Review: Sleek Blush by 3 Palette in Pink Lemonade


A recent look through my makeup after I had emptied everything out to redecorate my room showed me that I still had some of the things I’d bought years ago and have been sat in my drawers doing nothing. They’re the products that come out every declutter and I keep because they’re too nice to throw away and I don’t actually have anything like it but it’s useful, if that makes sense, so I thought I’d give this Blush by 3 Blush Palette from Sleek Makeup in Pink Lemonade a proper try and see whether it was as good as I thought.

I think the price may have increased since I bought it but it’s three blush palettes, two powder and one cream, in shades of pink. It costs £9.99 and is available from Superdrug, Boots and their own website. As I have pale skin it’s sometimes hard to find brushes that look good so when this first came out I wanted to give it a go as they seemed light enough and I have always been a fan of Sleek.

Having looked at reviews apparently this palette came out in 2014 so I guess that shows how long I’ve had it and it’s still going strong, the colours are as good as they were and the cream hasn’t changed. I will admit I was fully expecting to be doing a review on two thirds of this palette with the cream being this old but I’m very impressed with how it’s lasted. However I haven’t used it much, the photos show this really, but now I’m more experienced with makeup this is definitely being kept.


Onto the review and the first thing I always love about Sleek Makeup is the packaging. It has the classic matte black click shut palette with the Sleek logo in a shiny finish plastic. These look amazing but can tend to be a bit of a fingerprint magnet so I keep the card outer box too. With Sleek palettes it also makes it easier to see which palette has which colours in without having to pull them out and check the name on the back.

As with all Sleek palettes this hinge is quite stiff, even after lots of use I know other palettes are the same, which makes it great for travel as it stays in whichever position you want it. It also has a huge mirror, it fills the whole lid, and it seems like these are good quality too as I’ve not had a problem with any of them distorting over time. The click closure is also long lasting, I’ve trusted these for travel many times but I do recommend keeping the card sleeves if you plan on doing this for added protection.


Having looked at the current range of these Blush by 3 palettes I think only two of them have the cream blush formula in. Of the eight six are all powder and the eighth is all cream so I think this is a nice mix having both types. The colours are definitely ones I’d recommend for paler skin. You can build them, or layer them with the cream underneath if you want, but they do blend out pretty sheer which makes them great for pale skin tones but might just leave a hint of colour or shimmer on darker skin.


The top is blended, the bottom half just applied. L-R: Icing Sugar, Macaroon, Pink Mint


One thing I’ve noticed with this palette is how much of a difference there is in colour between the actual palette and the photos I’ve seen on the official sites. The third colour, Pink Mint, seems especially different and looks way more pink in official photos than it does in person so that’s something to be aware of if you’re ordering online.

Icing Sugar is a lighter pink powder shimmer. It’s the most subtle of the three and you can apply quite a bit even for pale skin. Pretty much what I think of as traditional pink blush with warm pink shimmer in it that spreads more than the base. I don’t think this would show up that well on darker skin apart from a pink shimmer as it doesn’t build that well.

Macaroon is a mid tone cream that applies quite bright but blends out to be quite a subtle pink if you want. It can be built up so would work on darker skin tones but also good for pale skin as long as you don’t use too much as a little goes a long way. Blends really easily and you have a while to work with it before it sets completely. It can move a bit throughout the day, especially in warmer weather, so best to set it with a translucent powder. You can add either of the other two blushes on to build up the colour and make it bolder and they do stick well with it, just make sure you’ve blended Macaroon out first or it gets hard to move it with the powder blush on top.

Pink Mint is the darker, redder powder shimmer in the palette. It has hints of coral and reminds me of an elf one I had a while ago that was a dupe for the NARS Orgasm and Laguna duo. More pigmented than Icing Sugar but still blends out well. Definitely shimmery but smaller particles and more dense than Icing Sugar so more of a glowy than a sparkly finish.


I really like this combination of colours. You get the shimmer of the powders but the cream blush has a non shimmer finish. I’m not sure what word to use as it’s not matte, it has a bit of a sheen to it but not in a shimmery way. All three colours are long lasting and I have used them in different weather, they’ve lasted as well as any other blushes I have.

I am a fan of Sleek in general but haven’t really tried many of their blushes. I will admit that I don’t tend to wear blush that much, my cheeks are pink enough to show through medium coverage foundation and don’t need any help, but it’s nice to have them as an option and these are great for pale skin. If you don’t like the more shimmery blushes then I’d give this one a miss, the cream is nice but not worth the £9.99 on its own if you’re not going to use the other two.

To me this is definitely a product I’d recommend for people with mid or pale skin tones and seems a good one for beginners as you don’t have the super pigmentation of some blushes that you have to use a light hand and know how to work with. These you can apply and blend out and have to build up for a bolder look so you’re more likely to want to add to it rather than worry about blending it out with too much product.

I’ve realised how much Sleek Makeup I have that I want to review, I got a gift set for Christmas with quite a bit in it, so I think one of the weeks coming up will be a week of Sleek Makeup reviews. Have any of you tried their blushes? I had the one from the natural collection but wasn’t so much of a fan of that one. I don’t think I’ve seen any of these palettes in stores to swatch so it’d be interesting to know how some of the bolder ones compare pigmentation wise as well.

4 thoughts on “Review: Sleek Blush by 3 Palette in Pink Lemonade

  1. Sleek is not readily available here in Canada and I’ve heard such good things about their blushes! I did manage to buy one online (at an inflated price I’m sure), in the shade Sunrise. It is so pigmented! This palette looks really useful – I’d wear all of colour included (I hate it when one shade is a dud). Interesting that this is made in Taiwan. 🙂

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    1. It’s a pity Sleek isn’t easily available in Canada, they’re definitely pigmented and, at the prices here in the uk, affordable. They were one of the first brands I tried that were good at this price range, though now there are lots of others out there they’re still my favourite! This is definitely a good palette, I’ve considered a couple of the others but there’s always one that isn’t quite me in there. They seem to have a lot of things made in China or made in Taiwan.


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