Review: Ciate Liquid Velvet Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Last year I bought the Ciate Twelve Days of Christmas style calendar which had a range of mini versions of their makeup products. Three of them were these Liquid Velvet matte liquid lipsticks in the colours Oh Honey!, Delight and Pin Up. All three of them are in the permanent line and the full sized 6ml tubes are £17 each.
I have tried so many different formulas of matte liquid lipsticks I should probably stop buying them but I do love the look and some of the ones I have are favourites that I always go to when it comes to lip colour. Plus these colours are definitely very me they were some of the ones that I wanted to try when I chose to buy the set.

The mini tubes, though I’d say they’re a decent size and probably only a shorter version as they’re as wide as a few of my full sized ones, do look slightly different to the full sized version but they’re close enough, just missing some of the extra Ciate bows in silver round the ends of the clear tube. I do love it when makeup products have a clear packaging, at least for part of it, so you can see the colour of the product, though it looks messier when it’s emptier it does show you exactly what’s left in there. I also really like the font they’ve used for this, which may sound odd, but it’s the sort of handwritten style that’s around a lot at the moment.
The doe foot applicator inside is very fluffy but doesn’t grab too much product, which is good as the product itself is thick and it could get very messy. It’s also a sort of wedge shape from the side and a design that makes it easy to control and be precise when it comes to applying the liquid lipstick. It’s also not too flexible, it does have some give but not too much so you can spread the product well.

Oh Honey! and Pin Up pretty much stay the same when dry, Delight does change as you can see compared to the lip picture below.

All three of the liquid lipsticks seem to have exactly the same formula, or they behave in the same way anyway, which is worth knowing as I’ve found some products vary a lot depending on the colour. It’s a pretty thick formula but it does spread well and leaves an opaque layer in one coat, I haven’t had to retouch it and fill in any thinner areas. It can take a while to dry, I think the humidity hasn’t helped recently as that’s a problem in general recently, but once it does it sticks. It means you do have time to clean up the edges without any odd smudges appearing which is always helpful if you’re not that good at precision application like me.
I really like how this formula feels, it’s almost like a mousse in a way, in that it’s thick but light and smooth and almost fluffy feeling. It dries well but doesn’t feel drying and I actually forgot I had it on my lips a few times until I looked in the mirror and saw my lips were darker than I expected them to be. I’d say that actually Pin Up is probably the best for this, it somehow felt lighter than the other two but it may have been because it was the third one I tried out.

The three colours are all pretty universal I’d say. I’ll go by their descriptions on the website because I think they’re a pretty good match:
Oh Honey! Is a rust brown, definitely on the orange side of brown, dries pretty much spot on for the colour in the tube
Delight is a dusky nude though it seems to dry with an orange tint to me, maybe more a terracotta nude. It dries more orange than in the tube on me
Pin Up is a berry shade and a lot more of a berry colour than the picture is showing up on their website for me. It does dry quite a bit darker and bluer toned than the tube but the tube would be more deep dusty pink than berry to me so that’s good.
As far as staying power goes they do last well. I found that, rather than flaking off and leaving patches, they tend to fade gradually in bits but aren’t too obvious. They didn’t survive greasy food that well, though Pin Up was still obviously there at the end, just less deep, but did well with drinks, even hot drinks didn’t cause transfer for me. After five hours they were fine before the food and for some meals I don’t think you’d even need to reapply afterwards so I can see these going a whole day or evening fine depending on what you eat. That’s always a plus for me as I often forget to reapply my lipstick.
One thing I have noticed about these liquid lipsticks is the scent. For some reason it reminds me of a coconut scented sun cream, I’m not sure why. It has a bit of a plasticy coconut scent hat does linger for a bit but goes maybe twenty minutes after application. It’s not something that bothers me but I know that the coconut sun cream scent specifically can be one people really don’t like so thought it was worth mentioning. If you don’t like that kind of smell then maybe see if you can find one of these in store to swatch, though I don’t know who stocks it in physical stores.

Overall I am very impressed with this liquid lipstick. It may even have beaten the Stila liquid lipsticks for me formula wise and it’s definitely thicker and moussier feeling than the Kat Von D I love. It’s also vegan friendly, gluten free and paraben free so it’s got a lot of people covered there. As far as price goes it’s at the high end of what I’d be prepared to pay for a liquid lipstick in the full sized version and right between Stila and Kat Von D but it’s worth it to me and it on par with both of those.

I’d say it’s worth seeing if you can find this in a mini version, especially if you can find them in TK Maxx as I’ve seen a few of their gift sets in there recently, as I don’t see myself using the whole tube any time soon and it’s a great way to give them a go for less and getting a range of colours. Otherwise they’re still worth trying if you love liquid lipsticks or want to try a new brand. They have a nice range of colours and I haven’t seen all that much about the Ciate liquid lipsticks compared to the others.
Have any of you tried them? Or any of their other makeup? I’ve got a few of their reviews coming up with the other mini products I got but it’d be interesting to know what you guys have tried and would recommend from them as I mainly know them for their nail varnishes.

8 thoughts on “Review: Ciate Liquid Velvet Matte Liquid Lipsticks

  1. These look like great wearable colours. I especially like Pin Up on you! 🙂

    I’ve never tried a single Ciate product – not even their nail polishes and I don’t know why. I had my eye on one of their LE eye shadow palettes that people were raving about but it sold out quickly.

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    1. Thanks, I think it’s probably the first true berry shade I’ve found that I actually like on me. I have been tempted by an eyeshadow palette set thing recently but I already have too many. They’re probably one of my favourite brands when it comes to nail varnishes so I was interested to see how the rest of their products worked, I’ve only just got round to trying them properly after months of being in my drawers.


  2. I agree with Stashy, Pin Up looks especially lovely on you! i’ve tried to like matte liquid lipsticks but I’m not willing to try different brands to try and find one that works for me, I’ll stick to traditional lipsticks 🙂

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    1. Thanks 😄 I think I’ve tried so many traditional lipsticks and they either didn’t last, didn’t suit me or my skin reacted to them so I gave up on them, it is sometimes hard to know which companies to try and does feel like wasting money if none work for you. I might have another look at some traditional ones as I know the brands I like. I think most of the liquid lipsticks I’ve tried have been cheap, on sale or minis.

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      1. I think lipstick is worth investing in at times especially if you have sensitive skin or certain brands make nourishing, creamy formulas. Cheap lipsticks are only good if they work 🙂

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      2. Yeah, I’ve found that some of the cheap ones are nice for a fun look but they’re one product where there’s more of a difference with price, at least most of the time. There are a couple of cheaper brands where the liquid ones are really good but I haven’t risked their standard lipsticks yet.

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