Review: PeriPera Peri’s Ink Velvet in Pure Peach


When I was looking around the f2plus1 eBay store (beautyNetKorea’s eBay store) I found these lip tints, the colours are so pretty and I’ve heard good things about Korean lip tints so was curious. Having seen the Peripera Peri’s Ink in a couple of videos on YouTube I thought I’d give it a go and decided on the Ink Velvet Formula in Pure Peach (£5.57), which I’ve recently found out is a Spring/Summer colour from last year so it’s not a new shade but it looked the most subtle and I wanted to start out with something not too bold rather than jumping in the deep end.

I feel like I should warn you, if you get the chance to swatch this in a store, the colourimg_4040 you get in a swatch is nothing like how it looks on your lips. Or that’s what I found anyway. When it first arrived in the packaging it looked orange, and I don’t mean nice coral orange but real orange fruit orange, which was not what I thought I’d ordered. Swatching it didn’t get any better on my hand and left a bright orange stain. However, trying it on my lips I could see where they got the photos online from. I feel I should include one of those photos here, it’s the stock photo taken for the product so copyright belongs to the Peri company and whoever took it, not me.


I have to say that I have been sucked into buying products by cute packaging and been disappointed with the quality of the product itself, but I have not had that problem with Korean beauty so cute packaging isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This is definitely one of those times where cute packaging contains a great product and I love the glass bottle with the dropper style lid. It isn’t actually a dropper, it’s solid plastic, but something about the look of it is cute and I can see it being nice sitting out on a dressing table.

The doe foot applicator is fairly sturdy, it’s not very flexible, but it gets a good amount of the product on and spreads it evenly. It’s pretty fluffy, though the fluffiness is short, so it grabs the product while you’re using it and it does just dump it all in the middle of your lips. The dropper style handles does take a bit of getting used to for comfort but, as it’s so short, it’s easy to control where the product goes.


This was the closest I could get it to be true to life, yes it’s that bright!


As I said before the colour in the swatches really doesn’t reflect the colour on your lips but I thought I’d show it anyway. I also tried blending it to see how it would work for an ombré look, as it’s supposed to be used for in the description of the product, and I think it works really well for that. It blends out well and I found the best method was to pat it with my finger after applying it to the middle of my lips. It wasn’t noticeable on my lips, the colours not bright enough to show a different gradient for me, but I like the effect and think it’d work well for a brighter colour.

One other thing to know is that I couldn’t get the thicker part of my swatch to dry which leaves it looking shiny. However, on the lips when you spread it it turns into a really velvety texture and feels comfortable and not drying. I’m not sure I’d say it’s totally matte, more like it’s slightly powdered rather than the typical western matte liquid lipsticks. The formula is thick and reminds me of the NYX matte liquid lipsticks so you do have to spread it a bit for it to dry completely.


My lips aren’t in the best condition but it needed a picture to show how much it changes


When it’s dried it stays put and the lip tint part of the formula starts to work. This means that even when it does start to fade you do end up with the hint of colour from the product so it doesn’t fade patchily, or at least not noticeably so. As I said before my hand had an orange stain on it, it lasted hours even with washing, so it’s definitely one where the brighter colours will leave your lips stained for a bit so you have to either be sure you want this colour all night, remove it quickly or have a good coverage lip colour ready as a backup.

Overall I’m very happy with this lip tint. It may not have been the best colour, I’ve seen some dusty rose colours that look so pretty and I’m very tempted to buy a couple more, but it did what I hoped it would and despite being a matte finish it didn’t dry my lips out. It isn’t that easy to find outside of eBay here in the uk, or I’ve had trouble finding it anyway, and prices do range a bit but if you can find it for a good price I’d recommend this product type, even if the colour isn’t one you’d choose.

6 thoughts on “Review: PeriPera Peri’s Ink Velvet in Pure Peach

    1. It’s such a pretty colour. I love Korean beauty, it seems to work for my skin well, but until recently I hadn’t tried the makeup side of it so much. Definitely going to be trying more in my next order. I think my lips are too pigmented for the ombre to work with this colour but I’m tempted to get a darker one to try it with.

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      1. I’ll have to have a lookout for a lip concealer. I ended up getting rid of this lip colour as it separated and wouldn’t mix together again but a concealer would be good to use for some other lip colours.


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