DIY Beauty: Cocoa Face Mask

DIY-beauty-home-made-cocoa-face-mask-1.jpgI’ve always been interested in trying some DIY beauty products but have never got round to it, either because I didn’t have the right ingredients when it came to making them or I didn’t know what ones to try. Last weekend we had a couple of avocados that needed using up so I tried a face mask and a hair mask.

There are so many face masks out there I didn’t know which to try but I found a chocolate face mask that seemed like it’d work for what I want and we had all the ingredients in the cupboards, it seemed an obvious choice for a first attempt. This recipe is from the Marie Claire website, you can find it here along with five other easy face masks so if this doesn’t seem right for your skin type there are others to choose from instead.

DIY-beauty-home-made-cocoa-face-mask-2This face mask only has three ingredients; avocado, honey and cocoa powder. It’s easy to make and each of them is supposed to have positive properties for your skin. Avocado is moisturising, honey has antiseptic and healing qualities and cocoa is supposed to soothe your skin and contains antioxidants. Overall the mask is supposed to be a soothing, moisturising face mask.


  • 1 quarter of an avocado
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1tablespoon cocoa powder

DIY-beauty-home-made-cocoa-face-mask-3Basically mash it all together until it becomes smooth and spread it on dry, clean skin. It does take a bit of mashing and at one point it seemed like it wasn’t going to be a smooth enough formula to actually spread, but keep going and it seems to hit a point where the moisture from the avocado does actually mix properly with the cocoa powder.

I’d definitely recommend using an overly ripe avocado if possible. Also the honey I used is originally clear runny honey, however it has been sat in the cupboard for ages and started to crystalise. This meant I did get little crystals in it which weren’t the most comfortable to remove, though it didn’t seem to have an effect on how it worked. Also don’t know how a more solid honey would work, I think the runny honey would be the easiest to use and possibly less rich than the creamier honey.

It does apply evenly and easily but it doesn’t really dry in the ten minutes it’s on your skin. It feels a bit like applying a thick cake icing on your face, and actually tastes like it too! Removing it is actually messier than mixing it in the first place. I found that using a flannel is the only way to do it and then you end up with an unattractive brown mark that doesn’t come out. I’ve used it multiple times since and I still get brown water that comes out each time. On the plus side it does still smell like chocolate.


After removing the mask I found that for the first half hour or so it felt slightly powdery on my skin, like there was a layer of fine powder sitting on it. It didn’t feel great but it disappeared on its own and afterwards my skin felt really nice. I’ve found that some chocolate face masks in the past have been too moisturising for me and my skin has broken out but I’ve not had that problem with this one. It had a lasting effect that I still felt for a few days afterwards so it did work really well for me, at least it did what I hoped it would.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by this mask. It works, feels nice and is easy to make, plus it could be a fun thing for a night in with friends. I did find that the recipe made more than I needed, it’d do for two people easily and didn’t keep as it sort of set overnight in the fridge. The only negative is the mess afterwards but it isn’t that bad, though if possible I’d recommend using an old cloth to remove it and it gets rid of that too. If you already have the ingredients it’s a cheap and easy one to do and has the bonus of tasting nice, I can actually see it working as a thick icing for cake if you need to use the leftovers… a very small cake.

Have any of you tried some DIY beauty recipes? Any you’d recommend? I’ve got quite into this now and wondering what else I can try that’s a bit different than just masks.

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2 thoughts on “DIY Beauty: Cocoa Face Mask

  1. Meeri Pak says:

    I’ve been always interested in DIY masks but never tried yet.
    I actually have been using americano mask for weeks now. Maybe you could also use coffee for the next ingredient? The mask I’m using says that coffee seed extract is so good for skincare and is really working for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I didn’t think of coffee but I had a coffee scrub mask thing from lush that my skin liked so I’ll give it a go for the next one. It’s fun finding new DIY masks, and I was surprised how easy the ones I tried were to actually make.


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