Marks and Spencer’s Summer Beauty Box


I did have another post planned but as the Marks and Spencer’s Summer Beauty Box arrived in the post today I couldn’t wait to do a post on the products in it. Similar to their beauty advent calendar these boxes have a much higher value than this price, this one is around £135 of products they say on the site, but you have to spend £40 in Marks and Spencer’s to get it for the discounted price of £15. Since I wanted curtains from there anyway I just added this to the basket as it’s such a bargain and there are a few products in here I was planning on getting anyway.

There’s quite a good range of different products in the box. Some are full sized and others are travel sized or deluxe samples but they cover the spectrum of beauty pretty well. There’s a couple of makeup bits with mascara and liquid lipstick, some summer products like after sun and SPF lip balms and quite a few hair and body products. It’s actually pretty evenly spread out and a great way to try some of these brands as the full sized products of some would cost more than the box and any that aren’t full sized are still a decent sample size.


The box itself is pretty plain, it does have the sleeve with the Summer Beauty Box design and information on the back on each of the products with all ingredients. As the actual box is plain black and white with the M&S logo on the top it’s one I can see being reusable and is a decent size for storing beauty products in. It didn’t really have much extra packaging inside the box but anything breakable with glass packaging was wrapped in yellow tissue paper and separated from each other with the plastic packaged products so I don’t expect there to be any problems with it surviving the post, it did for me.

As I only got this today most of these products are real first impressions, there’s a couple I’ve used and know of before, including the product I was originally going to be posting a review of today, so that’ll be up Friday instead. I’ve tried to separate them into groups that sort of make sense and I’ll try not to make this post too long, any of the products you’re interested in I can move up my review list, there’s definitely quite a few of them I’ll be doing a separate post on when I’ve tried them properly.


Hair Care

Percy & Reed London – A Walk in the Rain Shine and Fragrance Mist (75ml full size £15) This is one of the full sized products and a scented hair spray. I’m not sure how it’s supposed to make your hair shiny, I can’t see any shimmer so I’m guessing it’s a coating like an oil, but it has a nice enough scent, quite light and floral. To be honest I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of it if it’s just scented but we’ll see. It’s also vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Philip Kingsley – Elasticizer Coconut Breeze (75ml full size £19.50) The travel sized one in the box is 40ml so works out at roughly £7.60 worth of product. I’ve had the standard one of these in two M&S beauty advent calendars I’ve had and it’s a nice enough product. It does smooth my hair a bit but nothing amazing, you can read a bit more in depth in this post, but I haven’t done a whole post dedicated to it. This is the coconut breeze version and I think the only difference is the coconut scent which is a nice summery smell. Not something I’d repurchase but I’ll use it.

Color Wow – Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Mini (50 ml full size £12) This is the mini version but still a full sized product you can buy. I’m intrigued by this as it claims to add a waterproof type coat when activated with hair dryer heat to help protect your hair against humidity which will really help me if it works. I can’t smell much of a scent but I’m looking forward to giving it a go. This spray is alse vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Pillow Spray

This Works – Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (5ml full size £6) I was surprised this is actually the full sized product but I don’t think it takes much for this to work if it’s going to. It smells like pure lavender to me and I’m looking forward to seeing if this helps me get to sleep. If not then I can always give it to my mum as she loves lavender scented things. This one’s also vegan and vegetarian friendly.



EOS – Active Pink Grapefruit SPF 30 Lip Balm (7g full size £6.50) I love EOS lip balms, my last one has gone missing and having one with SPF is always good in the summer. This one has a really nice grapefruit scent, very fresh and reminds me of grapefruit sweets.

Ultrasun – SPF 30 Lip Balm (Full size £6) I think this is a full sized lip balm, it’s a lip balm size. I have had this in the past and it’s very moisturising and doesn’t have a strong scent. It’s vegetarian friendly but not vegan friendly.

Pur – Fully Charged Mascara (13ml full size £17.50) This is a 4ml tube so I guess there’s around the £5.80 mark of product in here. I can’t find this in the Marks and Spencer’s site and it seems to be sold out everywhere for the UK but it looks like it’ll be one of those mascaras that gives a lot of length going by photos online. Will be interesting to try, though I don’t really need another black mascara I’m always fine with having these travel sized ones.

