Review: CNF The Iceland Mask Peach Sheet Mask


In a recent Korean beauty haul I bought a set of sheet masks that have Iceland Glacial Water listed as a main ingredient. The main thing that drew me to them is the different sheet mask flavours, that feels more like the right word than scent, as these include Mangosteen (you can find my review of that here) and today’s mask Peach. These just sounded so refreshing and I was intrigued to see how well they’d work compared to other Korean and British sheet masks I’ve tried.

I think the company that makes these is CNF, that’s the company name in the contact info on the back, and it’s not one I’d heard of before finding these. The Iceland Mask Peach sheet mask is supposed to be the moisturising one of the set and the set of five cost £5.91 with a silicone puff to help pat the sheet mask on from the f2plus1 eBay store, it’s cheaper now so it may change. Given how impressed I was with the first I tried I was really looking forward to this one so took it away with me when I stayed in Wales.

The first thing I like about these sheet masks is the sachet that they come in. This may sound off but I like the more minimalist feel to the front with the white background and the photo of the fruit itself. It’s the sort of packaging that would look nice out on the side in the bathroom if you wanted to display them and isn’t too stylised like the ones with cartoons or cute characters on them.

I’m sure if you can read Korean this contains a lot more information on the back than it does in English but, as I can’t, it has a helpful little diagram on how to use a sheet mask if you haven’t before. There are instructions and ingredients in English too but not much on the benefits of the mask besides the word ‘moisture’ on the front. I’m not complaining, it would be interesting to know if the Korean portion contains more information if anyone happens to read Korean and could translate it.


As with the previous one from this set the sheet mask definitely feels on the slimier end of sheet masks. This is mainly because of the sheer amount of the formula that’s in the sachet. I squeezed a fair amount out and can see it doing at least one more sheet mask if you have the compressed individual ones at home.

One thing I find a bit odd about this sheet mask is the shape of the mask itself; it’s pretty much a perfect circle. It definitely doesn’t fit my face well, though knowing the shape I did try to apply it a bit higher up and it covered my forehead better. I did find that, again, it almost hit my ears but as it means it’s covering my face I’m not that bothered with it.


The formula of the sheet mask liquid smells amazing. If you’re a fan of peach then I think you’d like this. It’s somewhere between fresh peach and peach sweets so maybe like a very sweet, ripe peach. It’s the kind of smell that makes me want to eat it! With the sheet mask on my face for the twenty minutes it didn’t sink in that much and so it didn’t dry out on the mask itself so it stuck well until the end. It absorbed well after I removed the mask and patted it in so maybe it had been absorbing but just left a layer on the outside of my skin before.

As far as short term effects go it was a nice sheet mask, it felt relaxing to use as I didn’t have to worry about it falling off every few minutes and it was a nice calming cooling feeling. It didn’t seem to do much on the day I used it but the long term effects did impress me. I often find with sheet masks you get the short term effect but the next day you can’t tell that much difference. This one, however, left my skin feeling moisturised the next morning. I almost felt like I didn’t need to use a moisturiser, which is unusual for me. It didn’t over moisturise the less dry parts of my face and cause break outs, but at the same time it helped the drier, flakier patches I get sometimes.


Information and ingredients on the f2plus1 site so it’s easier to read. Copyright belongs to CNF and BeautyNetKorea (f2plus1)


If you have dry, combination or normal skin that you feel could do with a bit of a moisturising mask then I’d definitely recommend this one. I’m not sure how much it would affect oilier skin as it didn’t have the oily overly moisturised feeling but it is designed to add moisture so might be a bit unnecessary.

So far I am very impressed with this set and I’m looking forward to trying the next one. There’s one that says peeling that’s got my interest so maybe that’s next in line. Have any of you tried anything from CNF? I’m not sure how much else they do but it’d be interesting to see if any of their other skin care, if they do it, gets on as well with my skin, especially given the price compared to sheet masks here in the UK.

2 thoughts on “Review: CNF The Iceland Mask Peach Sheet Mask

    1. I love peach scented things and this smelled amazing. It does seem odd, I guess it must cover a range of face shapes with a circle rather than going for a specific shape to start with. Though this range are definitely the widest face masks I’ve ever used.


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