DIY Beauty: Avocado, Banana and Coconut Oil Hair Mask

diy-beauty-avocado-banana-coconut-oil-hair-mask-2After the success of the face mask I posted about last week I wanted to try something else avocado based and a hair mask seemed like it’d be easy and I do find that good hair masks make a difference to my hair. This recipe used three ingredients, all of them I already had, and you can find the full recipe and instructions here if you want to give it a go.

The banana, avocado and coconut oil all have individual properties that help your hair. They should help with moisture, repairing damaged hair or strengthening your hair so it’s a bit of an all round hair mask that I think would suit any hair type and give it a bit of a boost.


I like it when home made beauty treatments are actually made with products I’ll have in my cupboards or fridge rather than needing three types of oils, essences and exotic fruit that I would have to make a trip out for especially. As this hair mask uses avocado, banana and coconut oil I think they might be products that a lot of us have already.

As this recipe is meant for shoulder length hair and could be used twice I decided to half it as, although my hair’s thick, it’s only a pixie cut so I thought I’d be safe. A warning for if your hair is very thick though; you will need more than you expect. I ended up using pretty much all of this and there wasn’t much left in the bowl at the end.

Here’s the amounts that I used (half of what’s in the original recipe):

  • Half a Ripe Avocado (I used 3/4 because it was a very small avocado)
  • Half a Ripe Banana
  • 1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil



This is another one where it’s basically mash it all together. I did find that it was harder to get the avocado mashed and mixed in with this than the face mask. I think it’s the other ingredients, there’s nothing that really thinned it and there didn’t seem to be any reaction between them that suddenly made it obviously mixed. It ended up just a bit of a gloopy chunky mix that didn’t look that good. If I did it again I might try and use a mixer or something to get it smooth.

Applying it wasn’t exactly fun either, there were a lot of bits that fell off and made a mess on the floor. It ended up leaving my hair look a bit if a greasy mess with clumps of avocado. It did also make my head feel itchy so I didn’t leave it on for the full time, after five minutes I had to wash it off. It also wasn’t easy to remove, it needed a few rinses with shampoo to get all the greasiness and lumps out. I’m not sure what it was in it that my skin reacted to, I use or eat all of these regularly so I guess it was the combination my scalp didn’t like.


As far as longer term benefits I did find that it helped moisturise my hair. It helped to hold down the frizz and it felt nice and soft for a while after compared to just using my normal shampoo and conditioner. It did make it appear shinier and possibly healthier, though I don’t really have a problem with drier hair anyway, and it did have the feeling of after using a commercial hair mask.

I think if I’d got it to a smoother paste and it didn’t react with my scalp I’d give this a go again. As it is it was more effort than it was worth. I think if your hair is damaged or dry this could really benefit your hair more than it did me as my hair did feel nice afterwards, just not nice enough to make me want to try it again.

Are there any DIY beauty recipes or product types that you’ve tried that are worth trying? I’ve found a lip scrub I think sounds good and some body scrubs that would mean I could get them right for my skin. It’s quite fun trying these out but I hope they’re mostly less messy than this one was!

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