Review: Lush Sakura Bath Bomb


The Sakura bath bomb is one of the older ones from Lush in the current range, I think they’ve been around for the past ten plus years I’ve been buying from them. It’s supposed to be a light blossom scent and has obvious salt crystals in it as you can see from the look of it on the outside. It’s a fair sized bath bomb, though I think it may be smaller than it used to be but that may be me remembering wrong. It costs £3.75 so standard for a Lush bath bomb, and it does actually work ok for two baths if you can separate it into two pieces.

I have to say I do love the colour mix in this with the turquoise and pink along with the white, it’s one of the more subtle bath bombs in the range but an old favourite so I was happy when my sister got it for me for my birthday as I haven’t had one for ages. It reminded me that I should probably go back and revisit some of the longer running products I used to love rather than just sticking with trying all the new things when they come out.


As I said I love the look of this one before it goes in the water, the pink and turquoise stand out so much on the white. When it goes in the water it’s not one of those products that whizzes around or changes colour, it leaves the water with a very subtle pink but it’s pretty much clear water and it fizzes away quietly. It’s one of those that does fizz fairly quickly so if you pop it in when the bath is running it’ll be finished before you get in.

With salt being one of the main ingredients, or rather the ones I can tell are in there, it is definitely not one to use if you have any open cuts or scabs as it will sting. I’ve made that mistake before and it’s not the most relaxing bath ever. The scent of this is like a salt spa kind of smell, it’s fairly fresh but has a hint of blossom of some kind in there. It’s definitely not one that’s overpowering and I just find it’s nice and relaxing. There used to be a soap called 17 Cherry Tree Lane which had this scent and it’s the same as the current Rub Rub Rub body scrub, just more subtle.


Going with the spa feeling it does leave my skin feeling nice and smooth afterwards. When I first get out of the bath it has the feeling I always get with salt water where it’s almost as if your skin feels tight and slightly squeaky clean, if that makes sense. This disappears fairly fast and I don’t tend to use any moisturisers too soon after, having this bath in the evening it’ll be the next morning I use the moisturiser as it somehow seems to condition my skin and reduce any flakiness or dryness, which seems to go against what I’d think with salt but it works.

One thing I have noticed with this bath bomb is it doesn’t really cocktail well with anything that’s supposed to have bubbles. I don’t tend to do bath cocktails anyway as it gets expensive but it can be nice as a treat. It seems like the bubbles dissolve or burst a lot quicker with this, however I do like the way it smells with the rose jam line of products so it’s great to use this and wash with the Christmas Rose Jam shower gel to get a cocktail kind of feeling.


Having had this bath I can remember why this used to be such a favourite. When my stash goes down I thin it’ll be one I’ll repurchase and it’s definitely making me want to go back and try some old favourites. Some of my all time favourites aren’t around any more but I think there are still some in store that I used to love still. Are there any of your old favourites you’ve rediscovered or want to try again and see if they’re as good as you remember?

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