Review: No7 Extreme Length Waterproof Black Mascara


I’ve reviewed a few No7 mascaras on here but I hadn’t tried the Extreme Length Mascara before I got a mini one in a gift with purchase. The one I got was the waterproof one in black, though they have it in brown/black and a non waterproof version. The full sized mascara costs £13 and, as with a lot of No7 products, is often in a 3 for 2 offer or similar so it can be worth waiting until one of them to get it.

I have to admit that I am a fan of No7 mascaras, even when they aren’t waterproof they tend to last well and work as well as a lot of waterproof mascaras do when wet. I tend to go for brown/black mascara for a more natural look but as this one claims to lengthen and separate lash’s rather than add volume I was hoping it’d give a less extreme look than some others do.


I tend to find that I prefer mascaras with a rubber bristle applicator rather than the standard fibre ones so I was happy that this one has an end that has a couple of different lengths to the sides. These mean you can use the shorter ones on the lower lashes and I find I have more control doing it like that. The bristles on this one are great for separating lashes and helped with coating then evenly with the product. It does get the standard blob on the end that needs to be wiped off but no extra product elsewhere on it.

The overall packaging is a nice shape, the lid is a comfortable shape to hold and I like the slightly curved outline. He only negative with this one is the fact it’s a bit of a fingerprint magnet, though it’s nothing major and something a lot of shinier mascara tubes have a problem with.


I really like the formula for this mascara. It’s thin enough that there are no blobs and it doesn’t stick your lashes together so you get a nice thin coat. It does take a few minutes to set but nothing much and it isn’t especially sticky while it’s setting. If you stick with one layer you just end up with good coverage and only slightly more than a dark tint to your lashes. The one coat doesn’t add much as far as length goes though. A second coat adds length more obviously but I found that my lashes still stayed pretty separate. It did add more volume but nothing much so there was no spider lash effect.

One thing that stood out to me when I first saw the mascara, and a bit when it’s applied in certain lights, is that it seems to have a slight blue tint. I’m not sure if it’s a psychological thing with the blue applicator underneath but it does feel like it’s on the bluer side if black than a true black to me.


As far as lasting power goes it stayed all day on my top lashes. I remembered to take a photo after ten hours and it still looked as good as when I applied it. I did find that my bottom lashes lasted well most of the time, no melting like I often get, but on more humid days recently it did transfer a bit. It didn’t flake but left what looked like a bit if a darker line like a shadow under my eyes.

As it claims to be waterproof I gave it a try and found that it lasted pretty well. Once it’s set it survives splashing and a shower so I’d say it’s waterproof. However, it’s not one of those waterproof mascaras that takes a lot of rubbing to remove it. I found that my standard makeup remover worked fine so my eyes weren’t irritated when taking it off at the end of the day.


Overall I’m very happy with this mascara. It gave a natural look with one coat but two does enough to add lengh to lashes without sticking them together. If you want a more subtle look rather than drama or volume then this might be a mascara worth checking out. At £13 it’s not a cheap mascara but it’s worth it to me, especially if you can get it when it’s on offer. It’s also one of the mascaras that pops up quite often in the No7 free gift with purchase sets so if you want to try something else from the brand it’s another way of trying it.

Have any if you tried this mascara? I have more Han enough mascaras, even with destclashing recently, but are there any waterproof ones you live and would recommend? I’m thinking about getting another of these in the full size version when this runs out as I don’t have any other waterproofs but I’m always happy to try new ones!

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