HQ Hair Mini Haul


I’ve been doing some decluttering recently, will be doing some posts on that when I’ve given some of the maybes more of a go, and it showed some things I didn’t have that I wanted. It’s one of the dangers of decluttering; it makes you want more! This is only a small haul and I had a 20% off discount because I hadn’t shopped with HQ Hair for a while so I don’t feel so bad.

One of the things I’ve had my eye on since they appeared everywhere last year was a red based eyeshadow palette. The Balm Nude Beach eyeshadow palette may not have quite the same colours as the ABH Modern Renaissance but I love the warm tones and had to get it when I saw it was in the offer. I also was lacking blues and greens in my gel polish collection so got two from Red Carpet Manicure, along with a Real Techniques Face Brush and a mini eyebrow kit from NYX as it really is time I tried to do something with them, even if it’s just to find out I don’t get on with these type products.


If you’ve been following my blog for a while you may be aware of my weakness for eyeshadows (half of my collection is eyeshadows!) and I’ve had my eye on this for a while. I love all the reds and oranges in the TheBalm Nude Beach eyeshadow palette (£32 full price) and the fact that you actually have a couple of light colours in there to give you most of the colours you’d want for a whole eye look. This will be going away with me for a couple of nights so we’ll see how usable I find it.


In the past I’ve bought cheap brushes and then not got on with them, however I’ve never really had a fluffier foundation brush for liquid foundation and I know I like the quality of Real Techniques brushes. I decided to try the Expert Face Brush (£9.59 full price) which is supposed to buff in liquid and crime foundations. I do like the feel of it, it’s so soft, and looking forward to giving it a go to buff in foundation and see how it compares to other foundation brushes and sponges I’ve tried. Again, this will be going with me and I’ll see how it goes. It’s definitely a better size than some of the eye brushes in their sets, they can be a bit big for me, and actually smaller than I expected if anything but a good size for foundation and hopefully will get into smaller places without needing a second brush.

The NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder (£6 full price) has a clear gel like product alongside two powders in whichever colour you choose, I went for blonde, and comes with an angled brush and spoolie brush for application. It seems a bit dark as a blonde but I’ll see how it works. I haven’t really done much with my eyebrows and have been planning on trying something for ages so this seemed like as good a thing to try as any. Plus it’s not overly expensive so if I don’t get on with it I haven’t spent a lot on something that doesn’t work for me.


L-R: Dress Rehearsal and Santorini Martini


The final two products are the gel polishes, both from Red Carpet Manicure (£12.95 full price), in the colours Dress Rehearsal (blue green) and Santorini Martini (pale green). I have to say that Dress Rehearsal looked more blue in the pictures online, it looks almost a denim blue, and in person is definitely a pastel aqua sort of colour. I still like it but as I was on the lookout for a blue specifically it wasn’t what I expected. Santorini Martini is also a bit different, just darker but still the same sort of colour I expected. I guess it’s a case of not relying too much on their photos for the colours of these.

As I said at the start it isn’t a huge haul, and I may have ordered some other things since from other places, but it does cover some of the gaps and things I’ve wanted to try. I’m definitely looking forward to giving them all a go and reporting back on how they work for me. Have any of you guys tried any of them? I haven’t tried a Real Techniques Face Brush or any of the TheBalm Nude neutral series, though they all seem to have been blogged about a lot, I feel like I’m a bit late to try them!

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3 thoughts on “HQ Hair Mini Haul

  1. I’ve been tempted to order theBalm Nude palettes just because of how cute their packages are! But I’m fairly certain that I own all those shades already. It’s great to get it on discount though!

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    1. They are very cute. I’ve not been so tempted with the others as I have so many neutral palettes but I haven’t really got anything red based after some failed looks with it when I first got into makeup. Have been loving this one so far, definitely good to get it on offer.


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