The Range Metal Circle Wooden Shelf, My New Nerd Shelf (kind of)


I’ve recently redecorated my room and downsized on the figures and things I have out on the side, I found I had so much out that it was getting cluttered and so much to dust! I’m not sure how anyone with lots of figures out stops them from looking all dusty. I will admit this was a bit of an impulse buy, I wasn’t planning on having small shelves, but I love it and I’m planning on rotating my figures out on it every month or so to keep them less dusty and it keeps my room less cluttered. This shelf, or shelves I guess, was £14.99 from The Range.

I’ve seen so many nerd shelf photos and seen them in so many videos on YouTube I felt like having one myself, but keeping it small, so I plan on having this as my space for my figures, and Lego if I make little display things that will fit. At the moment I have a mix of my Disney Funko Pop and minis, Harry Potter, Doctor Who Lego and my Nendoroid. I’ll be rotating things out but it means that, although I’ve ended up going for a more minimalist look for most of my room, I still have a space for these and it makes it feel more me.


It’s not the best made set of shelves ever, it’s just chip board with a metal frame, but I like the look of it, it’s the perfect size for my figures and it’s the right size for the space I have. There are four shelves, each different sizes, and I like the staggered shelves look. It wouldn’t hold books or anything but it’s sturdy enough to hold something with a decent weight, I had them full of big Yankee Candle jars for a bit to see how they did and it was no problem so small pots of plants I think would work well on it too.

Although it’s cheap the individual shelves will hold a decent weight and are pretty much level. There is a bit of a difference when we rested a spirit level on them but not enough for anything to be off balance. Some of these figures don’t have the best balance, the Robin Hood one in particular has fallen over multiple times on other shelves, but none of them have overbalanced yet and they’ve been up a few weeks.

There are three places that fasten it to the wall, you put the screws in the wall, put them through the holes in the shelves and drop it down so it stays attached. As the three screws are at odd positions you do need to be careful when you mark the wall and drill but they mean it’s sturdy and doesn’t wobble at all.


The only negative thing I have to say about these shelves is the fact that they don’t come with screws. It’s not a big deal, but as the three places where screws go are hard to reach you need to use screws with heads small enough to fit in the holes and then drop it down. This is how it was designed to be done but most of the screws we had, the kind you get as spares in things and just standard screws, were too big for this so we ended up using three odd ones that were in the garage. As I said, it’s not a big deal but make sure you get screws that will fit, either measure the hole or take it with you if you’re buying them, as it’d be annoying to find standard screws wherever you do didn’t fit it.

Anyway, this was just a short post because I love these shelves, for the price they’re great, and as they’re quite unusual I thought they might be interesting to someone. I was thinking of doing a post about my room in general now it’s done, I’ve even pretty much got most of the finishing touches done, not sure if anyone would be interested in it though. I have one planned for my desk/dressing table as I finally have my makeup stored and organised and not just in random boxes, and I do love seeing other people’s makeup organisation and storage.


9 thoughts on “The Range Metal Circle Wooden Shelf, My New Nerd Shelf (kind of)

    1. Oooo, that sounds interesting. I love shelves and storage, maybe too much, and I keep seeing things I want but don’t have room for so this is the perfect size for the little gap I had and means the things are cluttering up my desk area less.

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      1. For sure! This one was a standalone bookcase type thing, just a much larger version than the one you have! I would get it if I had more room in my apartment, just don’t right now. I like to be as clutter free as possible!

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      2. I love the look of clutter free but I always seemed to end up with bits everywhere and I am so bad when it comes to books, I always want more. I recently redecorated and have much cleaner lines with my furniture so hoping to stay clutter free. Wonder how long this will last!

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      3. Hopefully! I need to post some photos of what we recently did with our new apartment with our books and cameras! We bought some IKEA furniture and built it over the weekend and turns out we have a lot more books than I originally thought, but there’s still room for more for sure! I need a way to stay clutter free all the time, but I don’t think that’s possible living with my fiance. 😀 haha


    1. Thanks, yeah it’s the perfect size for them. I think it’d hold a fair amount of weight if they’re little things, but the size and space in it restricts it from holding anything too big and heavy anyway which is a great way to stop you from overloading it.

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    1. I love the design of it, it just stood out to me, and the perfect size for nendoroid and funko pop figures. It’s a bit small for manga, I just tried putting some on there and it poked out the top, I kind of wish they did a larger shelf thing for books with the same staggered shelves design, though I don’t have the space for it at the moment.


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