I now have a Facebook page!


You can find the Facebook page here.

I guess I’ve kind of had it for the past few days really but I wanted to do a post on here so if you want to follow me over there it’ll have all my blog, Instagram and Facebook updates in one place!

I am so far behind on starting this but I thought, with working on the look of the blog, it was the perfect time to actually start one. Hope to see some of you guys over there.

Find me on social media:

Instagram | Twitter | Bloglovin’

I’m now on Facebook too! (I love being able to add that!)

2 thoughts on “I now have a Facebook page!

    1. I’ll have to go like or whatever you do with Facebook! 😆 I used to use it a lot and keep going back every few months and think I’ll use it but don’t but thought it was time to have a Facebook page. You’re my first follower/like/ whatever the word is 😄 thanks. I still kind of miss when you poked people and threw sheep at them 😆


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