Sleek Makeup Mini Haul


It feels a bit like most of my posts recently have been hauls but this is probably the last for a while and one I’ve had planned for ages. I’ve had my eye on a few of the Sleek I-Divine eyeshadow palettes for a while and did plan on buying four, but the main one I actually wanted (Peach Perfect) was out of stock and off the website so I wanted to do this order before the rest disappeared too as they’re all limited editions. There will be proper reviews of these in the fairly near future when I’ve had a chance to play around with them but I wanted to show you guys how pretty they are in case they do a disappearing act too before I have a chance!

In a recent declutter I realised that, although I have many palettes and more than I actually need, I did have some gaps in the colours I had. Last spring I was loving their All the Fun of the Fair palette full of shimmery pastels and I really wanted some more pastels to add to my collection. The Nordic Skies palette was around last year and I thought I’d missed it but it appeared back in stock so I got it along with the Spirit Animal and Dream a Little Dream palettes. I also ended up buying their light eyebrow kit so now I’ve gone from having no eyebrow colour product to two. I’ll have to give it a go and see how it compares to the NYX one I got in my recent HQ Hair Haul and get back to you guys with what I find.


As I said I have had my eye on the Nordic Skies palette (£8.99) for a while, I think it was released for the winter 2016, so when I saw it in stock I had to get it. I’ll be keeping a better eye out for Sleek palettes in the future as I’ve missed out on some I wish I hadn’t in the past and I’m risking eBay to get some of them soon I think.

The colours that drew me to this palette are the pastels, mainly the four on the left with the red and green in there, but also the fact that it has a nice mix of pastels and neutral colours. I love some of my other palettes with colours but I do have to take a couple of palettes if I’m travelling and this one just seems like it has everything covered. I know it’s a winter palette but I think it’ll be amazing for spring and summer.


The Spirit Animal (£8.99) palette is full of earthy tones, I’ve been seeing them everywhere last year and this is a great affordable way of trying them out. I think they’ve gone away from naming the colours again so the red shimmer and the blues in this are the ones that stood out to me. I’ve had my eye on a few red based palettes, the Modern Renaissance palette from ABH has been on my dream wishlist since it came out, but I don’t actually have any real reds. After some failures in my early makeup experiments I’ve steered clear but they seem much more wearable now and hopefully I like the look this time. If not the rich yellow gold and warm colours are definitely me so this will get a lot of use.


Dream a Little Dream (£8.99) is the other newer Sleek palette, I think these were released fairly recently, and another that I bought for the pastel colours. One that did surprise me when I got it is the colour in the top right and how it’s such a pure glitter looking eyeshadow. Sleek do shimmer well, they even do fairly glittery ones pretty well too, but I don’t remember getting something as full on glitter with such big particles as this before. It reminds me of some of the old Urban Decay colours that would leave you with so much fallout so I’m hoping this one doesn’t. From the little I’ve played around with it so far it looks good and I don’t end up like a sparkly vampire. I think of the three this may be the one I’m least sure of how much I’ll use it but the colours are gorgeous and, if nothing else, they’ll make great icy looks next winter. Plus the more lilac and pink toned purples are so pretty and I have nothing like them, they seem to work well with my blue eyes.


The eyebrow kit is probably the think I bought on impulse, though I have been looking for one recently I’m not sure I needed to buy two in as many weeks! Mum has had the Sleek Eyebrow Kit (£8.50) for a while and loves it so I think I’ll like it too, I think the colour looks lighter than the NYX one and a great match for paler skin and fair hair but we’ll see when I’ve had a proper play around. I do like all the mini tools you get too, it really is a full eyebrow kit with the tweezers as well.

I have to admit I am a fan of Sleek products, I own enough of them so I should know! They can be a hit hit and miss sometimes with eyeshadows but I love the range they have and there’s always a high percentage of the colours in each palette that are a nice, pigmented formula. For the price and amount of product you get, especially the eyeshadows, they are great quality and even beat some of my more expensive palettes.

Have any of you got any Sleek palettes, tried any of the newer products they’ve released recently? Until recently I pretty much stuck with the eyeshadows with the odd lipstick, but having tried some of their other products recently I’m looking forward to giving more a go.

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