Review: Sleek Makeup Limited Edition Spirit Animal Eyeshadow Palette


One of the newer eyeshadow palettes in the i-Divine range from Sleek is the Spirit Animal  Eyeshadow Palette. It’s full of rich, earthy tones and a couple of bright blues thrown in there. Something about it reminds me a lot of those landscapes with red and ochre earth and mountains.

As with all Sleek palettes there are twelve pans in this with four mattes and eight shimmers, three of which I’d say are verging on a foil finish and the other five are almost semi matte themselves. They’re cruelty free mineral based eyeshadows and it costs £8.99.


I do love the outer card packaging when it comes to the limited edition Sleek palettes as they’re so pretty, they also make it a lot easier to pick out individual palettes when they’re stored as they’re different colours. There are no pictures on the outer card to show the individual colours but the general colour scheme of this one does give you the idea of the colours inside.

The plastic palette itself has the matte black finish of all Sleek packaging with the logo in a shiny finish. I love the matte black finish and it somehow makes it feel like a more expensive product to me. The only problem is that they are fingerprint magnets, they will get messy quickly but the outer card helps keep it in good condition.


Inside the palette is a large mirror, which from past experience stays clear and doesn’t warp, and the hinge means the lid stays in place no matter what angle you put it at, even over time. It does also include a double ended sponge applicator, not something I use but as far as they go it is a nice one. It’s a more rubbery sponge and grabs the product well so you can pack the colour on and be pretty precise, it doesn’t work very well for blending though.

Sleek seem to have gone back to the original palettes in that they don’t name the colours any more, I’ve listed them by the different rows from left to right and both with and without a primer under them. Some of them definitely benefit from a primer but the different finishes all have good pigment and staying power, there aren’t really any weak colours for me. As the three different formulas do work differently I’m just describing them rather than going through the colours one by one as I’d be repeating myself a lot for each of the mattes or foils.


The top row has three of the foil finishes in the orange copper, red and more goldy copper colour on the end and this is the most creamy and pigmented formula of the three finishes. It applies evenly, is super pigmented and blends out well. They also work really well as eyeliners.

The two mattes, in the periwinkle blue and mid tone brown, both need a primer to stand out but can end up sticking in place when you do that. Having said that the periwinkle blue is one of the unusual colours in the palette, it changes colour on the primer a bit but is still a pretty blue.

The final colour is the pinky champagne semi matte, the third on the row, it almost disappears on my skin because of the skin tone but it works really well as a highlight and great in the inner corner of my eye or under brow highlight if you like a hint of shimmer.


The blue in the second row is probably the one that’s a bit of a different formula, a finely milled shimmer that does have a slightly lighter blue hint of duochrome. It applies really evenly and smoothly, not quite as soft as the foils but still soft and opaque.

The two mattes on the bottom row are the orangey brown and slightly darker warm brown and they both show up very well even without a primer, though the primer makes it have staying power. These are very fine and feel almost silky, I love the dark brown as an eyeliner if you use a slightly damp thin brush.

The other three colours on this row are the slightly less shimmery shimmers. The ochre and brown on the left both have a bit of a gold tone in the shimmer and blend out very well. The champagne shimmer on the far right is slightly more shimmery and creamy and is so soft and smooth, it works really well as a highlight colour and is a great shimmer for paler skin as it’s like a shimmer version close to my skin tone.


I said before that there aren’t any weak colours in here and I think the swatches show that. I love the combination of finishes and how you’ve got various shades within the earthy tones from a highlight to the darker browns that can double as a liner if you want. You basically have everything you’d need for an eye look in here, to me anyway. I like the pop of blue in there too, the fact you have both finishes in there means you can either go for the more muted blue and blend it in more or use the shimmer and have it really stand out.

Basically I think this is a great Sleek palette, it shows what they can do with the different finishes and includes the almost foil shimmers that I think they do best. The mattes are blendable and finely milled without leaving a load of fallout when working with them and the colours that are almost half way between matte and shimmer are an unusual finish that makes the looks you can create a bit more subtle if you want them to be but still has the hint of shimmer.


If you’re new to makeup this is a nice palette, especially with the price, as you can try some different shades out without spending too much on them and you do have everything for a look rather than having to dip into different palettes. I also think it’s good for people who are more experienced with makeup as some of these colours stand out as unusual to me. Mainly the matte blue on the top row and the ochre on the bottom, I don’t have anything like either of them. I love the other colours too but they may be easier to find dupes in other palettes, especially if you have a larger collection.

Have any of you tried this palette? Do you like the colour combination as much as me? I think it may become one of my go to palettes over the summer, I’m loving the warm neutrals at the moment and I can see it being a great travel palette with the range of colours and the big mirror.

2 thoughts on “Review: Sleek Makeup Limited Edition Spirit Animal Eyeshadow Palette

  1. I would like to credit you for getting me to finally dig out my Sleek palettes to wear and wow, they are REALLY good. I was so impressed in general with the pigmentation and the staying power of the shades. And knowing how low the prices are is just even more impressive! 😀

    This palette looks like a good neutral with the blue pops – however, I personally could have done with just 1 blue not 2. I just never wear blue shadows… 😛 I do really like that ochre shade at the bottom left side.

    Too bad Sleek doesn’t name the individual shades in these new palettes – the 2 I have both have individual names and I prefer that!

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    1. Glad you like it 😁 they are good especially for the price. I’m not sure how much I’ll use the blues but I do like the two finishes. I’m not that bothered about if they name them or not, though it makes reviews easier! I wish they did less limited edition ones, or they were more consistent with how long the limited editions were out for. One that’s still available came out in 2016, another that came out the end of last year was gone in a few months.


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