Goals for 2018 Update Post

A post shared by Rhiannon (@thoughtfulpigeon) on //www.instagram.com/embed.jsHey everyone, I can’t believe we’re already nearly half way through March! I said I’d do a quarterly update for my goals so this is a little late but I think it’s interesting to see how people are doing with their goals so hopefully you like reading about mine. I have to admit that some of them have definitely been more successful than others, though I don’t think I’ve done too badly overall and I’m definitely keeping to the same goals for the rest of the year.

For me goals are something to aim for but I tend to find that keeping them flexible is the best. Things in life change all the time so why not goals too? Sometimes it’s good to move the goalposts and give yourself a bit of extra time, as long as it’s not something that would have a negative impact on yourself or others, and the opposite can help too. I often find I work best to a deadline which has meant late nights finishing coursework but making little goals and deadlines in life for myself seems to have a similar effect.

Let’s get on with what I said last time. If you want to read my original goals post then you can find it here. I’ve just copied the goals over to here and will see how I’ve done so they’re exactly the same as January.

Get a regular blogging schedule. I think I’ve done ok with this. There are going to be weeks when I don’t because of my health and I’ve been reminded of that so I’m going to try and have back up posts ready in case.

Be organised enough that I have my blog posts ready in advance. I managed this, until this week most of my posts have been done at least two days in advance. We had a family wedding last week and I thought I was organised for it but of course there ended up being last minute things that got in the way of me writing scheduled posts, other than that I actually managed this so far.

Get my blogging space sorted. This one is 90% there. The desk space is done, I just have to organise the space that I’m keeping my makeup in the dressing table/desk so I guess the blogging space itself is actually set up. It’s even become a new favourite spot for photos. I’ll do a blog post on it when it’s complete.

Get more involved in blogging. I’ve found quite a few new blogs recently, and have more tabs open to read and follow, and making sure I spend a certain amount of my day reading and joining in more again. It’s definitely making blogging more fun and feeling less isolated while doing it.

A post shared by Rhiannon (@thoughtfulpigeon) on //www.instagram.com/embed.jsSort out my blog layout. Part way there on this. I have the new header sorted and I actually have things I’m going to photograph to use at the bottom of my posts with my name and I’ve been remembering (most of the time) to include my social media links so I’m getting there.

Start the diet properly and stick with it. I’ve had a couple of blips with this but I’ve stuck to it 90% of the time, the wedding weekend was a definite exception but it’s hard to refuse a free pick n mix table and a buffet! I’m definitely feeling better with it and have lost over half a stone so I think I’m doing well with this one.

Go for a walk and do my exercises five times a week. I’ve kept up with exercises and most days we did go for walks until the snow, my energy levels haven’t been great since and we’ve been doing other things instead of the walks, walking around a shop counts right?

Get organised! Um, this may have been a bit of a failure so far. I’ll keep trying though!

Read more. Another kind of failure, I don’t think I’ve read more than 2 books. I have, however, just got three out of the library today for 3 weeks and got a new library card as the other was so old it wasn’t even on the system so this one is definitely starting now!

I have to admit I did end up doing some other goals, mainly for the blog, that I didn’t write down so I’ll put them here and see how they’re doing next time too.

Get 450 views a day by the end of the year. Ok this one didn’t seem too big of a goal, I was fairly often almost hitting 400 so an extra 50 when they’ve increased by 100 or 150 a day the previous two years didn’t seem too greedy. Maybe I jinxed myself as my views have gone down to 120! I’m not giving up, though it’s a bit discouraging when my posts that I spent so little time on did better than the ones I’m putting time into, I’m going to keep going and if you guys have any suggestions on things you’d like to see me post about it’d be appreciated. Maybe I’m just going away from what brought people here in the first place.

Make a Facebook page. Done! And get 50 followers by the end of the year. Maybe a bit over ambitious there but we’ll see.

Get a domain name. Done!

Do a collaboration post with a brand or blogger. Not yet but I still have nine months.

Redecorate my room. Done! I’m doing pretty well on most of these extras aren’t I?

Make some sort of record of my makeup collection. Kind of done, I’ve counted things out so I’m half way there, when I’ve decluttered completely I’m going to make a proper list.

Declutter so my makeup fits into the boxes I have for them. This may seem oddly specific but I have certain boxes for certain product types and recently they’ve been overflowing so my plan is to get them back down. However, my new space in my dresser does mean I have extra room so I’m trying not to use that too much and just rotate my makeup in there once a month or so and see whether I actually like the things I still have.

I don’t think I’m doing too badly with the goals so far, though I’m still going to write 2017 in the year when having to date things half the time! I tend to find having flexible goals means I have something to aim for and keeps me motivated but not being too rigid with them so they change when I need them to as otherwise I get overwhelmed with trying to do too much.

Have you guys stuck to your goals, did you make any this year or are you not doing them?

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    1. Lol, I normally give up part way through but I think a lot of these are ones where when you do then often enough they become habit and I don’t even think about doing them so much now. Also little goals like making a Facebook page mean I get to cross things off and I do love crossing things of lists! 😁

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