Review: Dead Sea Spa Magik Mild Exfoliant


As my skin has dry flaky patches I’m always on the lookout for a good exfoliator. I love how well the Dead Sea Spa Magik hair products work on my scalp so thought I’d try the Mild Exfoliant when I saw it in Tesco recently. It seemed like it’s sort of a mix of mud pack face mask and standard exfoliator so I was interested to see how it would work for me.

Like the other products in the range it uses minerals from the Dead Sea and harmonised water, though I’m not sure what that is. It’s also paraben free and uses an allergen free fragrance if your skin is sensitive to normal fragranced products. The tube has 75ml of the product in it and costs £7.99 on Holland and Barrett, and I think it was the same price in Tesco it’s just not online.

The box and the tube both go with the range of products, the bright blue and white do stand out and they look nice enough to have out on the side. I like how simple it looks and the tube itself is a very soft plastic so it’s easy to squeeze and I know from other products of theirs in a similar tube it’s easy to get the last of the product out without having to cut it. Or if you do cut it open there isn’t much left inside the tube so it’s not sat out on the side exposed to the air for too long. It also has the instructions on the back in ten different languages so I think this is a product available in a range of countries.


The exfoliator itself is actually more of a creamy colour than I expected, their mud mask for scalps is more of a grey and I expected that colour. It doesn’t really make any difference to using it but I thought I’d mention it. It’s a pretty thick formula and you definitely need your skin to be damp before using it, otherwise it just doesn’t spread very well and it’s very scratchy. When applying it you don’t need that much, as you rub it on your skin it spreads and it’s better if it’s a thinner layer that you move around rather than applying it to your whole face before doing the scrubbing.

The scent of this is pretty nice, it’s somehow slightly sweet to me but has that spa like scent that it’s hard to describe in other words. It’s fresh and not a scent I can see many people objecting to. It just smells like a face cream or generic face product really.


I will say that going into this I somehow managed to skip the sand part in the ingredients, I have no idea how as it’s the second ingredient but my eyes must have skipped over it. When I was using it I could tell there was something gritty like sand in it which surprised me, it really shouldn’t have. This sand makes it too harsh for my face, it felt very scratchy when using it and my skin ended up a bit red. It’s also slightly scratchy for my skin in general but it worked well for my legs when it comes to stopping ingrown hairs so any that I’m not brave enough to try on my face again will be used up.

As far as the effect on my skin afterwards goes I was very impressed. It definitely left my skin feeling moisturised and smooth and yet didn’t leave it feeling oily. It did help with my dry patches and I’m tempted to try it every so often as a jump start to my skin care if I feel like my skin could do with some extra scrubbing, just not on a day when I plan on going out or when I plan on wearing makeup as I didn’t want to use a moisturiser on it too soon afterwards.

If your skin is sensitive to actual scrubs and the physical abrasiveness of them like mine is I’d say this may be a bit harsh for you. However, I think that if your skin sensitivity is more towards perfumed products then it might be worth looking at this to try if you want a scrub that helps to moisturise your skin and has a more lasting effect than a lot of skin care products do. I do get the feeling of having a nice clay face mask after using this so I think the Dead Sea ingredients do seem to have an effect and work for my skin, it’s just a pity about the sand.

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