Review: Sleek Makeup i-Divine Diamond Decade Eyeshadow Palette

sleek-i-divine-diamond-decape-palette-1Last year Sleek Makeup celebrated their tenth birthday and released their Diamond Decade i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette with a mix of silvers, blacks and pinks. They say that the pink is their signature but, for me, when I think of the old Sleek palettes back when I first started buying them the matte black is the thing that stood out for me as being above the competition. It wasn’t always the best but I have a couple of the early palettes where the black is better than any others I’ve tried so I was happy to see a matte black included. You can find it on the Boots and Sleek websites for £8.99.

There are twelve eyeshadows in this and there’s a mix of finishes with two that I would call true matte, one that’s almost matte but has a duochrome hint to it and eight that are shimmers of various descriptions (though one is a matte base with glitter in really). The palette sort of has three sections of colour with four pinks, four silvers and four blacks, though one of the silvers is more gunmetal. It’s definitely an unusual mix of colours to me and not one I’d really go for normally.

I like when Sleek does these outer card sleeves differently, the ones that have a very obvious design on them, so I can look at the eyeshadow palettes and know which one I’m picking out without having to pull them out one by one. This pink definitely stands out and I don’t think you could get it confused with any others. It definitely goes with the celebration theme with the balloons and has the ingredients on the back for both of the formula types it includes, the mattes and shimmers.


The palette itself is like any of the i-Divines with the matte black finish and the logo being shiny. This does have the palette name and fact it’s limited edition in a bright pink font in the corner but it’s pretty subtle so it’ll still go with all the other Sleek palettes if you keep them out of the card. It has a good hinge that holds the lid in place so you can use the mirror at any angle and put it down without needing to hold it up. From past experience I know these do last well, even with regular use I only have one that doesn’t have the obvious click when closed and that one still holds closed well.


It does have the standard two ended foam applicator but I don’t think I’ve ever really used these. As far as they go though these are nice quality and more of a rubbery feel so it grabs a lot of product and you can be quite precise, especially when it comes to packing on a glittery shade.

Onto the eyeshadows and there are definitely a few different formulas in here, even if the ingredients are the same. I’m not going to group all the shimmers together because there’s no point really so I’ll just say about the staying power and texture with each shade. I will say this isn’t the most consistent of palettes when it comes to Sleek, some of their recent palettes haven’t really had a dud in them, but it does have a range of finishes and none of them are poor, just not the standard that Sleek can do.

One thing that does remind me a lot of the original palettes is the lack of names! I’m doing these in two lots, the top row and then the bottom row and it’s left to right, but I’ll name them with a general description instead.


Dark charcoal shimmer – Not quite black, fairly dry and decent pigmentation but does take some building to be properly opaque. It does apply evenly, blends well and stays where you put it for a long time so it doesn’t crease or move.

Matte black with silver shimmer – My least favourite in the palette as the glitter tends to move a lot more than the base and there’s some fallout. Doesn’t blend that well, the glitter moves but the base stays, but if you want a decently pigmented black with silver glitter it’s ok if you pack it on. It does take a couple of layers to be properly black though. This one does need a primer or it just disappears when you try to do anything with it.

Silver foil with silver shimmer – Probably supposed to be a shimmer but looks like a foil or metallic with added shimmer. Amazingly creamy, opaque with one coat, blends well and sticks where you put it. Also works well as an eyeliner as it’s so soft and easy to work with it doesn’t drag.

Gunmetal with silver duochrome – Decent pigmentation, blends well, applies evenly and soft to use. It does apply fairly sheer but builds up well and you can get a nice blue silver sheen on top of other colours with this.

Pale pink shimmer – Soft and creamy, goes on easily and evenly but it is very sheer. I can see this actually working as a pink tinted highlight too. Good for brightening the inner eye and does give you a nice light pink when the light hits it, just not very bright straight on. It looks slightly more pink in person but it’s not far off a silver like in the photo.

Dark pink with purple duochrome – This is the one that could be a matte but isn’t quite. It’s one of those that feels fairly dry in the pan but is really soft when you use it. It’s not the most pigmented out there, it takes three layers to be properly opaque, but packing it on it does have a big impact and with it being a bit sheerer it’s not as intimidating and can give a more subtle look.


Gunmetal shimmer – Feels very soft, almost too soft, and does make a bit of excess on the pan when you use a brush but if you tap the extra off it’s a nice one to use. Fairly pigmented, applies evenly and blends out really well. Another one that has more impact when you see it from the side as it has a slightly gold tinted shimmery effect when the light catches it.

Matte black – Not their best matte black but good enough. It does take some building up if you want a true black but it applies a sort of charcoal grey otherwise. It definitely benefits from a primer, without it it pretty much disappeared for me.

Darker silver shimmer – Another very creamy one that’s opaque with one coat. It blends well applies evenly and is one of the best in the palette.

Sheer silver shimmer – I think some of these must have been designed to be more sheer as this isn’t too different to the one on the top row colour wise but a lot more sheer from front on. It’s one that would be great as a highlight or to give another colour a duochrome look as it applies evenly and blends well, plus in the light it’s got a nice silver sheen, but you just can’t see it much from straight on.

sleek-i-divine-diamond-decape-palette-8Matte bright pink – This one is a bit odd and changes colour on a primer, I tried it on three and it did it on all of them. Feels nice and creamy in the pan, blends well and applies evenly, just not that pigmented without the primer and with it it becomes a lot more like a magenta colour.

Sheer pink shimmer – Without a primer this is another very sheer one that catches the light and gives a bright pink duochrome appearance to other shadows. Could work as a highlighter as it applies evenly and blends out well but the colours seems a bit too bright pink for that for me.

Overall this palette isn’t one I’d buy now. It does have some nice colours in it, it has some of the best Sleek eyeshadows formula wise I can remember in the silvers, but it has some that really don’t work as well. As a celebration palette to show off the brand I don’t think it’s the best.


If you’re on the lookout for blacks, silvers and pinks then this does have you covered and there are some unusual ones in there, the darker pinks stand out to me as ones I don’t already have, so in that case I’d recommend it. Otherwise I’d say there are other Sleek palettes that would be a better introduction to the brand and I’d definitely recommend checking them out as a brand. I have fourteen of them and they are some of my go to palettes but this one won’t be joining the group of ones I regularly reach for. It’s nice to have, I’ve ended up collecting them so it sort of adds to the collection, and if I ever need a silver I am definitely covered but otherwise it’s just too much focussed on two or three colours rather than the range they normally include.

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