Review: M&S Beauty Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream


I haven’t actually had a full sized version of this but, with the latest Marks and Spencer Beauty Box, I have had three of the mini sample sizes and been using it for a while now so thought I’d do a post on the Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream. Although these are minis at 15ml you really don’t need much of the product so this is enough to get a good feel for if it’s right for you, I love it when companies do that.

The full sized version of this cream comes in a jar and contains 50ml of product at £22. It’s not a low budget product but it’s not high end either, I’d say it’s somewhere in the middle price wise. It is also vegetarian friendly and cruelty free with the leaping bunny logo, one thing I love about Marks and Spencer’s beauty ranges is that they are cruelty free.

marks-and-spencer-beauty-formula-absolute-ultimate-sleep-cream-2As this is just a sample size I’m not going to go too much into the packaging, though I do like the fact it’s a deep purple with gold and it’s the kind of soft plastic that’s easy to get the last drops out. I had one tube which was black but I’m assuming that’s the older one from the 2016 advent calendar that I just didn’t get around to trying properly. The full sized jar looks like a very deep purple, or possibly black, with gold detail and does have a high end look to it, maybe it’s just the dark colours with gold combination that makes me feel that. But I’ve seen the jar and it’s a nice weight and feels good, just not great for travel so these minis are good to keep for that.

The cream itself feels really nice, it’s not overly thick like a lot of night creams, though it does have a fairly strong scent to it. It’s hypoallergenic and paraben free so I guess anything giving the perfumey scent is hypoallergenic so should still be good for skin sensitive to scented products, but worth testing on your hand first if that’s a problem for you.

marks-and-spencer-beauty-formula-absolute-ultimate-sleep-cream-4I found that, although it’s not that thick, it can take a bit of time to completely sink in and leaves a slightly tacky feeling on my skin for ten minutes after I apply it, which doesn’t bother me as it’s a night cream. It’s not one I can see being used as a more intense day cream like some can. It’s not overly rich, I think it’d work really well if you have dry or normal skin, but as my skin is also acne prone it is a bit much for my skin to use every night. I find that every three days works best for me and the after effects do actually last well enough between that so I still feel the moisture boost of using it so don’t need a night cream on the nights where I don’t use it.

As my skin is dry I do normally have patches that get flaky, even with a good routine and moisturisers. A lot of the time products that help with that aspect of my skin are too rich and cause breakouts. The Ultimate Sleep Cream has helped reduce the flakiness a lot, I tried going without it for a couple of weeks as a comparison and they reappeared so I’m sure this is the thing that’s making the difference and it means that my daytime moisturiser can be lighter yet my skin is still moisturised.

marks-and-spencer-beauty-formula-absolute-ultimate-sleep-cream-1When I get these sample sizes in boxes I often try them and don’t get the full sized version but this is definitely one I’ll be getting the full sized jar when my samples are done. The first sample lasted me over a month with how often I use it so the ones I have will last me a while. I think this is a great product to try, especially if you get it in a sample size in a beauty box. I can see it working for most skin types. It says for all skin types and this may be true but it wouldn’t be a daily product for oilier and acne prone skin.

Have any of you tried it? Or any of the other M&S beauty skin care products? It’s definitely got me interested in trying the others, I just wish they weren’t quite as expensive as it makes it harder to try new products. This one is definitely worth the money but it can be frustrating spending money and trying products when they don’t work so any recommendations would be appreciated.

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