Leighton Denny – She’s in Fashion Nail Polish (12ml full size £12) A full sized nail varnish, though it’s out of stock everywhere at the moment. I love this colour, it’s a pinky purple and bright enough for summer but not neon. I am a fan of purples so I’ll be wearing this a bit I think. I’ve not always had the best luck with Leighton Denny nail varnishes in the past but I’m hoping this one works for me as it’s so pretty.

Autograph – Lasting Colour Intense Liquid Lipstick in Mulberry (6ml full size £10) I already have more liquid lipsticks than I need but this colour is so pretty and just so me that I’m not mad about getting another one. Price wise these aren’t too expensive either so it’ll be interesting to see how well it works. It’s a muted blue tones dusty pink and seems to dry slightly darker than the tube. It’s cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians.

Autograph – Sheer Radiance Perfume (30ml full size £12.50) Perfumes are something that I’m always worried about in these boxes but this is a nice light summer scent. It’s definitely floral and has a hint of some citrus in there to make it lighter but it’s kind of the generic summer perfume scent to me. It’s nice and I’ll wear it but I’m not sure I’ll buy it after it’s finished. It’s also pretty cheap for a perfume but it doesn’t have the staying power of others I love. I do really like the shape of the bottle though. It is vegetarian and vegan friendly.


Body and Skin Care

Nuxe Paris Sun – Refreshing After-Sun Lotion (200ml full size £16) This has £4 of product in the 50ml tube but a decent size to give it a try. Nuxe always has a scent to me that reminds me of my Grandma, I have no idea what it is, and it’s kind of comforting to smell it and makes it very hard for me to identify the actual smells in there. This one does have a hint of the coconut smell you get with a lot of sun products and it’s a nice light lotion that gets absorbed quickly. It’ll be interesting to see if it does work as an after sun and if it helps to sooth and extend the length of time any tan I might get stays. Also a plus is that it’s suitable for face and body so it’ll be great for travel to have one tube.

M&S Beauty Formula Absolute – Ultimate Sleep Cream (50ml full sized £22) This 15ml tube has about £6.60 of product in it but there’s plenty for giving it a try. I’ve had two of these in the advent calendars and it’s actually the product that was originally going to go up today. I like it, though my skin can’t take it every night it does leave it moisturised, but you’ll have to find out more on Friday with the full review. This is cruelty free, vegetarian friendly and made in the UK.

Prai – Ageless Throat and Decolletage Crème (50ml full sized £24.99) I think this is a new range to M&S as they don’t have much on their site and I can only find this on the Prai website. This is a 15ml tub so has about £7.50 worth of product in it which seems expensive for this little tub so we’ll see how it goes. It’s not something I particularly worry about, my neck and décolletage area gets the same moisturiser as my face but it’ll be interesting to see if this does make a difference. I don’t think I’m the target audience for this but I’ll give it a go anyway. It does have the leaping bunny on it so it’s cruelty free.

Origins – Ginzing Energy Boost Gel Moisturiser (50ml full sized £25) So this 30ml tube has £15 worth of product, I hope it lasts well. I love the fresh citrus smell of this and I think the gel formula will work well with that. I’m interested to see how this works but it seems very expensive, maybe you only need a small amount and it’s worth it but I don’t see myself going for the full sized one. I couldn’t find it on the M&S site but it seems to be around on a lot of others that stock Origins.

Ren – Atlantic Kelp And Magnesium Anti-Fatigue Body Wash (300ml full sized £22) This 100ml bottle has £7.33 of product which is fairly expensive for a shower gel but on par with companies like Lush so nothing over the top. I’m interested by the Anti-Fatigue part of the name and see if it works at helping my muscles or wakes me up in some way. I really like the smell, it reminds me of something but I can’t put my finger on it, it’s a unisex green type smell. It’s a cruelty free product that’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


The Makeup Bag is not one I’d pick but it’s a nice bright pattern and a decent size. I like the fact that it’s got a clear base so I think it might be OK for flying, I don’t have any clear makeup or toilet bags so it would make it easier to see where things are in there. It’s also waterproof and easy to wipe clean so it’s quite a practical bag.


So much for a short post, these got a bit longer than I meant them to. Adding everything up, going by how much the exact product amount is worth rather than full sized versions of the minis, this box has £133.83, though I have rounded some or done an estimate on value so it probably would go over the £135 mark as it claims.

For me this box is definitely worth the price if you can get it. Most of the products would make up the cost if you want two or three of them and then you pretty much get the rest free. If you can get one and are interested in trying makes you might not have got otherwise, some of them are definitely out of my normal price range if they were full sized.

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