Let’s Catch Up: Health, a New Lizard and Looking for a Job

I feel like I should start by saying sorry for not posting as often recently. I will admit that the huge dip in views since actually paying for this blog was a bit discouraging, going from nearly 300 a day every day to under 100 a day did not feel good, but you guys are awesome and I’ve loved the fact that I’m actually getting more comments than ever, so many more, and I’m actually having conversations. That probably sounds odd but definitely more important to me than the whole numbers thing. I feel like I should apologise for being a bit awol on here but I do have reasons and within the next few weeks it’ll all be back to normal, I promise.

Anyway, I guess one of the things that had a big impact for a couple of weeks was my health, or rather tests they were doing for new symptoms which led to certain diets and things that just left me so exhausted. On the plus side it ruled some things out but on the negative side the fact that they came back with nothing means even more tests and ideas to try. It feels a bit like it’s never ending but at least no cysts like last year which was a real worry at one point with my symptoms so yay for that!

The second is the fact that I’ve been revamping the vivarium, the one in the header photo, ready for a new arrival of a baby lizard! My bearded dragon died at the beginning of the year and I decided that, rather than getting another beardie as it felt a bit odd replacing him for some reason, I’d go for a blue tongue skink, one of these guys. (I took the photo from the Newquay Zoo website so copyright belongs to them, though Google gives you some great cute photos!) I have found a breeder here in the UK and I will have a baby northern blue tongue skink arriving in a few weeks so I had to give the vivarium a good clean and have been working on making a fake rock background to hide all the marks from a failed aquarium background that got stuck on and then disintegrated a while ago. It’s definitely taken more energy than I planned but the painting stage is over now and it’s just a case of waiting for the resin coating to arrive, paint it on and attach it to the vivarium. I’ve posted a few photos on my Instagram if you’re following me but I’m thinking of doing a post of the whole process, not sure if anyone would be interested but I definitely learned things along the way and I relied a lot on similar blog posts to work out the process so it might be helpful if people are searching for it.

The final thing is probably the most life changing in a way but I am now going to appointments with an organisation that helps people with limitations or hurdles to get into work. As I’ve never actually had a job due to my health and I can probably only work about 10 hours a week regularly it does kind of limit any job I could have so the fact there’s people out there who can help was a nice surprise. However, this has meant going to meetings that take a lot of energy out of me so my Friday posts have ended up going missing. I’m working on that and timetabling myself better so I don’t have to write those on the Thursday or Friday so they’ll be done further in advance.

I guess that’s all my news, I feel like I say this every time I do a blog catch up style post but I do want to do these more often, maybe once a month and I’ll try and take photos for it next time rather than relying on google! Also hopefully there’ll be a little lizard introduction. I have two names I’m thinking of; Dino (like from the Flintstone as the rock house I made for him did kind of look slightly Flintstoney) or Norbert like the dragon in Harry Potter. I did think Smaug as my gerbils were Merry and Pippin, now just Merry, but for some reason two syllable names just sound better to me for animals, and as I will be talking to him/her I feel like it should be a name there’s no debate on pronunciation for!

Anyway, I hope you guys have had a good month, if you’re in the UK I hope you’ve made the most of the hotter weather (or hid in the shade like I did a lot and still managed to turn pink) and have a good week.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up: Health, a New Lizard and Looking for a Job

    1. Thanks, it seems like I keep on saying I’ll be back to blogging more often and then new things pop up! I’ll definitely do a little blog post on the new lizard when they arrive, I’m getting excited for it already and it’ll be the end of May.

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