Review: Face Inc Silver Streak Peel Off Face Mask


You may know that I do love a good face mask, especially peel off or sheet masks, and so I had to ask for the Unicorn themed gift set that had a mix of Face Inc and Nails Inc products including face masks and nail varnish, two of my weaknesses, for Christmas. This Silver Streak peel off mask was one of the products in there and a pretty silver coloured peel off mask.

I can’t find the official description of what it’s supposed to do, there wasn’t much on the box and all of the online stores have taken it down, but apparently it’s supposed to refresh your skin and brighten your complexion so I was expecting something cooling and refreshing when I used it. I wasn’t the most cautious I’ve been when using peel off masks, I often get a couple of uses out of a pod, as it claims to be for face, body and hands and I tried it on my face, neck and the backs of my hands.

There’s something satisfying about removing a peel off mask, whether it has any benefits for my skin or not it’s just fun. This one has the added bonus of being a silvery colour, though it’s not straight up robot silver as I was half expecting, more a subtle silver shimmer that gives you a sort of sheen and glowy look when it’s on.


The pod itself is nothing that special, though I have to say it was a challenge to get into the face mask as the clear plastic sealing it seemed to separate off the lid you peel off and I had to get scissors to get inside. When I was inside though it’s a nice mask to apply, it’s fairly thin, definitely not as solid as thick as the Soap and Glory one I tried recently, so you do have to be a bit careful that you don’t accidentally get too much on your fingers and it drips on the way to your face.

One thing about this face mask which I was not a fan of was the very strong alcohol smell that it had when I first applied it. It actually made my eyes water and it lasted for a minute or two. I’ve not had that with a peel off mask before, I think it’s what they used to make it dry but it’s wasn’t a nice scent. It did go and there wasn’t really a smell to it afterwards but I think there’s probably a high alcohol content of some kind in this mask so if that’s something you’re sensitive to I’d suggest staying away from this.


As far as peeling goes this mask was a partial success. I left it on for 25 minutes, a pretty standard time for a peel off mask. I couldn’t find instructions on it so maybe it was meant to be left longer but it was already doing the thing where the edges start peeling by themselves so I thought it was probably long enough. About a third of it peeled off easily, the rest I left on and thought I’d leave it and see what happened. What happened was I had to wash it off 45 minutes later as it just wouldn’t set. I’m not sure why it happened but I’d have thought even if I put it on a bit thick it’d eventually dry. Where bits did peal off felt nice, they had a similar feel to the soap and glory one in that it was like a weaker version of the nose strips and I found some patches you could see what it was removing which is always satisfying to me.

There didn’t seem to be too much of an immediate benefit, maybe because I’d had to scrub the mask off my skin with a flannel to remove it all so it was looking slightly pink. However, the next day I definitely felt like it had improved my skin, or at least helped it a bit. It felt cleaner and slightly more moisturised before I’d started my skin care routine so I think it did help my skin in some way.

I have a feeling that this mask may have been a limited edition in the unicorn gift set I got for Christmas but I wanted to post a review anyway in case it appears again or you have it and were wondering what it was like before trying it. The sets may even pop up somewhere in a sale store.


I quite like the pink base on this pod but it was hard to get into


I’m not sure if this is worth it at full price as an individual mask, though I don’t know the individual price it might be around the same as their sheet masks at £5 each. It was a nice mask, I enjoyed it after the initial scent had gone, and I’d say it’s one to apply thinly. I would say it worked well on the backs of my hands and neck as well but I wouldn’t recommend using it on any part of your body with hair, I think it’d would just end up getting stuck on my arms or I’d get an unplanned hair removal session! As you do need so little it would be a nice one to share, I’d say you could get three face masks out of it for me, or to use as a body pampering session. I know I don’t tend to use masks so much on other body parts but I can see it feeling nice on feet too.

If you can find the set then I’d say get it if you’re a fan of masks and nail varnish. There are a couple of very pretty lip products too, I do love a sparkly or duochrome lip gloss, so beauty fans in general would enjoy it but the nail varnishes and masks are the things that stand out in there for me. The nail varnish set is still for sale I think so I’ll probably review that next week too.

Have any of you tried any Face Inc masks? I hadn’t before this but I have two pretty sheet masks that have moved up the line for me to try next and see if they have as good after effects as this one did. Plus it’ll be fun to have a unicorn face mask on. I think they do other peel off masks in the permanent range so would be interesting to know if anyone’s tried one to know how they compare. I might give another a go in the future when my face mask stash has shrunk.

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