George at Asda Haul: Copper, Dinosaurs and a Cactus


Another home décor post, I’ve been buying quite a bit recently after redecorating my room and changing it completely, and everything today is from the George Home Range in Asda. I did get the original order a couple of weeks ago but there were a few broken ornaments so they replaced them. Even though the original packaging was rubbish, no padding at all for all of the ceramic products so no wonder they arrived broken and marked, the customer service has been amazing and the replacements were very quick.

This haul is a mix of ornaments, cushions, organisation things and a tea light holder that was too cute not to buy. I have to say that, looking through the George Home range, if I was living by myself and looking to redecorate my home I could quite easily have bought so much more (the iridescent cutlery looks amazing) and it’s pretty budget friendly too. I think the most expensive thing I bought was £14 for three, all of the ornaments under £5 and the cushions are under £10. If you’re looking for some statement pieces then I’d suggest checking them out.

Although I’ve gone for a slightly more minimal look in my room I wanted to still make sure there were some thing in there that were ‘me’ so went for ornaments that I thought would fit that. They fit the décor of my room now but are slightly different to the things I’ve seen on all the Instagram posts. Not that there’s anything wrong with those rooms, they look amazing and I’d actually love to have a setup like that, but it felt like it didn’t fit me.


The first things that caught my eye, that weren’t really functional at all, were the dinosaur ornaments. I don’t know what it was that drew me to them but I love both the Geometric Stegosaurus Ornament (£4) and the Geometric T Rex Ornament (£4 but sold out online at the moment). The Stegosaurus was the one that arrived without a head but they do seem pretty sturdy. They are an unglazed finish so they’re rough and could mark easily but, at the same time, you could actually paint these any colour you like if you wanted. They have a couple of others in the geometric animal range, the elephant is sold out but the giraffe is still available and slightly larger but I wouldn’t recommend ordering it online unless they aren’t in stock near you as I can see that one being even more fragile.

Despite there being nothing much cactussy in my room, besides real live ones on the windowsill, I saw the Cactus Tea Light Holder (£3) and wanted it. I wanted to replace my previous tea light holder and this went quite well with the little cactus dish I posted about before Christmas that I have on my bedside table now. It’s got a nice finish and the space for the tea lights is pretty generous so I think even slightly larger tea lights would fit in it.


The cushions I got were for the colour in my room, my old ones are all purple and as mu room is now blue, off white and yellow they don’t really go. The two Jumbo Cord Cushions in Honey and Navy were £7 each or two for £12. These are so soft and they have a zip so you can replace the cushions inside if you want. They feel well made but I can see the filling getting squashed fairly easily so in a while I’ll probably replace the insides.

Back of the What a Perfect Day to be Happy cushion


The third cushion is pretty much purely decorative. I just loved the colours and the words on the What A Perfect Day to Be Happy Cushion (£6). I will say this one isn’t a cushion that will probably last as long as the other two. The cushion itself feels well made but there’s no way of replacing the stuffing without unpicking the sewing. The other two can be washed but I don’t know if that’s possible with this one. I do really like it but I’d prefer it if it was possible to replace the filling as it’s very well stuffed and quite bouncy rather than being one you sink into.


The organisation things have already been used and I do love the look of anything rose gold. I’ve used the Set of Two Rose Gold Baskets (£6) by covering the piece of white cardboard that separated them when they arrived with washi tape and a clear tape on top as a base and the larger one is holding my Lush products I’m trying to use up.


It’s a good size, the two smaller sections are big enough for a palette


The Copper and Glass Tray (£12) feels well made and looks so nice. I have it inside my dressing table holding my everyday makeup and keeping it much more organised and easy to use. It has little clear rubber feet stuck to the bottom that mean it grips well and I think it’s look great out on the side or in a dressing table to organise anything small like jewellery.

I have to admit that I do love vases and plant pots, I’m not sure why but there’s something about a brightly coloured ceramic vase that makes me feel like a room is finished. The fact I don’t have any flowers for them doesn’t really matter. I love the look of the set of Three Vases (£14) with the white, grey and yellow being the perfect colours for my room. I am tempted to try them as pots for my plants, if they can hold water as a vase then I don’t see why they wouldn’t work for this, but I might just do it with the grey first for a spider plant and see how it goes.


These are the things that arrived broken, the marks wouldn’t come off the t-rex


That was everything I got, a bit of an eclectic mix but I think there’s a theme going there, kind of anyway. There are still a few finishing touches I need to do for my room, things like new curtains and a better chair for my desk, but most of it is finished. Everything left to do is to replace old things with newer versions so the general look is done. I’m thinking of doing a post on it when it’s all finished, whenever that is, as it looks a bit odd with purple curtains and my duvet cover really not matching.

I love how it feels when you redecorate, even if it’s not as extreme as my recent one, just buying some new cushions to change a colour, or a new duvet cover. I always makes me feel refreshed and motivated to sort things out. It kick started my decluttering, I ended up getting rid of so much stuff that was just sitting around in my cupboards to reduce the clutter and mean I could have more streamlined furniture. Lets see how long this cleaner looks lasts now!

4 thoughts on “George at Asda Haul: Copper, Dinosaurs and a Cactus

  1. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t wrap the ceramics better in the first place to avoid having to ship replacements! Those dinosaur ornaments are so fun… and what my SO would call “dust collectors”. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! It made no sense, especially as the glass tray had its own little box with plenty of polystyrene keeping it safe. They’re what my mum calls dust gatherers 😆 but considering I used to have Lego and all sorts out they gather a lot less dust than all of them 😄.


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