Review: Tony Moly I’m Real Aloe Moisturizing Sheet Mask

tony-moly-im-real-aloe-sheet-mask-1I’ve tried a few of these Tony Moly I’m Real sheet masks and so far they seem nice enough. I bought the set of sheet masks for around £10 on eBay a while ago and this Aloe Moisturizing Sheet Mask has been sitting waiting to be used. I’m trying to use my face mask stash up by using one a week, I’m not sure how much it has improved my skin but it’s definitely a nice, easy way to have a face mask and these sheet masks are especially refreshing.

This sheet mask is aimed at moisturising and the main natural ingredient for this is Aloe. It seems like it’s one that should also be calming and cooling and would be good for oilier skin too. I know that my skin loves aloe gel when it comes to calming it down after sun burn or a reaction so when I was choosing a face mask in the warmer weather recently it seemed to be the perfect one to try. 

I really like the packaging with these Tony Moly ones, they all stand out with their bright colours and different shapes. I think they look good in a box out on the side, they have fairly plain packaging and not overly cute like some. One thing that does make them slightly more awkward to store is the shape at the top as it does make them slightly bigger than a lot of the sheet masks I have. Tony Moly sheet masks are one of the few brands that I recognise in TK Maxx at times, though they tend to be £4.99 so worth checking on eBay if you want to try them. They also do have all the ingredients and instructions on the back in English too which is useful if you don’t read Korean.

As with all Tony Moly sheet masks, and a lot of them in general, they have way more liquid than they need. I’ve found that if you either peg the top folded over or use a rubber band it keeps it fresh and you can use it with a compressed sheet mask. I have a jar of these and they mean I get two uses out of every sheet mask sachet and the compressed plain sheet masks are generally cheaper per mask so it’s better value.


I can’t remember the shape of the other Tony Moly masks but this one was pretty much a perfect circle, I’m not sure if anyone’s face is actually that shape. Though this was a big circle so it covered my whole face, it just had excess on the sides. I like the fact it has all the slits round the edge so it moulds to my face really well and didn’t come loose so was comfortable to wear rather than having to push it back into position every so often.

The sheet mask didn’t have an unusual scent, it was pretty much the same as a lot of generic aloe products, something more perfumed than just aloe but nice and refreshing and fresh. It did have a cooling feeling when the mask was on my skin and did feel like it may have been calming too, though that’s not what it’s advertised for.

In the short term it did feel nice, it had a cooling and calming effect for an hour or so afterwards. I don’t think in the longer term there was much of an effect when it comes to moisturising. It had a similar feeling straight afterwards as when using a lot of aloe products where it feels almost like there’s a bit of a film. I guess it did moisturise my skin a bit but nothing more than an aloe gel. My skin is dry and acne prone and I had no break outs from this, though it didn’t help the dry skin it also wasn’t overly rich so I’d say other acne prone skin types might cope with it too as aloe seems to often be used in acne products to calm and cool down the skin.


One thing I have found out recently is that Tony Moly isn’t technically cruelty free, as far as I can find out. The company themselves don’t test on animals but they do sell in China so that’s definitely something to consider if you want cruelty free products. It’s making me reconsider buying from them in the future as I try to buy cruelty free when possible.

Overall it was a nice enough face mask. I think I’ll be keeping the second use for during the summer, I think it’ll work well if I am out in the sun a bit too long and need something calming and cooling. I’m not sure I’d repurchase it but I might if I find it’s great for sun burn or something.

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6 thoughts on “Review: Tony Moly I’m Real Aloe Moisturizing Sheet Mask

    1. Thanks ☺️ yeah none of them have stood out to me yet, though I do have a few left. There are definitely other brands I’ll go to before Tony Moly for sheet masks in the future, though I’m tempted by the cactus one, seems like it might be similar to the aloe one maybe.


  1. I’ve tried a bunch of these Tony Moly masks now and all of them have been unimpressive except for one: the Nutrition Avocado one. I had such high hopes since I see people rave about them all especially the Tomato version. The Avocado one though – actually made a noticeable difference on my skin.

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    1. I haven’t tried that one yet, it’s still in my stash so I’ll move it to the front of the queue I think. Yeah, I’ve seen so many people say how great they are but they don’t stand out for me, which is disappointing when I’ve liked most Tony Moly things I’ve tried. I am intrigued by the cactus one I’ve seen a few times but it wasn’t in the set I got so I might be tempted to add that to an order if I remember next time.


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