend for me to try out?

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