Review: Sleek Makeup Colour Corrector Palette


The second in the week of Sleek Makeup reviews is the Colour Corrector Palette. This is a small palette containing six different colours of cream formula colour correctors, each is 0.4g. These include green, lilac, blue, rose, yellow and orange which are each aimed at a different skin pigmentation problem. It costs £7.99 on the Boots and Superdrug websites, though I can’t find it on the Sleek Makeup website so I think it may not be available for much longer.

I haven’t really tried proper colour correctors, at least not the range of colours in this, so it was interesting to see how these worked for me. I would say that I have dark circles and red patches on my skin so the green and yellow are most definitely ones I’d be trying, but seeing all the videos and pictures of colour correction were interesting to try.

As with all Sleek Makeup palettes the plastic palette itself is a matte black finish with a shiny finish on the Sleek logo. The box it comes in is fairly plain and just shows the colours included in the palette on the front and an explanation on which areas the different colours are designed to target. This is definitely something that’d be helpful for beginners or people who aren’t used to the range of colours like me.

The plastic palette has a click closed lid which, like other Sleek palettes, is stiff enough to hold itself up even after multiple uses. The mirror in the lid is large enough that you can see a decent amount of your face, especially for close up and detailed makeup. There isn’t a brush in the palette but, to be honest, I hardly ever use them anyway and they normally either sit there or get thrown out so it’s not a negative for me. It also means that there’s more palette space for the colours and keeps the overall palette smaller.

Sorry it’s a bit dark, the best light to show off how soft they are when you use your fingers

All six of the colours seem to be the same formula, they all apply the same and, although they aren’t the most opaque colours, they do build up well. They’re pretty creamy but do have a slight greasiness to them that I tend to find a lot of cream eyeshadows have too. They apply easily and do spread out, but if you have any drier patches they cling to that and just make it more obvious so it’s best to avoid them or make sure your skin is in good condition before trying to use them. I can also see them moving a bit on oilier skin or skin that’s got more moisturiser on it. They definitely need something to set them, liquid foundation does enough to hold it in place when used under it but a powder works better.

Top is just applied, bottom half is blended (ignore the pink between the rose and yellow, that’s till from the Pink Lemonade blush palette I swatched a while ago!)

As they’re all aimed at different skin pigmentation problems I tried them all on areas I think have the colours they’re meant to correct, though some were on my arms I think I got a good idea. The only one that didn’t really do much is orange as my skin is a bit light for what it’s designed for. They each did what I hoped they would and spread evenly and thinly without being overly pigmented or patchy. It also blended out easily so it could be built up more where needed but blended out around the edges to become more subtle.

Of all the colours the two that I’ll probably get the most use out of are green and yellow. The green definitely helped with redness without giving of any overly green or pale finish. If it was too opaque it’d end up looking slightly more like a zombie but it helped to neutralise the redness on my cheeks. The yellow helped my under eye and neutralised the more purple under eye circles and definitely boosted the under eye concealer I normally use.


I really like how easy these are to use, you apply them with a brush or your fingers and they blend out evenly and don’t need a lot of working to get them to spread out. As they aren’t the most opaque they do need to be built up in some cases but I found that just that hint of the colour did enough to even the skin tone out under foundation or standard concealer. I prefer my foundation to have light to medium coverage so some of my natural pigmentation to come through so don’t want it to leave a completely flat colour base, if you did want that finish then you would either have to build this up or this isn’t the product for you.

I think this is a great set to try out colour correcting and see which colours are likely to work for you. At £7.99 I don’t know of any others that are as cheap but good quality with this range of colours in one product. As I said before I don’t know how suitable it would be for oilier skin as I think it may move quite a bit when it comes to applying foundation on top, but other skin types I can see it working well.

As it isn’t the most pigmented colour corrector out there it’s good for people who either don’t want the more pigmented colour correction or who are beginners with it as it’s not as intimidating as some where you have to use a light touch or work with the product more to get the finish you want. Basically for the price it’s worth trying and I think I’ll be repurchasing it if I ever get to the bottom. Though it is one of those products that most people won’t use all six colours, so if that would bother you then probably go for a product with fewer colours in it.

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