Review: Ruby Shoo Cordelia in Mink


I don’t think I’ve done a shoe review in ages, I’ve bought a few recently so might do a couple more posts like this, but these Cordelia low heels in Mink from Ruby Shoo are so pretty they deserved their own post. I have to admit I’ve never heard of Ruby Shoo before but they had such a pretty display when we went into the Oldrid’s section upstairs at Grantham Boundary Mills that I had to have a look and I’m glad I did. However, it does mean I now want quite a few more pairs from them and the matching handbags are so pretty too.

The Cordelia design shoes cost £55 and come in three colours; Mink (a light nude pink in a patent leather style), Fuchsia (a suede look bright pink) and Navy (suede look finish) with matching handbags for each. They each have a slight difference with the pattern on the trim but they each have the small, possibly mid height, heel, the bow on the front and the thin bar across the top. They give me a real retro feel and are so comfortable.

I’ve been on the lookout for some comfortable low heels or flats to go with the outfit I’m planning on wearing to a wedding that were still ones I’d wear the rest of the year too. I did have some backup ones I bought in Tesco but these are so me, they just have an unusual style and the shape fits my feet which can be awkward to find these style shoes for.


My feet have a high instep, normally shoes that have this rounded front that hits not far from the toes just dig in and are so uncomfortable. These have a slightly more unusual shape on the front which isn’t completely symmetrical. I think this is what makes them a lot more comfortable and there’s no digging in so I can buy the right size for my feet rather than risking going up a size or just not buying them.

I love the polka dot pattern on the trim and the heels, it’s quite subtle because of the colours on these and just adds something. Having this on the bow too just ties it all together for me and the different texture of the one layer of the bow adds some detail too without adding an extra colour. All of it together makes it stand out from plain shoes to me but also nothing too bright and in your face so it works as an everyday pair of shoes for me.

The soles actually have grip on them, not something I’m used to with shoes that have so much detail on the top, a lot seem to go with smooth soles but these have a bit of grip in both the heel and the main shoe sole. The shape of the heel also seems to add some stability, it goes in and then out at the point it hits the floor so it really helps my balance.

I think these would actually be good shoes for people who either have problems with balance sometimes, like me, or are beginners with heels. You get the feeling of the extra height and the way they make you walk differently but without the height or the thin heels so you’re nice and stable and there’s less pressure on the balls of your feet which means less pain if you’re not used to walking in heels.

If you couldn’t tell, I love these shoes and would recommend them for anyone looking for some light pink shoes with a bit of a different look to them. They’re comfortable to wear for hours, for me anyway, have great grip on the soles and are just so pretty. This is definitely a company I’ll be looking at when I want more shoes in the future as they’re a bit different but haven’t got quite the same price tags as something like Irregular Choice with a lot of these being around £50-£60. They definitely have a retro feel for me, maybe not quite as out there as Irregular Choice but very pretty shoes with nice patterned fabric and the price definitely makes a difference for me.

6 thoughts on “Review: Ruby Shoo Cordelia in Mink

    1. Yeah, they’re so pretty. They’re not a colour I’d normally go for but I’m definitely tempted by the matching bag! They lasted a whole day at a wedding without having to go to my backup flats so definitely a company I’ll be going back to.

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    1. Haha, yeah, I can see her wearing them now you say that. ☺️ So many have no grip, I think I only have a few that have nice grippy soles but they’re mainly more functional so it’s nice to have some pretty ones.


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