Review: Eyeko Black Magic Mascara


Mascara is not something I am low on at the moment, especially black mascara, so I’m going through the ones I have and trying them all to see which to keep and which to get rid of. Most of these are sample sizes and this Eyeko Black Magic Mascara is what I’d call a travel size at 4ml so useful for a handbag and big enough to get quite a few uses from. It came in the Marks and Spencer beauty advent calendar last year and you can see my first impressions post here. I’ve not tried much from Eyeko but I’m a fan of their liquid eyeliner pen so I was looking forward to seeing how this mascara compared.

One thing I’ve noticed about this when looking for it online is that there seem to be different brush versions. Some may be bad photographs when showing the shape but they’re available in a skinny and normal brush, both the same price. The full 8ml tube is £16 on QVC UK or £19 from the Marks and Spencer’s website, which seems to be the standard price. It claims to be waterproof and add drama and curl and the standard wand has a curved shape that’s supposed to match the shape of your lashes, which I think is a nice touch but does mean you can only really use it one way.


One of the stand out things for this product is the packaging, to me anyway. I do like they’re tube mascaras where you can actually squeeze the tube so sort of move the product around when you get near the end. I’ve found there’s less left over when you throw the product out with these for me. The silver and black looks nice and it’s actually quite easy to wipe clean and doesn’t attract fingerprints or marks so it’s stayed looking good even when thrown in my makeup bag with a leaking shimmery pigment and foundation (not a good mix!).


I’m undecided about the brush design on this mascara. On one hand I like the fact that it’s curved so it makes it easier to get close to the roots and you don’t have to go over it so often to get coverage on all lashes, plus it’s amazing for my bottom lashes. You can turn it around to use the curved end backwards to get precise application in the corners but I found this a bit awkward. The main negative for this shape is that you can only use one side really. I tend to prefer mascaras with plastic bristles and they often have different spacing or lengths on different sides so there are different amount of coverage. This has the more material bristles and they aren’t the most regular of this style that I have. They get enough of the product on them but it doesn’t actually apply all that evenly.

The mascara itself is nice enough, it’s got decent coverage and it’s a nice true black. It can get a bit clumpy if you’re not careful, as the formula seems quite thick, but if you remove the excess on the brush before you start this does help a lot. For me it’s definitely one that works with one coat, adding a second clumps the lashes together and it’s hard to separate them. However, if you like a very dramatic look then this definitely adds drama and curl when a second coat is applied. It’s the kind of look that would work for a night out for me, rather than an everyday mascara, one coat would be enough for the day to day look.

It has pretty good staying power on the top lashes, it doesn’t really crumble and it sticks until I want to remove it without any obvious loss of colour. However, the bottom lashes are a very different story for me. I do have a problem with some mascaras sort of melting off and leaving a bit of a mark under my eyes but I think that this is the worst mascara I’ve tried for this. Within half an hour it started to show and an hour into wearing it I had an obvious black line. This happened a few times with me wearing it so I gave up on it for my lower lashes. If this is a problem for you sometimes I’d say this is not one to try. It’s either a case of buying two mascaras, different ones for the top and bottom, or just go for a different one altogether. I love the way my bottom lashes look with the second coat so it’s a pity that it just won’t stick to them.


It claims to be waterproof so I thought I’d give it a go and it’s not too bad when it comes to something like rain. Anything more and it does start to melt off, and not just melting it sort of comes off in clumps which is slightly odd. I was not impressed with this, I tried touching them when they were wet and a lot came off on my finger and you can see the clumps. Unfortunately when it dries again it’s actually quite hard to get off my skin so it took a bit of rubbing to remove the smudge, something I’m not keen on when it comes to my under eye skin.

Overall this is not a mascara I think I can recommend. I will say that I’m probably keeping the wand and washing it and seeing if I can use it with another mascara for my bottom lashes. Not sold for my top lashes but it’s so much easier and mess free for the bottom ones. I know some people love it but I can only go from what I’ve found using it myself. It does have good staying power if you only use it on the top lashes but I want a mascara that lasts for both and I find that most mascaras work well on my top lashes. For the price I’d expect it to last better, my standard No7 mascaras are cheaper and don’t melt, and I don’t think that it worked any better than standard drug store mascaras for half the price. However, if the melting on your bottom lashes isn’t an issue, I know it doesn’t happen for everyone, and you want real drama and curl then it may be worth trying as long as you’re not hoping for true waterproof. It just doesn’t seem worth the price tag for how it performed when I tried it for what I want.

Have any of you tried this mascara? Did it work better for you? I went into it really hoping to like it but it’s going in the get rid of pile which is disappointing. I’m not sure there’s a way to use mascara wrong but is there a trick to getting this to stay on my bottom lashes? Or maybe there’s a tip for that in general that I’ve missed so if you know of one I’d love to hear it.

5 thoughts on “Review: Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

  1. I think all mascaras should have this style of packaging! My Korean mascara base has packaging like this and I feel like I can get much more of the product out.
    It’s always a bummer when the formula isn’t great but the brush is good or vice versa. I’ve considered keeping mascara wands to reuse with other mascaras before but they never fit in the tube!

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    1. I love it, I didn’t even really think of it before but the squeezy tube is definitely a good shape for mascara packaging. I’ve kept a few brushes in the past and it’s worked but that was mainly switching between the same brand but different formulas. I’ll give it a go though, maybe keep it with my makeup brushes and clean it regularly, see if that way I get more use out of it.

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  2. Kate's Vanity says:

    I’m sorry to hear you wouldn’t recommend this mascara. I have an unopened tube of it around here somewhere. Having a tube for the packaging sounds like a good idea though!

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      1. Kate's Vanity says:

        That is so true! I have it in a box somewhere. Even though I moved to a new place almost a year ago, I still have some boxes to unpack lol!

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