Review: Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion


This may sound like an odd thing to get excited about, but when I first saw this in the list of products in the Marks and Spencer’s Beauty Advent Calendar I was really looking forward to trying it. I think that the Ameliorate brand in general is pretty new, it’s still in the new products section on the M&S website, so this Transforming Body Lotion is a relatively new product. It claims to help rough, very dry skin and was specifically formulated original for skin with keratosis pilaris (skin that looks like permanent goose bumps, which I have, though I’d recommend google for the science behind it) though I didn’t realise that until looking it up now. I was intrigued to see how this would work for me and, although I haven’t used it for the four weeks it recommends because I had the mini size, I can definitely see the difference when I stopped using it and wanted to get this post up as soon as possible really.

Their own website has a range of products, I think they all have the formula in that helps rough and dry skin. Marks and Spencer has the full range, including the exfoliator, body wash, hand cream and non scented version. I think I’m going to be getting the set they have to try the others before going for a full sized one. The Transforming Body Lotion itself is also available from Boots. They all cost the same, £22.50 for the 200ml tube, so it’s just personal choice as to who you choose to buy it from if you want to give it a go.

The packaging for this is nothing all that special. It’s a plain white tube with black and blue writing, which seems to be a standard colour combination for these kinds of products that have an almost medical purpose rather than just being to make your skin smell nice. It does have instructions on how to use it, a recommended time and the ingredients. Plus it also says the company doesn’t test on animals, a great thing for these ones that actually have a benefit for a problem that takes more treatment than dry skin.


The tube itself is a nice soft plastic that’s easy to squeeze, even getting the last drops out was easy, and you can cut into it to scrape anything left in there very easily with normal scissors. The hole on the end can get a bit messy, it is just literally a hole with nothing extra to dispense the product, but if you wipe it off on your skin between uses it seems fine and doesn’t build up when the tube is closed.


The formula itself seems to be somewhere between a lotion and a gel. It’s the kind of product that sinks in pretty quickly but I find that for maybe five or ten minutes there’s a hint of product in the surface, like a film, but nothing tacky. The scent is an odd one to describe. It almost smells powdery and slightly sweet, it’s like a talc sort of scent. It’s not one that I can say I love but it’s not really the kind of scent that I think would put anyone off and is ok as a unisex smell. It is also available in an unscented version if the smell is one that puts you off or your skin has problems with scented products.

As far as how well this works I did see a difference, using it twice a day on the tops of my arms, within a few days of using it. My skin is normally fairly dry but I do have psoriasis on the tops of my arms. It’s not too bad but it doers leave rough patches that are bumpy and red. They haven’t got broken skin though so I have no problems with using this in that way. This lotion basically smoothed them off, didn’t set it off in any way, and left the tops of my arms feeling so smooth. I also get small red dots on my arms and this helped even out the skin tone for those too. As far as the keratosis pilaris goes I did find a bit of a difference. As I said, I didn’t have enough for four weeks twice a day, but the two or three weeks I did it the bumps got smaller.

It does contain alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), in the form of lactic acid, which is one of those ingredients that it seems so people react to badly and other peoples’ skin just love. I’m in the latter camp so I thought it’d work for me, but I know people have had problems with AHA products at times so if that’s you then don’t try this lotion. It also warns that this products can affect your skin’s ability to protect from the sun so try to avoid it too much when using it and for a couple of weeks afterwards and at least protect it with a product containing SPF.


I’m not sure how well it’s worked for others but I’d definitely recommend this is you have dry skin, it seemed to leave my skin feeling nice the next morning too before I put it on. Like maybe it didn’t need a moisturiser rather than getting up and feeling like my skin is going to drink up the moisturiser like I’ve had with quite a few products in the past.

Basically I’d recommend this to try if you have problem rough or dry skin as it’s so moisturising and seems to actually have a long term effect when used regularly. I’m not sure I can recommend it for psoriasis as, although it’s worked for me, it does contain an acid which would probably hurt and not help with certain kinds. It seems like there are so many types out there it might be worth taking a print out of the ingredients to a doctor and see what they say.

In the past I tried a La Roche Posay product that was recommended for Keratosis Pilaris but didn’t really follow up on it. I think I’ll do a comparison between the two as I know it’s something that people are still finding my blog through so it might be useful for someone. If you want to see my first impressions for that product then you can find it here.

Have any of you guys tried this, or anything else in the range? Anything you’d recommend? I think the range seems to have expanded on the Marks and Spencer’s site in the past couple of days it’s taken me to write and post this blog post as I don’t remember the bath powder last time and that definitely sounds like something I’d like to try. I’ll be giving some of the other products a go too, see which seem to work the best for me but any that you’d recommend trying first would always be helpful for ideas as they are definitely on the expensive end of skin care for me but so worth it.

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  1. I’ve never tried body lotion with AHA in it. Now I have to try to find something available locally. I’ve only ever used AHA on my face and feet. My skin is like yours, it gets on really well with AHA.

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